Wednesday, September 28, 2016

...Overall, really fast times today for almost everyone who raced on the Shollenberger flat, windy, kinda boring, flat (did I mention how flat it and boring it was?) 3 mile course in Petaluma!!!

Complete Shollenberger Race results from today are still pending (should be posted on the PD website: ) later tonight, but I do have enough of the results to announce the FINAL STANFORD + CLOVIS INVITATIONAL extended rosters!!!


FINAL STANFORD INVITE ROSTERS, LEAVING MCHS, SATURDAY, 10/1 AT 8AM AND 9AM (Final itinerary and driving plans to be published here tomorrow) FOR 3 RACES, 21

Race #1) 12:00 PM Varsity Boys Seeded (7 runners firm, no change based on today's results): Ben L, Scott K, Blake C, Jacob W, Will M, Zach L, Cooper M
Race #2) 12:30 PM Varsity Girls Seeded (6 runners firm + 1 added from today's results): Sydnie R, Aimee A, Talia L, Jasmin H, Meghan F, Karen B + MIRANDA H
Race #3) 2:00 PM Varsity Boys Div III (2 runners firm + 5 added based on today's results): Harry F, Rory S + TAYLOR I, + COLTON S + JOSHUA C + PIERCE K, TRISTAN S

More supporting info:
LINK to event website
Note: MCHS Homecoming Dance is this Saturday (10/1) evening, so expecting several runners will be wanting to get back to Santa Rosa ASAP after racing; hoping most of you will stick around to cheer-on the Boys racing at 2PM?!    

FINAL CLOVIS INVITE ROSTERS, LEAVING MCHS, FRIDAY, 10/7 AT 11AM, RETURNING TO MCHS SATURDAY, 10/8 ~6:30 (Final itinerary and driving plans to be published here by no later than Sunday) FOR 4 RACES, 28 RUNNERS TOTAL:

1) 12:15 PM Varsity Girls Div III Race (6 runners firm, 1 TBD):
-Sydnie R, Aimee A, Talia L, Jasmin H, Meghan F, Lily R, + TBD (7th spot will be decided between Karen B/Miranda H based on Stanford race results)
2) 12:40 PM Varsity Boys Div III (Race 7 runners firm; no change based on today's results): Ben L, Scott K, Blake C, Jacob W, Will M, Zach L, Cooper M
3) 1:00 PM Frosh-Soph Girls Div III/IV Race (all 7 runners based on today's results): ELLIE C + AUDREY M + MEGAN K + EMMA H + JULIA M + SARA N + CIARA S
4) 1:25 PM Frosh-Soph Boys Div III/IV Race (2 runners firm + 5 runners based on today's results):

More Supporting Information:
Hotel we are staying at is the University Square Hotel in Fresno LINK
LINK to event website for more details


REMINDER TO ALL MCHS XC PARENTS TO SIGN-UP FOR DRIVING OUR RUNNERS TO THE PARK via the signupdenius page (link below); we need more parents to help out; it seems like it's always the same 7-8 parents signing up and the last two days we had to "shuttle" kids a few times due to lack of drivers! -In the next few days, all park workout days will be posted through the first week of November; my challenge to all of you is to help drive at least once or twice for the rest of the season if you have not already?!


Cell: (707) 291-2967

Sunday, September 25, 2016

MCHS XC Recap week #5, week #6 and what's up for next few weeks!

...I've been posting more information/updates on Facebook over the past few weeks (LINK to our closed group Facebook MCHS XC 2016!!! page; if you're not a member, you're missing out!   -You should join, even though it's not "cool" to be on Facebook any more, there is a lot of information and pictures shared here!); so I'll be catching up a bit on this post...

Split-squad race Week #5: VIKING INVITE (~50 runners), plus WOODBRIDGE INVITE (28 runners) Results:

VIKING INVITE TEAM RESULTS LINK for complete results from Press Democrat running blog:
-Senior Boys finish 5th out of 16 teams
-Junior Boys finish 7th out of 18 teams
-Soph Boys finish 7th out of 16 teams
Viking Opener 2016 Freshman Boys Start
Some of the Pumas Hanging out
after Viking Opener '16
-Fresh Boys finish 8th of of 14 teams
-Frosh-Soph Girls finish 13 out of 19 teams
-Junior/Senior Girls finish 16 of 18 teams

WOODBRIDGE INVITE TEAM RESULTS LINK for complete results from Press Democrat running blog (Photos below courtesy of Joe Civello):

-Varsity Boys finish 2nd out of 20 teams
-Varsity Girls finish 2nd out of 18 teams
-Frosh-Soph Boys finish 2nd out of 30 teams
-JV Girls finish 5th out of 29 teams

Woodbridge 2016 JV Girls 5th Place Team finish!

Woodbridge 2016 Senior Boys (Cooper 3rd place out of 125 runners, Nicolo 45th)

Woodbridge 2016 Freshman Boys 2nd Place Team Finish!

Woodbridge 2016 Varsity Boys 2nd Place Finish!

Woodbridge 2016 Varsity Girls 2nd Place Finish!

Week #6 ...Just lots of training, including reviewing "all of the little things" that make a difference to runners (including proper nutrition, the negative effects of sleep deprivation, the importance of keeping iron levels up and an introduction to Ice Baths, etc...).   Parents:  Please ask your athletes what they learned about "all of the little things" and what they're committed to improve on!

...What's coming up for the next 2 weeks:


1900 S McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954
Logistics: Athletes dismissed from school 1:45, Bus leaves MCHS 2:00, then returning to MCHS ~6:00-6:30
Race Schedule: Girls race first at 4:00, Boys follow at  ~4:30
Driving and Parent Parking:  We'll have a full-bus leaving MCHS at 2:00 and can use 2-3 more parent drivers on this day; contact Greg if you can help.    ...If you're driving down OYO, please park on the adjacent roads, the parking lot for CamelBak is for team Buses only.    

SAT, 10/1 STANFORD INVITATIONAL (VARSITY ONLY):  LINK to tentative race itinerary (will firm-up driving plans in the next few days and firm-up roster after Shollenberger Scrimmage)

12:00 PM Varsity Boys Seeded (7 runners firm): 
-Ben L, Scott K, Blake C, Jacob W, Will M, Zach L, Cooper M

12:30 PM Varsity Girls Seeded (6 runners firm, 1 TBD):
  -Sydnie R, Aimee A, Talia L, Jasmin H, Meghan F, Karen B, __________?*

2:00 PM Varsity Boys Div III (2 runners firm, 5 TBD): 
-Harry F, Rory S, __________?, __________?, __________?, __________?, __________?*

*Final roster will be primarily dependent on results from 9/28 Shollenberger Scrimmage


Logistics: Athletes dismissed from school 2:00, One-way Bus leaves MCHS 2:15, should arrive at Spring Lake 2:45 for the full 1 hour warm-up for JV Girls (NOTE: This bus is NOT returning to MCHS, expecting everyone to have rides home after the meet)   -If your child is racing later, OK to stay in school a bit longer, but give yourself time to warm-up!
Race Schedule (after the first race, below times are estimates):
JV Girls start 3:45
JV Boys next race: ~4:05-4:10
Varsity Girls next race: ~4:30-4:40
Varsity Boys next race: ~4:50-5:00 s, then finish with Varsity Boys
Parking at the Spring Lake Regional Park: Enter the park through the Newanga Ave. entrance and be prepared to pay the parking fee unless you have a parks pass (traveling south on Summerfield, then left on Hoen, then left again on Newanga) and park in the Oak Knolls picnic area.

SAT, 10/7-10/8 CLOVIS INVITATIONAL, WOODWARD PARK, FRESNO (SELECT ROSTER ONLY):  LINK to tentative race itinerary (will firm-up driving plans by end of this week and firm-up roster after Shollenberger Scrimmage)
Logistics: Friday, 10/7: Athletes dismissed from school 11:00 AM, Leaving MCHS 11:15 (see itinerary for more details...)  ...We're taking 28 runners total as follows:

12:15 PM Varsity Girls Div III (6 runners firm, 1 TBD):
-Sydnie R, Aimee A, Talia L, Jasmin H, Meghan F, Lily R, __________?*

12:40 PM Varsity Boys Div III (7 runners firm):
-Ben L, Scott K, Blake C, Jacob W, Will M, Zach L, Cooper M

1:00 PM Frosh-Soph Girls Div III/IV (all 7 runners TBD):
__________?, __________?, __________?, __________?, __________?, __________?, __________?*

1:25 PM Frosh-Soph Boys Div III/IV (2 runners firm, 5 runners TBD):
-Harry F, Rory S, __________?, __________?, __________?, __________?, __________?*

*Final roster will be primarily dependent on results from 9/28 Shollenberger Scrimmage. Note: Frosh-Soph races are open only to Freshmen and Sophomores!

We're 1/2 way through our season for most athletes; varsity runners will compete 3 weeks longer!   

...Everyone is doing awesome; let's keep it going! 


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Viking Opener Rosters for this Saturday, 9/17

MCHS XC 2016 VIKING OPENER ROSTERS for this Saturday, 9/17 at Spring Lake we reviewed at practice today!

9:00 AM FROSH BOYS (5 max): Omar A, James R, Ben T, James G, Colby F
9:20 AM SOPH BOYS (5 max): Joshua C, Bryce C, Eric D, Andy K, Bernard O
9:40 AM FROSH/SOPH GIRLS (5 max): Emma H, Jaime L, Julia M, Sara N, Austin R...
10:35 AM JUNIOR BOYS (5 max):
Taylor I, Matthew A, Jacob H, Jai D, Cam S
10:55 AM JUNIOR/SENIOR GIRLS (5 max): Jane C, Katrina S, Elizabeth G
11:20 OPEN GIRLS (unlimited; must fill grade levels first): Christina A-Donaldson, Cristina Avelar, Ally K, Faith M, Ciara S, Leslie V
11:45 AM SENIOR BOYS (5 max): Keegan R, Aidan S, Luis M, Frank O, Andrew L
12:05 PM OPEN BOYS (unlimited-must fill grade levels first): Tristan C, Jeffrey C, Edward D, Shrey D, Adam D, Julian F, Cecilio M, Leon P, Turner W
12:30 TEAM AWARDS PRESENTATION (please stick around if you can)

EVERYONE please get there 1 hour before your race to have adequate time to warm-up; also plan on ~20 minutes to park!

Any questions about this meet just call, text or e-mail Coach Greg

...Remember, Greg will be in L.A. (Woodbridge Invitational) on the day of this meet, so if you are looking for assistance on Saturday, look for Coach Erik and Coach "Dino" in our usual spot for Spring Lake Park.


Cell: (707) 291-2967

Monday, September 12, 2016

MCHS XC Week #5: Spring Lake on Wednesday, Split Squad on Saturday!

Wondering what happened in Week #4?   ...Check out our Facebook Page (it's a closed group, so you'll have to join) for an awesome summary of pictures and result summary from courtesy of Steve Palladino from our 9/11/16 Ed Sias Invite.   -The Puma's individual and collective performances really stood-out among some of the most outstanding programs in Northern/Central California!

...OK, what's up for Week #5?

Race Schedule: 
4:00 JV Girls
4:40 JV Boys
5:10 V Girls
5:35 V Boys

WEDNESDAY MEET DETAILS: Spectators be sure to park in the Oak Knoll parking lot.   ...The Sonoma County Parks are getting very touchy about our meets with too many parking near the boat ramp and for drivers don't feel the need to pay to get into the Park even though they are transporting runners.  The only drivers given free admission are driving athletes, coaches, and meet helpers.   For those disabled or with physical issues please the boat ramp parking area is for you.   Coaches can  park at the boat ramp.  Buses will park at Oak Knoll.

This Saturday Competitions / Split MCHS Squad this weekend!

WOODBRIDGE INVITE (roster of 28 outlined below) Event website:

-Friday, 9/16: Leaving MCHS at 8:30AM (after checking into class)

-Saturday, 9/17: Race Schedule:
Race #1) 4:30 PM Freshman Boys (7): Rory S, Colton S, Elijah E, Owen P, Patrick P, Pierce K, Tristan S
Race #2) 5:42 PM Senior Boys (2): Cooper M, Nicolo L
Race #3) 6:06 PM JV Girls (5): Miranda H, Ellie C, Audrey M, Megan K, Savannah N
Race #4) 7:18 PM Varsity "Gold A" Girls (7): Sydnie R, Aimee A, Talia L, Lily R, Meghan F, Jasmin H, Karen B
Race #5) 8:06 PM Varsity "Gold A" Boys (7): Ben L, Scott K, Blake C, Jacob W, Zach L, Harry F, Will M

-Sunday, 9/18: traveling back, arriving MCHS ~4:30-5PM

Hotel: Hampton Inn Norco-Corona-Eastvale, 1530 Hamner Ave., Norco, CA 92860
Coaches Traveling: Coach Greg, Coach Matt and Coach Marion
...What to bring?  Our Vans will be packed!  ...Please pack lightly!   Also, we are asking everyone going to donate $30 cash to help with the food/hotel expense (please give all $ to Coach Marion and OK if you cannot donate, but let us know); also you'll need $ for snacks/lunch on the drive down and the drive back. The rest of the food/hotel/gas expense is in our budget. 

VIKING OPENER, Saturday, 9/17 Roster is EVERYONE NOT ON THE WOODBRIDGE ROSTER!     -Coach Erik (a.k.a. "Dad") and Steve Palladino will be in charge!

Viking Opener Race Schedule (Rosters to be posted tomorrow after practice), Course is 2.0 miles for all divisions, rolling hills on dirt trails and paved bike paths:

9:00 AM Frosh Boys (5 max)
9:20 AM Soph Boys (5 max)
9:40 AM Frosh/Soph Girls (5 max)
10:35 AM Junior Boys (5 max)
10:55 Junior/Senior Girls (5 max)
11:20 Open Girls (unlimited-must fill grade levels first)
11:45 Senior Boys (5 max)
12:05 Open Boys (unlimited-must fill grade levels first)
12:30 Team Award Presentation

LINK to Viking Opener Course Map and Parking Details
LINK to Viking Opener Meet Website 

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS GOING TO THE MEET: $7 parking fee at the Newanga or Violetti entrance / free with a Regional Parks Pass.    -Plan on getting there 1hour before race time and plan on ~20 minutes to park!

Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

...Want to stay more connected?   YOU should join our [closed group] Facebook Page:
MCHSXC2016!!!   ...Lot's of pictures and relevant posts by Coaches, Parents, Athletes!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Itinerary for Ed Sias this Saturday, 9/10/16!

...Here's the final Itinerary for MCHS XC 2016 Ed Sias Invite!

LINK to .pdf MCHS XC ED Sias Invitational Itinerary document

Meet: Ed Sias Invitational    Date: September 10, 2016
Location: Hidden Valley Park, Center Ave. / Glacier Dr. Martinez, CA 94553
Event Website:

Leaving MCHS 6:45 AM: Coach Greg leaving with 4 Cars from MCHS + 15 passengers
-Drivers: Steve Palladino (2), Albert Ettedgui (5), Sue Philip (5), Philip Frankl (4) 

Leaving MCHS 7AM: Bus leaving MCHS with Coach Marion (room for 55)
-Exceptions: 2 Runners driving there/back on their own (Jane C, Bernard O)
-~7+ runners confirmed getting rides back: (Turner W, Julian F, Eric D, Cristina A, Harry F, Zach L, Sydnie R) 

8:30 AM = Bus Arrives at Hidden Valley Park 
3:30-4:00 PM = Bus Leaves Hidden Valley Park 
5:00 - 5:30 PM = Bus Returns to MCHS (with room for 55) with Coach Greg  and (TBD) Coach Marion
Total Race Roster Count = 69 (44 boys/25 Girls):  
Race Schedule/Roster: 
9:00 AM Freshman Boys Unlimited (8): 
-Omar A, Colby F, James G, Pierce K, Cesilio M, James R, Ben T, Tristan S
9:25 AM JV Boys Limited (7): 
-Joshua C, Aidan S, Keegan R, Matthew A, Jacob H, Luis M, Frank O
9:50 AM Frosh-Soph Boys Limited (7): 
-Will M, Harry F, Rory S, Colton S, Owen P, Elijah E, Patrick P
10:40 AM FS & JV Boys Unlimited (15):
-Jai D, Matt B, Tristan C, Eric D, Shrey D, Julian F, Taylor I, Andy K, Andrew L, Bernard O, Leon P, Severin R, Cam S, Turner W, Bryce C
11:30 AM Varsity Small School Boys (7): 
-Ben L, Scott K, Zach L, Cooper M, Jacob W, Nicolo L, Blake C
12:20 PM Varsity Small School Girls (7): 
-Meghan F, Aimee A, Karen B, Talia L, Sydnie R, Miranda H, Savannah N
1:10 PM JV Girls Limited (7): 
-Jane C, Jamie L, Christina Alberigi, Faith M, Katrina S, Austin R, Cristina Avelar
1:35 PM Frosh-Soph Girls Limited (7): 
-Ellie C, Megan K, Audrey M, Emma H, Sara N, Julia M, Jasmin H
2:00 PM FS & JV Girls Unlimited (4):
-Elizabeth G, Ally K, Ciara S, Leslie V
2:30-3:30 PM Dance Party - Awards Ceremony 
3:30-4:00 PM Bus Leaves from Hidden Valley Park
5:00-5:30 PM Bus Returns to MCHS 

Monday, September 5, 2016

...What's coming up for MCHS Week #4?


Tuesday, 9/6/16:  EZ Run in the Park.   ...We still need more drivers to sign-up at:

Wednesday, 9/7/16:  Split squad workout!
-Training groups #7 - #12 Tempo workout on the MCHS Track normal start time, 3:30
-Training groups #1 - #6 will meet at MCHS Track 7:00 PM for workout under the lights, including top 11 girls (Sydnie, Aimee, Talia, Lily, Meghan F, Jasmin, Karen, Miranda, Ellie, Audrey, Megan)

Thursday, 9/8/16: EZ Run in the Park

Friday, 9/9/16: EZ workout, then Ohana Night hosted by the Civello's and Leavitt's!
6-8PM, 239 Fairway Court 239 Fairway Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95409
...What to bring?
Freshmen: Drinks
Sophomores: Bread
Juniors: Salads
Seniors: Desserts

Saturday, 9/10/16: Ed Sias Invite, this is a super-fun invite hosted by our NCS rivals, Campolino High School!    EVERYONE is expected to race, only 1 person on the roster has confirmed with Greg thus far, they can't go; are you ready to get on the Bus at MCHS 7AM/returning ~4:30PM?!

Where? Hidden Valley Park, 1798 Center Ave. Martinez, CA 94553

Logistics? Bus leaves MCHS 7AM > Arrive at the park 8:30AM > Races start 9AM, Finish 1:10PM, then Dance Party begins, then awards > Leave 2:30PM > Should return to MCHS 4:00-4:30
-Greg needs 2 drivers to leave MCHS 6:45 to get runners there for the 9AM Freshman Boys race, then 2 more drivers for extra seating; maybe leave a little later.    We're expecting to take 70 kids (our bus only seats 56), please let Greg know if you're planning to drive, or take your child home OYO.
(LINK to a dated video, check out former Pumas dancing in the black uniforms with "PUMAS" on front, starting at 1:15 in the video: including Brenna Thigpen, Sydnie's big bro, Austin Rivas on the shoulders of another and Allison's big bro, Austin Bartlett doing some "gett'n jiggy with it" move for a free T-shirt)

What to bring?  Bring a bag lunch or snack, or $ since this venue will have full selection of food, snacks. drinks BBQ style for sale.

Race Course: Only 2 miles vs. the "usual" 3 miles or 5K distance

Ed Sias Event website:

Ed Sias Race Schedule (MCHS will be participating in 9 different races!):
9:00: Freshman Boys Unlimited (we will have 8-9 in this race)
9:25: JV Boys (we will have 6-7 in this race)
9:50: Frosh-Soph Boys Limited (limited to 7 for this race)
10:15: FS & JV Boys Unlimited (we will have 20 in this race)
10:40: Varsity Boys Small School (limited to 7 for this race)
11:30: Varsity Girls Small School (limited to 7 for this race)
12:20: JV Girls Limited (limited to 7 for this race)
12:45: Frosh-Soph Girls Limited (limited to 7 for this race)
1:10: Frosh-Soph and JV Unlimited (we will have 6-7 in this race)

...Still compiling results from our 9/1/16 Redwood Scrimmage in Mill Valley, will post them in the next few days here and on our Facebook page.  ...Right now, best for everyone to focus on staying healthy, give it your all during workouts, keep the Coaches in-touch with anything that feels "off" and you better keep your PRs in pencil; I feel like there's a lot more improvements to come!

GO PUMAS!!!    ...Let's make it an AMAZING season!

Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

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