Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 Tahoe Running Camp (8/6/11-8/10/11) is filling up!

...Have you signed up yet? -If not, you better get your RSVP and $$$ in!

Maximum campers this year is 65 and we already have 29 RSVPs! -Remember, you're spot is not reserved until your check for $85 is received.

...OK, I want to sign-up, but what do I do?!
1) Send an RSVP e-mail to Greg at
2) Make a check to "Greg Fogg" and send via mail or drop off at home: 4525 Ranchette Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

2011 Tahoe Running Camp Details = 8/6/11 - 8/10/11
-8/6/11 (Saturday) = meet at MCHS 9AM; leaving 10AM
-4 nights at Zephyr Cove Campground
-8/10/11 (Wednesday) = returning to MCHS ~1:30 in time for orientation/registration

Current Camper List = 29

Thigpen, B (paid)
Anderson, R (paid)
Jensen, N (paid)
Hicks, T (paid)
Christensen, E (paid)
Herniman, S (paid)
Brady, C (paid)
Eik, D (paid)
Lynch, A (paid)
Nhan, A (paid)
Horner, E (paid)
Perry, S (paid)
Welch, O (paid)
Siloh, A (paid)
Mills, M (paid)
Lao, S (paid)
Metcalf, C
Gallagher, D
Nguyen, R
Silverstein, G
Halverson, J
Petrie, G
Birkland, K
King, M
Ramos, S
Quinn, M
Orr, C
Rivas, A
Conners, C

...Keep on running :)

-Greg Cell:
(707) 291-2967

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