Sunday, May 31, 2015

6PM Summer Runs start tomorrow!

Track Season is done!   ...Time for some summer runs!


June 1st  - August 13th

Mon:  Howarth Park -EZ Run
Wed: Park Trail Rd. -EZ RUN (free watermelon on ice!)
Thu:  Park Trail Rd. -ez RUN/Group Tempo RunS!

NOTE: Park Trail Rd. ~1 mile on the left past the Howarth Park entrance traveling south on Summerfield Rd.

QUESTIONS: Contact Greg Fogg Cell: (707) 291-2967 / for more information

Monday, May 18, 2015

XC Awards are finally in! Meet us at the track Wednesday, May 20 5:00-5:20PM

Hi everyone,

WHAT:  Our end of the season awards are finally in!   ...For Cross Country, not Track ;)

WHEN: This Wednesday, May 20th

WHERE: The grass hill next to the track/boys restroom

WHAT TO EXPECT:   ...Keeping it quick (we already spent 2.5 hours with our banquet last Fall!) So, we'll just announce and hand out the awards in 20 minutes total, really!!!    -Oh yeah, AND we'll have ice cream treats for everyone.

Everyone from the team is encouraged/welcome to attend, parent's included!   ...But  we're just going to hand out the Awards, have some treats and enjoy some time hanging with your Cross Country buddies.  

...Here are the Award winners we announced in the Fall, please pass the word around!

Roadrunner Awards: Shaz Breedlove, Jordan Scobey, Zac West, Emily Abraham, Gabe Schoenbach, Ben Lawson

Coyote Awards: Shannon Palladino, Cecilia Avelar, Samantha Perry,Tommy Smail, Gracie Issel, Karen Buenrostro, Jackson Yates, Matt Quinn

Golden Anchor Awards: Allie Ahern, Antoine Thibault

Most Improved: Carson Kimball, Sydnie Rivas, Miranda Hunsinger, Zach Lindemann

Alex Hartz Spirit of Running Award: Lucas Azcarraga, Evan Drake

Scholar Athlete Award: David Eik, Allie Ahern

Coaches Award: Ryan Nguyen, Emma Wright

Special Recognition for Excellence in Leadership: David Eik, Samantha Perry

Greg will also have information about summer training, Tahoe Running Camp and the upcoming 2015 XC season for those interested...

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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