Saturday, August 29, 2015

Aug 28, 2015 Rancho Invite Highlights

Way to go PUMAS!   ...Super kick-off for the season for the MCHS XC program, yesterday at the Rancho Invite!

LINK Partial results (top 25 Varsity/top 20 JV races) are on the Press Democrat Running Blog

LINK to MCHS XC 2015!!! Facebook page for pictures posted by Joe Civello (Thanks, Joe!)

JV Boys

JV Girls Start

MCHS XC Team and Individual Highlights:
  • 24/43 (56%) of MCHS returning runners achieve personal bests!
  • All four MCHS teams posted fastest team times (this is a non-scoring meet) 
  • JV Boys finish 1-4 with 10 individuals in top 14
  • JV Girls finish 1, 2, 4 with 9 individuals in top 14
  • Varsity Boys finished 8 individuals in top 18
  • Varsity Girls finished with 4 individuals in top 6 and team time only 3 seconds off last year's squad with 3 of our top runners graduated!    -Way to rebuild the team girls!

Varsity Girls getting pumped before the race!

Varsity Boys Start

  • Individual Highlights: 
    • Jeffrey Chen wins JV Boys race in 17:48
    • Aimee Armstrong wins JV Girls in new course record of 20:31 (old course record Halverson/MCHS 20:52, 2010); would have placed 16th in Varsity race!   -Note that Meghan Field's time of 20:38 was also faster than the previous course record!
    • HUGE PRs OF GREATER THAN 10%: Taylor Ingram (12%), Carson Kimball (12.0%), Miranda Hunsinger (10.6%) and Sydnie Rivas (10.3%) 
    • VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE PRs OF 5-8%: Zach Lindemann (8.2%), Brian Padilla (7.9%), Ben Lawson (7.9%), Luis Mendoza (6.5%), Carolina Avelar (6.3%)
    • OUTSTANDING PRs OF 3-5%: Gabe Schoenbach (4.9%), Scott Kruetzfeldt (4.3%), Jeffrey Marin (4.1%), Blake Stratton (4.0%), Clara Daly (3.8%)

2015 vs. 2014 Rancho Invite PR % Highlights (PRs limited in JV races since it was significantly hotter for those earlier races): 

Roster Full Name
(August 28, 2015)

 Rancho Invite

 Rancho Invite Time

 Rancho Invite Time

 Rancho PR  Delta

 Rancho PR Delta
Ingram, Taylor BJV 18:30 21:02 2:32 12.0%
Kimball, Carson BV 16:16 18:29 2:13 12.0%
Hunsinger, Miranda GJV 23:34 26:21:00 2:47 10.6%
Rivas, Sydnie GV 19:06 21:18 2:12 10.3%
Lindemann, Zach BJV 18:11 19:49 1:38 8.2%
Padilla, Brian BV 17:18 18:47 1:29 7.9%
Lawson, Ben BV 16:35 18:00 1:25 7.9%
Mendoza, Luis BJV 17:53 19:08 1:15 6.5%
Avelar, Carolina GV 18:52 20:08 1:16 6.3%
Schoenbach, Gabe BV 16:26 17:17 0:51 4.9%
Kruetzfeldt, Scott BV 16:19 17:03 0:44 4.3%
Marin, Jeffrey BV 16:36 17:19 0:43 4.1%
Stratton, Blake BJV 19:35 20:24 0:49 4.0%
Daly, Clara GJV 21:45 22:36 0:51 3.8%
Keefer, Marco BJV 20:45 21:19 0:34 2.7%
Nicklas, Tessa GV 21:24 21:58 0:34 2.6%
Wright, Jacob BV 16:30 16:56 0:26 2.6%
Ahern, Allie GV 18:56 19:21 0:25 2.2%
Scobey, Jordan BV 15:37 15:53 0:16 1.7%
Avelar, Cecilia GV 19:14 19:32 0:18 1.5%
Nguyen, Trenton BJV 21:00 21:17 0:17 1.3%
Longhetto, Niccolo BJV 18:07 18:18 0:11 1.0%
Civello, Blake BV 17:00 17:06 0:06 0.6%
Thibault, Antoine BV 16:34 16:36 0:02 0.2%

...Here's a deeper List of times for all 74 MCHS Runners competing on this day! 
Roster Full Name
(August 28, 2015)

 Rancho Invite

 Rancho Invite Time
Scobey, Jordan BV 15:37
Kimball, Carson BV 16:16
Kruetzfeldt, Scott BV 16:19
Schoenbach, Gabe BV 16:26
Wright, Jacob BV 16:30
Thibault, Antoine BV 16:34
Lawson, Ben BV 16:35
Marin, Jeffrey BV 16:36
Civello, Blake BV 17:00
Yates, Jackson BV 17:13
Padilla, Brian BV 17:18
Chen, Jeffrey BJV 17:48
Mendoza, Luis BJV 17:53
Moore, Cooper BJV 17:58
Brede, Peter BJV 18:02
Longhetto, Niccolo BJV 18:07
Lindemann, Zach BJV 18:11
Ingram, Taylor BJV 18:30
Schneider, Rowan BJV 18:50
Altenberg, Matthew BJV 18:50
Cortina, Lukas BJV 18:50
Avelar, Carolina GV 18:52
Ahern, Allie GV 18:56
Rivas, Sydnie GV 19:06
Frankl, Harrison BJV 19:08
Avelar, Cecilia GV 19:14
Stratton, Blake BJV 19:35
Gullixson, Christopher BJV 20:00
Raymond, Lily GV 20:14
Armstrong, Aimee GJV 20:31
Herbstman, Jacob BJV 20:33
Hauptman, Jack BJV 20:34
Field, Meghan GJV 20:38
Keefer, Marco BJV 20:45
DesJardins, Eric BJV 20:51
Rhoten, Mackenna BJV 20:59
Nguyen, Trenton BJV 21:00
Cabrera, Josue BJV 21:05
Nicklas, Tessa GV 21:24
Randles, Keegan BJV 21:30
Civello, Ellie GJV 21:38
Kasper, Andrew BJV 21:40
Wright, Emma GV 21:41
Daly, Clara GJV 21:45
Flores, Jovany BJV 22:05
Yarbrorgh, Travis BJV 22:06
Dhiman, Shrey BJV 22:10
Buck, Aiden BJV 22:31
Omiple, Bernard BJV 22:31
Begert-Hellings, Matt BJV 22:32
Gunderson, Kaylie GJV 22:33
Scobey, Taylor GJV 22:43
Talkington, Brooke GJV 22:50
Everest, Jacob BJV 22:51
Hakel, Jenna GJV 22:52
Fernandez, Cameron BJV 22:56
Brady, Ethan BJV 22:58
Cunningham, Spencer BJV 23:02
Leano, Talia GJV 23:08
Collier, Jane GJV 23:31
Hunsinger, Miranda GJV 23:34
Moore, Megan GJV 23:34
Buenrostro, Karen GJV 23:34
Hakel, Nicole GJV 23:41
Rogers, Austin GJV 23:46
Hordyk, Lindsay GJV 23:48
Page, Allison GJV 23:50
Facto, Kelly GJV 23:55
Dhiman, Jai BJV 24:17:00
Segraves, Lucy GJV 24:19:00
Nelson, Vanessa GJV 25:07:00
Caballero, Danielle GJV 25:21:00
Kuehn, Ally GJV 25:32:00
Storie, Ciara GJV 25:53:00

...It's only our first meet, but the outlook for MCHS XC 2015 season is looking pretty dang good; already looking forward to our next race!

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015 Firsts! Ohana night celebration this Thursday, Rancho Invite this Friday!

THURSDAY, August 27th is our first OHANA night of the season!!

Hey, what the heck does Ohana mean anyway?    ...Ohana as defined from Wikipedia: Part of Hawaiian culture,  Ľohana means family (in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional). The concept emphasizes that families are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another.

Hosted by the Segrave's' and Thibault's at 517 Debra Ct, Santa Rosa 95404, 6pm-8pm

Athletes, please bring:

Alumni welcome!  :)

FRIDAY, August 28th is our first competition of the season!!!

WHAT: Rancho Invite LINK to Press Democrat coverage (results will be posted here after the meet) and LINK to last year's results

...81 MCHS Runners have made our 3200 time trial minimum fitness standard  (14:00 for Boys and 16:30 for girls and have "earned" their race jerseys!

2014 Rancho Invite JV Girls Start 

LOGISTICS: MCHS XC Athletes are dismissed from school 2:00, bus leaves 2:15
-Note: Bus is only one-way, expecting parents will give all athletes rides home; coaches have a few seats, let us know if they need rides back to MCHS (expected back by 6:30ish)

RACE SCHEDULE: At Rancho Cotate High School (5450 Snyder Ln, Rohnert Park, CA 94928):

4:00 JV Boys > JV Girls > Varsity Boys > Varsity Girls

Rancho Invite 2.97 XC Course Map
(TBD, may be a slight change due to a new fence blocking old course path near SSU Dorms)

Rancho Invite 2014 JV Boys Start

SATURDAY, August 29th, Mandatory for Varsity!   ...Varsity hopeful, welcome!   10AM long run from Howarth Park.

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week #1, DONE! Great practice, growing roster, awesome fundraising


-66 Runners make 3200m Time Trial on first attempt!  

-Thank-you Parent Drivers!   ...Our first drive to the park was successful!  IMPORTANT: This week, we still need additional drivers to sign-up on the sign-up genius website for Tue and Wed, leaving MCHS 3:45  Please help! LINK to sign-up.    -If you cannot access our home page, just send an e-mail to

-Very solid attendance for our Team Parent Meeting; if you have any follow-up questions, please contact Greg!

-Nice work everyone yesterday at the MCHS XC Run-A-Thon and Rummage Sale! Final totals for fundraising thusfar: $1,020 from our Rummage Sale, plus $1511 from Safeway/Oliver's donations for a total of $2,531.  ...HEY, IF YOU MISSED DONATING, WE'RE STILL TAKING DONATIONS THROUGH-OUT THIS NEXT WEEK!  These funds will help to support our 2015 team expenses such as meet entry fees, travel, PR socks, along with a portion of our uniform and equipment expenses.  Special thanks to Melanie Bartlett for leading the Rummage Sale and all the parents that helped her out!  I was very impressed with all the XC kids in doing such a great job collecting donations in front of Safeway and Oliver's, Thanks to Coach Daniel and Coach Erik for helping out during the day and especially for allowing me to spend some time celebrating "loving the Lisa's" at the Hauptman's Saturday night (awesome dinner!) and all the parents/kids/alumni who brought snacks and food, including Dana Rivas for bring pizza!

-Run-A-Thon final count of laps over 16 hours = 632, or 158 miles, just shy of 10 miles/hour! Hope everyone had fun, made some new friends and oh yeah, got some good running in!   Check out some pics from the Run-A-Thon on our MCHS XC Facebook page or Joe Civello's flickr page LINK

Also, I would like to acknowledge and thank the MCHS PAB association for supporting MCHS Athletics by supplementing our uniform and equipment expenses; we couldn't get to 1/2 of our competitions without them (and of course, the support of our parents)! -Please support this organization at  if you are not a member already, sign up for only $25 individual annual membership!


MON: Workout at Montecito Park adjacent to MCHS
TUE: Leaving MCHS 3:45 for EZ Park run   -NEED DRIVERS!
WED: Leaving MCHS 3:45 for Park Tempo run   -NEED DRIVERS!
THU: EZ run from MCHS / Rehearsal warm-up for Rancho Invite
FRI: Rancho Invite; Races start 3:45 or 4:00 order of races JVB > JVG > VB > VG
SAT: Manditory 10AM run from Howarth Park for Varsity/Varsity hopefuls

...If you missed contributing to the MCHS XC program and still want to support our team, it's not too late!     Just contact anyone on our team and ask to fill out a donation form, or contact Greg directly.

...Looking forward to an super exciting, awesome 2015 XC season, YEAH!

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wrapping up Week #1; Friday and Saturday Reminders!

FRIDAY, 8/21:  5:30-6:45 Mandatory Parent Team Meeting
-MCHS Track (west bleachers), please show up on time and I promise to keep it to 1 hour!
-Meet the coaches, we'll have more information, ask questions, we'll share highlights of our program
-Sign-up for Ohana nights (a.k.a. Hosting Pasta Dinners)
-Sign-up for helping the team for our 1 host meet/other critical roles
-Bring your check-book for making donations to the team!

SATURDAY, 8/22: 8AM-2PM Rummage Sale Fundraiser at the MCHS Parking Lot
...HEY PARENTS, YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED! We still need 10-12 volunteers needed for Saturday morning between 7AM (set-up) - 2PM and we need lots of STUFF to sell!  Expecting this activity to generate ~$1K for the team, so it's critical everyone please clean out your closets and garages and plan to have things at the school by 7AM on that day.  If you can help (EVEN IF YOU CAN SPARE ONLY 2 HOURS WE NEED YOUR HELP!) please contact Melanie Bartlett or text (707) 799-7306 ASAP.   -We only have one day left and response to help Melanie has been very limited!    ...Please don't make us cancel this important fundraiser!  

SATURDAY, 8/22: 8AM-Midnight 2015 Run-A-Thon Fundraiser
Detailed Run-A-Thon schedule (athletes, you all need to show up for your shift!) also expecting everyone to solicit donations on your own; we'll have prizes for the top fundraisers on the team!

8AM-10AM: Running shift = Seniors
10AM-Noon: Running shift = Juniors / Safeway = 4-6 Seniors
Noon-2PM: Running shift = Sophomores / Safeway = 4-6 Seniors/Juniors + Freshmen
2PM-4PM: Running shift = Freshmen / Oliver's = 4-6 Juniors/Seniors + Sophomores  
4PM-6PM: Running shift = Juniors
6PM-8PM: Running shift = Freshmen
8PM-10PM: Running shift = Sophomores
10PM-Midnight: Running shift = Seniors

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reminders for this week! Friday Parent Team Meeting / Saturday Rummage Sale + Run-A-Thon Fundraiser



FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS TOMORROW!     ...Dang!   ...Last day of summer ;(

PRACTICE 3:30 FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!    LINK to the first two weeks of August workout schedule

WE ALREADY STARTED PRACTICE (MON & TUE) AND WE'RE DOING OK BUILDING OUR ROSTER, BUT WE CAN DO BETTER!  ...After MCHS orientation, plus the first two days of practice the MCHS XC Team roster is looking OK, but predicting we'll be down ~15 athletes from last year.   -Please get the word out, we do have room for a few more runners who can commit to getting in the best shape ever (really!) AND be part of a real positive team experience and winning tradition at MCHS!

-Remind your friends/athletes to consider Cross Country who may be "cut" from other Fall teams (Football or Girls Soccer, Volley Ball, Golf, Tennis).
-Our Girls roster is almost 1/2 size of Boys roster (typically, they are similar in size, but the last two years, girl runners have gotten scarce!)
-MCHS XC Roster is still open and accepting sign-ups through September 1st (pass it on!)


Thursday, 8/19: We need drivers to get runners to the park on Thursday!   ...Leaving MCHS 3:45!  
We need parents to help!    LINK to sign-up for 6 dates over the next 3 weeks using signupgenius please sign-up for a few days and help us get the kids to the park!
FYI: Future dates for the next 3 weeks leaving MCHS 3:45 unless noted:  8/20, 8/25, 8/26, 8/31 (leave MCHS 3:15 on this day), 9/1, 9/3

Friday, 8/21:  5:30-6:45 = Parent team meeting at the MCHS Track, please show up on time and I promise to bare minimum talking and keep it to 1 hour!

Saturday, 8/22: 8AM-2PM Rummage Sale Fundraiser at the MCHS Parking Lot.
...HEY PARENTS, YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED! We still need 10-12 volunteers needed for Saturday morning between 7AM (set-up) - 2PM and we need lots of STUFF to sell!  Expecting this activity to generate ~$1K for the team, so it's critical everyone please clean out your closets and garages and plan to have things at the school by 7AM on that day.  If you can help (EVEN IF YOU CAN SPARE ONLY 2 HOURS WE NEED YOUR HELP!) please contact Melanie Bartlett or text (707) 799-7306 ASAP.    -Initial response has been very minimal, we may have to cancel this important fundraiser!    -Please help Melanie!

Saturday, 8/22: 8AM-Midnight with schedule as per my last post...

Need more information?    ...Have questions?   Call, text or e-mail Greg!

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Saturday, August 15, 2015

MCHS XC Reminders! Monday 3PM first day of practice! Urgently Need Volunteers for Rummage Sale Fundraiser Sat, 8/22 8AM-2PM


Practice begins Monday, 3PM we're meeting at the entrance to the MCHS track, so be early and be ready with the following:
1) Your clearance form (see picture below if you did not turn it in during orientation).    -If you still need to turn in your Athletic Packet, go to either Athletic Director (Jerry Deakins room L-2 or Mike Mastin room I-6).   SORRY, YOU CANNOT PRACTICE WITHOUT A CLEARANCE SLIP! 

2) A good pair of running shoes, running shorts, a water bottle and a sport watch with a timer.   -Every High School Athlete always get's 10% off at Heart & Sole Sports.

3) A friend who has not yet signed up and is considering joining the XC team and ready to get in the best shape of their life!   ...The MCHS XC team welcomes all athletes who are willing to make a commitment to their personal improvement, while contributing to our team goals and want to be a part of a positive team atmosphere.    ...The MCHS XC roster will be open up through September 1st so encourage others to come check it out!   -We need more Freshmen + Sophomore Girls!

...Don't have an Athletic Packet?    LINK to 18 page form from the MCHS website

...You have an Athletic Packet, but don't won't have your physical done in time?   ...Come to practice anyway just to observe AND try calling Santa Rosa Family Sports Medicine (707) 546-9400 LINK just mention you're with MCHS XC and ask if you can get an earlier appointment, so you can practice!

...If you're going to make a donation, be sure to use our team Donation Form (page 2 from this 4 page form package LINK) to ensure funds get to our team account.

...The MCHS XC Roster will be open for

REMINDER OF OTHER IMPORTANT EVENTS COMING UP!    ...Check out our new calendar on the front page of our Team Blog highlighting upcoming events (Thanks to Joe Civello and TBD adding Pasta Feeds/Ohana Nights, Saturday Runs, Night Tempo Runs)

FRIDAY, AUGUST 21 5:30-6:45 Team Parent meeting MCHS Track (west bleachers)

SATURDAY, AUGUST 22:  8AM-2PM Rummage Sale Fundraiser   HEY PARENTS, OUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED! We need 10-12 volunteers needed for Saturday morning between 7AM (set-up) - 2PM. ...This is the same day as our 16 hr. Run-A-Thon which the kids will be doing on the track and soliciting donations at Safeway/Olivers) and we need lots of STUFF to sell! This sale has generated $1K+ for the team each year so it is VERY important to please clean out your closets and garages and plan to have things at the school by 7am on that day.  If you can help (EVEN IF YOU CAN SPARE ONLY 2 HOURS WE NEED YOU!) please contact Melanie Bartlett or text (707) 799-7306 ASAP..

SATURDAY, AUGUST 22:  8AM-MIDNIGHT Athlete Run-A-Thon (16 hour continuous relay on the track, plus some athletes will be needed to solicit donations at Safeway and Oliver's)

SCHEDULE for 2015 MCHS 16 Hour Run-A-Thon  ...Starts Saturday, 8AM - Ends Midnight
8AM-10AM: Running shift = Seniors  /
10AM-Noon: Running shift = Juniors / Safeway = 4-6 Seniors
Noon-2PM: Running shift = Sophomores / Safeway = 4-6 Seniors/Juniors + Freshmen
2PM-4PM: Running shift = Freshmen / Oliver's = 4-6 Juniors/Seniors + Sophomores  
4PM-6PM: Running shift = Juniors
6PM-8PM: Running shift = Freshmen
8PM-10PM: Running shift = Sophomores
10PM-Midnight: Running shift = Seniors

...I'm ready for a GREAT season!    ...Are you ready to dive in with everything you got?!   -Coach Erik sure is ;)  

-Coach Greg
Cell (707) 291-2967


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tahoe Camp Pics/Videos + Information for MCHS XC!


...WASN'T THAT FUN?!    ...This was a big adventure and NOT POSSIBLE without the help of many others:

-To all the Parents, Coaches and Alumni for helping out during camp.  
-To the Mendoza's for making the awesome tamales!
-To Linn Bruno for the yummy tomato bisque soup!
-To all the Parents and Kids who made brownies (we didn't have time for a taste contest)
-To Sharon Baer for loaning all the camp kitchen equipment
-To Erik Lacy for driving the U-haul truck

...And special thanks to Lisa Segraves for leading the kitchen staff; she and her crew pulled off a great experience for all of us with only 3 weeks notice!

...More highlights of camp still to come, but for now, there are pics on our MCHS XC 2015 Facebook page LINK, including a link to Joe Civello's flickr page with hundreds of photos!

...Also, special thanks to Joe Civello and Greg Arietta for helping get a few of the Rap Videos on our MCHS Blog main page; look for "2015 Tahoe Rap Videos" LINK

...Can't wait for next year?!   ...MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  -TAHOE RUNNING CAMP 2016 (earlier than usual):  Friday, 7/22/16 - Wednesday, 7/26/16


...OK, NOW ARE YOU READY FOR THE FIRST DAY OF MCHS XC PRACTICE?    ...First day of practice is Monday, 8/17 (first day of school is on /15?

1) Have you completed your sports physical?   (if not, contact Greg for contacts to make an appointment in short notice; you CANNOT practice without a sports physical clearance!)
2) Have you downloaded the PAB Athletic Packet?   LINK
3) Are you ready for orientation at MCHS?
-Tuesday, 8/11:  Seniors: 8:30-10:00 AM; Juniors: 10:00-11:30 AM; Sophomores: 1:00-2:30 PM
-Wednesday, 8/12: Freshmen: 9:30 AM  -Please plan on showing up in your MCHS XC gear to help recruit new members for the team!
4) More Information: 4 page handout for the upcoming MCHS XC team, including Parent Donation Form LINK

VERY IMPORTANT!    ...ATTENTION ALL RETURNING OR INCOMING MCHS XC ATHLETES: Please plan on attending the MCHS XC sign-up booth at MCHS to help us recruit athletes, especially Wednesday for incoming Freshmen!   ...Do you know anyone who was planning to play Boys Soccer for MCHS which moved from the Fall to Winter?  ...Are they interested in trying Cross Country this Fall, just to keep in shape for Soccer in the Winter?   ... If you know of anyone that may be interested in joining the XC team, bring 'em by, if someone YOU recruited stays on the roster, you'll get credit for their PR socks for the entire season!

...Looking forward to a great season!  

Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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