Tuesday, November 23, 2010


All athletes and parents are invited to the PUMAS

Cross Country End of Season Banquet &
Awards Presentation

When: Saturday, December 4, 6:30 to 9:00 pm

Where: Maria Carrillo High School large gymnasium

Join the team for dinner, a lively slide show featuring season highlights and an awards presentation.

Cost per dinner is $7.00 (includes two types of pasta, salad and garlic bread.) Dinner will be catered by Sally Tomatoes.
Athletes are asked to please bring drink or dessert donations and uniforms to the banquet.

Please submit your reservation below with payment to teammate Ashley Gunderson at school or by mailing to Kristina Gunderson at 2327 Rancho Cabeza Dr. 95404 no later than Friday, November 26. For questions, please contact Kristina at Kristina_Gunderson@yahoo.com or 695-6462.

Volunteers are needed to help as follows:

__5:30 – 6:30 set up __ decorations
__9:00 – 9:30 clean up* __ ice pick up and delivery to gym

(*athletes are expected to help)

To volunteer, please contact Kristin Thigpen at 539-1708 or email at Kristin@thigpendesign.com.
PUMAS Cross Country End of Season Banquet

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________

Total number of dinners Cost per dinner Total Amount Enclosed

__________ x $7.00 each = $________________

Please make checks payable to Kristina Gunderson. Submit this form with payment to Ashley Gunderson at school or mail to Kristina Gunderson by November 26. Questions? Please contact Kristina.

Athletes – remember to bring drink or dessert donation to banquet!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1600 Times from Practice today = WOW!

Very, very fast times posted today for everyone at the MCHS track today; XC practicefor an "all-out" 1600:

-Daniel H = 4:29 (crazy fast for November!)

-Armando = 4:40
-Austin R = 4:43
-Dante = 4:44
-Harrison = 4:45
-Austin B = 4:47
-Steve P = 4:49
-Colin G = 4:52
-Martyn = 4:53
-Juicy = 4:57
-Emillio = 4:59
-Colin B = 4:59
-Gus M = 4:59.9999
-Grant = 5:04
-Colin M = 5:08
-Drew = 5:09
-Nick = 5:09
-Simmer = 5:10
-DJ = 5:21
-Dalin = 5:36
-Sam = 5:36
-Jake = 5:59 (previous PR = ~8:40) OMG!?

-Brynna = 5:37
-Gretel = 5:51
-Kelly = 5:55
-Ashley = 5:58
-Maddie = 6:02
-Sophia = 6:13
-Alex = 6:14
-Paige = 6:15

NBL Championships = 40 out of 50 runners PR!

...Come get your PR SOCKS!!!

80% (40 out of 50) of our MCHS XC Runners competing in the NBL Championships posted their best time ever on the 3.05 Spring Lake Course!

Ryan A, Colin B, Kelly B, Conner B, Daniel D, Maddy D, Drew G, Colin G, Taylor G, Daniel H, Dante H, Martyn H, Sam H, Trysha H, Emillio H, Nick J, Spencer J, Steven L, Harrison L, Jake L, Austin L, Britini M, Colin M, Schuyler M, Gus M, Nick J, Simmer, Gretel P, Steve P, Sophia R, Alec R, Austin R, DJ, Adam S, Grant S, Brynna T, Jaquelyn V, Paige V, Jonathan L, Katherine W

Detailed results, % PR stacking pending when Ruben has some time to do the spreadsheet analysis. -Special recognition coming soon to the highest % improvement on the team!

> Greg will have PR Socks at practice all next week!


Hotel Information for NCS + State Championships

Hotel information for our upcoming NCS and State Championships:

11/20/10 = NCS Championships:

-Staying Friday night = 11/19/10
La Quinta Hotel
20777 Hesperian Way
HAYWARD, CA 945411
(510) 732-6300

11/27/10 = State Championships:

-Staying Friday night = 11/26/10
Fresno Airport Holiday Inn
5090 East Clinton
FRESNO , CA 93727
(559) 252-3611

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Training Change!


Please note! There is school during Thanksgiving week = Monday, 11/22 + Tuesday, 11/23 so

> We will have practices at our usual 3:30 PM NOT at 9:00 AM!

-Coach Greg

MCHS XC Workouts for last 3 weeks of the Season

For our JV roster = thanks for a great season!

...Everyone (including JVs!) are welcome to keep training with the Varsity crew for the next 3 weeks. -Here's our workout schedule:

WEEK #1)

3:30 Monday 11/8/10 = Park Trail > 15 min warm-up run to base of Lake Ilsanjo 3 X hill at race pace > 20-30 min cool down.
3:30 Tuesday 11/9/10 = Howarth Park > 50 min recovery run 4 X 150m build-ups
3:30 Wednesday 11/10/10 = MCHS Track > 10 min warm-up run + drills > 1 X 1600 time trials > full recovery > 1 X 800 > 20 min cool down

NOTE: School Holiday 9:00 AM Thursday 11/11/10 = Meet Ruben at Howarth Park > 60 min recovery run > 4 X Howarth Park dam strides

3:30 Friday 11/12/10 = MCHS warm-up 10 min > 5 X 1K at 90% race pace with 4 min recovery > 10 min cool down
9:00 AM Saturday 11/13/10 = Meet Ruben at Howarth Park for easy 60 min run
Sunday 11/14/10 = Rest!

WEEK #2)
3:30 Monday 11/15/10 = MCHS > 10 min warm-up > warm-up drills > 2 X 10 min tempo with full recovery > 15 min cool down
3:30 Tuesday 11/16/10 = Howarth Park > 50 min recovery run 4 X 200m build-ups
3:30 Wednesday 11/17/10 = MCHS > 10 min warm-up run to gravel creek trail > 20 min run with 5 X 1 min on/off at race pace > 10 min run back to MCHS
3:30 Thursday 11/18/10 = Park Trail > 40 min easy pace run finish with 3 X small dam to 2nd bridge strides (~400m)
3:30 Friday 11/19/10 = MCHS easy 20 min run > drills > roll > 3 X 200 build-ups

NOTE: 6:30 PM Friday 11/19/10 = Leave MCHS (eat dinner at home) for drive to Hotel in Hayward

Saturday 11/20/10 = NCS Championships: Boys race 8:30; Girls race 9:30
Sunday, 11/21/10 = recovery 40 min run easy pace

WEEK #3 = (School Holiday Wed - Fri)
3:30 PM Monday 11/22/10 = Howarth Park > 10 min warm-up run to base of Spring Lake dam > 5 X dam repeats to last bench (~400m) > 20 min cool down
3:30 PM Tuesday 11/23/10 = Park Trail > 50 min easy run finish with 3 X small dam to 2nd bridge strides (~400m)
9:00 AM Wednesday 11/24/10 = MCHS > 10 min run to gravel creek trail > 20 min run with 4 X 1 min on/off at race pace > 10 min run back to MCHS > 4 laps in single file groups rear person “striding” to front
ON YOUR OWN = Thursday 11/25/10 = Easy 40 minute run > 3 X 200 build-ups

NOTE: 11:00 Friday 11/26/10 = Leave MCHS for drive to Fresno > stop for lunch at 1:00 > Shake-out run at Woodward Park 3:30; Check into Hotels at 5:00- 5:30; Dinner 6:30

Saturday 11/27/10 = State Championships: Boys race 8:30; Girls race 9:30


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Thursday, November 4, 2010

End Of Season Banquet

                        All athletes and parents are
                              invited to the PUMAS

 Cross Country End of Season Banquet and
                   Awards Presentation
When:   Saturday, December 4, 6:30 to 9:00 pm

Where:  Maria Carrillo High School large gymnasium
Join the team for dinner, a lively slide show featuring season highlights and an awards

Cost per dinner is $7.00 (includes two types of pasta, salad and garlic bread.)
Dinner will be catered by Sally Tomatoes.

Athletes are asked to please bring drink or dessert donations and
uniforms to the banquet.

Please submit your reservation below with payment to teammate Ashley Gunderson at school or by mailing  to Kristina Gunderson at  2327 Rancho Cabeza Dr. 95404  no
later than Friday, November 26

For questions, please contact Kristina at Kristina_Gunderson@yahoo.com or 695-6462.

Volunteers are needed to help as follows:
__5:30 – 6:30  set up                      __ decorations

__9:00 – 9:30 clean up*                __  ice pick up and delivery to gym

(*athletes are expected to help)

To volunteer, please contact Kristin Thigpen at 539-1708 or email at Kristin@thigpendesign.com.


                         PUMAS Cross Country End of Season Banquet

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________         

Total number of dinners          Cost per dinner            Total Amount Enclosed

      __________                             x      $7.00 each          =     $________________

Please make checks payable to Kristina Gunderson. Submit this form with payment to Ashley Gunderson at school or  mail to Kristina Gunderson by November 26.  Questions?  Please contact Kristina.

Athletes – remember to bring drink or dessert donation and uniform to banquet!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pampered Chef Fund Raiser - November 4

Does your cross country runner like to eat?

We all know they need their calories and nutrition to run well.

Now is your chance to explore how to give your cross country runner the opportunity to eat quickly, nutritiously and deliciously because the MCHS Cross Country Team is having a:

Pampered Chef Fund-raiser on Thursday, November 4,
6:15 to 7:45 p.m. at the Gunderson's home
at 2327 Rancho Cabeza Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95404.
You are invited to drop your runner(s) off at the pasta feed at Grant Silverstein's home at 6 p.m. and then proceed to the Pampered Chef Fund-raiser at the Gunderson's to munch and shop for yourself or others on your shopping list for the best cooking tools in the world!

25% of the product sales will go to our MCHS XC Team!!!

Scheduling a personal Cooking, Online, Bridal or Fund-raiser Show will add extra donations to the Team.

If you are not able to make it that evening, please go to www.pamperedchef.biz/cecilewuu to shop online.

Just go to "Shop Online" and type in "MCHS XC Team". Please contact and forward the web-site to friends and family anywhere in the United States. Direct shipping to anywhere in the country is available.

Please contact Cecile Mendoza-Wuu (Timothy Wuu's mom) to R.S.V.P.at 707.486.4943 or ecwuu@aol.com, so we will know how much food to prepare, for questions, or to place orders.

Invite your friends to come for fun, too! Bring a friend and get a prize!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wine Country 1/2 Marathon Volunteer Names

Greg will NOT be here this Saturday, 10/30/10 for this event = please contact each station event manager listed via contact information from the last blog entry if you have questions!

Bagcheck = Freshmen Boys meet Kristina Gunderson/Grant Silverstein at MCHS 4:30 AM (yikes!)
> Johnathan Lu, Nick J, Colin B, DJ, Ryan, Dante, Spencer

Water Station #5 = Girls meet Nancy Thiele at BadAss Coffee 6:15AM (corner Markwest and Old Redwood Hwy)
> Brynna, Ashley, Lauren K, Sophia, Gretel, Kelly, Jamaeca, Drew, Trysha, Heidi)

Water Station #7 = Boys meet Kelly Rogers at McDonalds 6:30AM
> Daniel, Harrison, Jake, Martyn, Austin, Colin, Gus, Steve, Emillio

Finish Line = meet Michael Pointer at MCHS 6:30AM
> Schuylar, Austin B, James

Have fun! ...Take pictures so we can post on the blog. Special prizes for most enthusiastic water station as determined by 1/2 Marathon participants, Coach Ruben and Coach Tim. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Healdsburg Wine Country 1/2 Marathon Fund Raiser!

This Saturday, 10/30 our team has the opportunity to earn ~$1K+ from this event!

Race starts at Francis Ford Coppola Winery, course runs primarily on Dry Creek Road and ends at Warm Springs Dam Recreation area. Link to event website: http://www.runhealdsburg.com/

-If you want to participate, please contact the following people directly:

Kristina Gunderson 5:30-11:00 AM = Bag Check + Starting Line/Finish Line
kristina_gunderson@yahoo.com or cell: (707) 695-6462

Nancy Thiele 7:00 - 10:00 AM = Water Station #5
mitch.thiele@comcast.net or cell: (707) 478-4354

Kelly Rogers 7:00 - 10:00 AM = Water Station #7
kellyverarogers@gmail.com or cell: (707) 318-3328

Michael Pointer 7:00 - 11:00 AM = Timing and Finish Line Set-Up
michaelpointer@gmail.com or cell: (707) 543-6098

...The more we participate, the more our team earns!

Dress in Costume, come to have fun + watch Coach Ruben and Coach Tim run!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mt SAC Report - Part I - Freshman Boys

Maria Carrillo's Frosh Boys team easily won their Division 2 race over 15 other schools at the 63rd Annual  Mt SAC Invitational (with 23,000 participants, "the largest XC meet in the world")

L to R ; Bartlett, Jensen, Hays, Russell, Jones, King

Individual results (171 runners in the race)
1. Colin Bartlett, 17:04
2. Nick Jensen, 17:21
5. Dante Hays, 17:47
6. Michael King, 17:50
10. Spencer Jones, 17:58
14. DJ Russell, 18:08

There were a total of 12 freshman boys races at the meet, with a total of 168 teams competing.  The Puma Boys cumulative team time of 1:28:00 was the third fastest of all the 168 teams, just narrowly behind Southern Section powerhouse schools Redondo and Palos Verdes.

Check out the post race Flotrack interview with the freshman boys here.  If these guys expect to continue being this good, they'll definitely need to improve their media skills!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Competition Schedule Updates!

Less than 3 weeks to NBL XC Championships!

Here's our schedule for the remainder of the season (note we've made some changes = Added Mt. SAC, dropped Two Mile Time Trial):

1) 10/20/10 Wednesday = Tri meet vs. Rancho and Elsie at RCHS

-Bus leaves MCHS at 2PM first race at 3:30 (only 2 races = combined girls + combined boys)
-Note: Team is doing "extra" 30 minute cool-down after each race

2) NEW! 10/22/10 Friday = Mt. SAC Invite (expect back at MCHS 10/24 ~6PM)

-Taking 24 individuals leaving MCHS Friday, 10/22/10 at 11:00 AM
-Need to bring $50 for Knotts Berry Farm + some money for food
-Boys: Quality Inn Artesia + Coach Ruben, Michael, Tim and Greg
-Girls: Innsuites Hotel and Suites - Buena Park, CA + Coach Kelly
10/23/10 Race Schedule: JVB = 7:10AM(!); VB = 8:19AM; VG = 8:58AM; FB = 11:00AM
Event Website: http://events.mtsac.edu/ccinvite/

3) 10/27/10 Wednesday = Tri meet vs. Ukiah and Newman/Ursuline at UHS

-Bus leaves MCHS at 1:30PM on Wednesday

4) 11/5/10 Friday = NBL Championships at Spring Lake (SRHS host)

-Cars leave MCHS at 12:15 on Friday = first race at 2PM (JVG > JVB > VG >VB)

5) 11/20/10 Saturday = NCS Championships at Hayward High School (Varsity only)

-Cars leaving MCHS Friday at 6PM (staying overnight in Hayward due to early race schedule)
-Race Schedule: VB = 8:30AM; VG = 9:30AM

6) 11/27/10 Saturday = State Championships at Woodward Park, Fresno (Varsity only)

-Cars leaving MCHS on Friday at Noon
-Race Schedule: VB = 8:30AM; VG = 9:30AM

...Any questions, or if you need more detail about our schedule or any events listed above contact Coach Greg Fogg C:(707) 291-2967 or greg.fogg@comcast.net

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Results - Carrillo at Crystal Springs and Clovis this Past Saturday

The Pumas split their squad on Saturday, October 9, with the Varsity teams heading to Clovis while the JV and Frosh/Soph kept it relatively close to home with a meet at Crystal Springs.

Crystal Springs
We had seven of our thirty runners win "top 15" shirts - Schuyler Mortimer (12th in Boys JV- see photo right), Heidi Thiele (9th in Girls JV), Ashley Gunderson (4th in Girls Frosh-soph), Colin Bartlett (4th in Boys Frosh), Nick Jensen (7th in Boys Frosh), Ryan Anderson (11th in Boys Frosh), and DJ Russell (14th in Boys Frosh).

You can look up the complete meet results by clicking here.

L to R - Spencer Jones, Ryan Anderson, DJ Russell,
Colin Bartlett, Nick Jensen, and Michael King 
Did you just notice that we had 4 frosh boys in the top 14?  If I add the fact that Spencer Jones narrowly missed a shirt with a 17th place finish, it will not surpise you to learn that the Boys Frosh team won their race over 16 other schools, including CCS powerhouse Bellermine with a great team score of 45.  In fact, their team time of 1:29:36 has only been bettered by three other freshman teams at Crystal Springs in the past 6 years.  Their performance would have placed them 13th out of 25 teams in the Varsity race.

The Girls F-S team came in a close third in their race with 62 pts behind winner St Ignatius with 42.  Besides Ashley Gunderson, Maddie Dipple (17th), Brittni McFarland (19th), Jackie VanDenburg (22nd), Trysha Hicks (32nd), Paige VanDenburg (36th), and Nora Hayden (39th) represented what MCHS Cross Country is all about by racing with great spirit and determination - awesome job Pumas!

Drew Gallagher also had an inspired effort, finishing 17th in the Boys JV to help that crew place 3rd among 20 schools.

The Girls finished a competitive 5th out of 24 teams in the Division 3 Race, with Lauren Kraus leading the way with an 8th place finish.  Lauren's time of 19:30 was 95th of 1258 girls that ran in all the races on the day.  The Boys finished 7th out of 23 teams in the D3 Race, one spot behind Petaluma. Daniel Hauptman led the way for the Pumas with an 11th place finish in his race.  You can check complete race results by clicking here

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crystal Springs Meet Info - Saturday, October 9

Location: Belmont,Ca.
  • Bus Leaves MCHS: 630AM, be at MCHS at 615AM
  • Bus Arrives Crystal Springs around 830AM; set up camp, first race at 9:00AM
  • Bus Leaves Crystal Springs around 1:00PM
  • Bus Arrives at Ocean Beach 1:30PM, SF (Great Highway between Lincoln Way and Beach Chalet)
  • 1:30PM-2:30PM- Lunch at Ocean Beach
  • 2:30-4:00 - Drive Back to MCHS
Please Bring: 
  • Something to eat/drink during the morning; Coaches will provide lunch around 130pm.  Full snack bar will in operation at the meet - so you may want to bring some spending money.
  • Bring some warm clothing.  Weather can change quite quickly - can be very cool and breezy, but can also get quite warm.
  • Ok to bring a folding chair and something to read or homework.
Race Schedule (remember that Varsity squads are competing in Clovis this day!)
  • 9:00AM -Junior Varsity (all junior and senior boys in this race)
  • 9:30AM -Boys Varsity (no MCHS entries)
  • 10:00AM - Boys Championship Varsity (no MCHS entries)
  • 10:30AM - Girls Varsity (no MCHS entries)
  • 11:00AM - Boys Soph (all soph boys in this race) 
  • 11:30AM- Girls JV (all junior/senior girls in this race)
  • 12:00AM - Boys Freshman (all freshman boys in this race)
  • 12:30AM- Girls Frosh/Soph (all freshman and soph girls this race)
T-shirts are awarded to top 15 in each race!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Wednesday, 10/6/10 = first NBL Meet vs. Piner and Santa Rosa at Foothill Park, Windsor
-Bus Leaves MCHS at 2PM
-JVG = 3:45 > JVB > VG > VB
-Expect Bus to return to MCHS by 6:30 - 7PM

Friday, 10/8/10 = Boys/Girls Varsity 7 leave for Clovis Invite, Fresno
-Cars Leave MCHS at Noon
-Races are 1:25 and 1:55 on Saturday
-Expect to return to MCHS by 7:30PM

Saturday, 10/9/10 = Team Competes in Crystal Springs Invite, Belmont (1/2 hour south SF)
-Bus Leaves MCHS at 6:15 AM
-First race at 9AM; last race 12:30PM
-Expect to return to MCHS between 4-6PM (post race activities TBD)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pancake Run- Awesome Fun!

The Pancake Run to the Lowder's was a great time!  Many thanks to the Lowder's for hosting us.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Calling All Drivers! Message from our Ride Coordinator!

Hi everyone,
Please double check the schedule to make sure it is on your calendar and also please let me know if you cannot make your scheduled time. Note that we are still in need of a few more rides on Thursday 10/7 and Thursday 10/14. Thanks everyone for pitching in and helping out!

Melanie Bartlett 539-3187 or

Wednesday 9/29 DONE
Coaches - 20
Silverstein - 4
Nicklas - 6
Petrie - 5
Brady - 5
Bartlett - 7
Lynch - 7
Han - 6

Friday 10/1 DONE
Coaches - 20
Bartlett - 7
Hicks - 6
Jones - 6
Jensen - 4
Nicklas - 6
D. Rivas - 4
Anderson - 6

Monday 10/4 DONE
Coaches - 20
Hauptman - 7
Jones - 6
Petrie - 5
Shohert Metcalfe - 6
J. Mortimer - ? (counting 4)
K. Gunderson - 3
Nicklas - 6
Burns - 4
McFarland - 7

Thursday 10/7 Need 2 more

Coaches - 20
Petrie - 5
Lao - 4
VanDenberg - 5
Lynch - 7
Jensen - 4
Jones - 6
McFarland - 5 

Monday 10/11 DONE
Coaches - 20
Hauptman - 7
Jones - 6
Petrie - 5
Shohert Metcalfe - 6
J. Mortimer - ?
K. Gunderson - 3
Burns - 4
Lynch - 7

Wednesday 10/13 - 2pm DONE
Coaches - 20
Nicklas - 6
Brady - 5
Hauptman - 7
Bartlett - 7
Mock - 4
Jensen - 4
Burns - 4
Herniman - 4

Thursday 10/14 Need 6

Coaches - 20
Petrie - 5
Anderson - 6
Jensen - 4
D. Rivas - 4
Mock - 4
Jones - 6
Neely - 6

Monday 10/18 FULL
Coaches - 20
Hauptman - 7
Jones - 6
Petrie - 5
Shohert Metcalfe - 6
Purugganan - 4
J. Mortimer - ?
Mock - 4
Murray - 4
K. Gunderson - 3

Thursday 10/21 DONE
Coaches - 20
Petrie - 5
Lao - 4
Jensen - 4
Mock - 4
Jones - 6
Nicklas - 6
Birkland - 4 
McFarland - 5

Monday 10/25 FULL
Coaches - 20
Hauptman - 7
Jones - 6
Petrie - 5
Shohert Metcalfe - 6
Purugganan - 4
J. Mortimer - ?
M. Rivas - 4
Mock - 3
K. Gunderson - 3

Thursday 10/28 DONE
Coaches - 20
Petrie - 5
Lao - 4
S. Hall - 4
Mock - 4
Jones - 6
Nicklas - 6
Birkland - 4
Bartlett - 7 

Monday 11/1 DONE
Coaches - 20
Hauptman - 7
Jones - 6
Petrie - 5
D. Rivas - 4
Neely - 6
M. Rivas - 4
Mock - 4
Nicklas - 6

Wednesday 11/3 DONE
Coaches - 20
Nicklas - 6
Hauptman - 7
Brady - 5
Petrie - 5
Bartlett - 7
Mock - 4
Jensen - 4
Burns - 4
Anderson - 6

Friday 11/5 - 12:15 DONE
Coaches - 20
Bartlett - 7
M. Rivas - 4
Mock - 4
Hicks - 6
Jones - 6
Jensen - 4
Nicklas - 6
Neely - 6

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's Coming Up!

Congrats to all the Pumas for a great start to the season!

...Counting down => only 39 Days until NBL XC Championships!

What's coming up next:

Wednesday, 10/6 = 1st NBL and BIG Tri-Meet competition at Foothill Park (Windsor) vs. Piner and Santa Rosa; this meet may determine who will win the boys NBL title this year! Come support the team! -Bus leaving school at 2PM!

Saturday, 10/9 = Splitting Teams:

-Varsity Top 7 Boys/Girls = Clovis Invite, Fresno
-Cars leave MCHS at Noon on Friday, 10/8

-Everyone Else = Crystal Springs invite in Belmont (~1/2 hour south of S.F.)
-Bus leaves MCHS at 6:30 AM on Saturday


Call Greg at (707) 291-2967



We need drivers for our Pancake Run to the Lowder's this Saturday, October 2nd !

> Leaving Channel Drive at 9 AM
> Runners will arrive at Lowder's on Lawndale Road, Kenwood 10 - 10:30 AM
> Pancakes & swimming at the Lowders 'till Noon!

Contact Greg if you can help,

Cell: (707) 291-2967

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Viking Opener Results

Pumas - great job at Viking Opener this past weekend! 

There were many terrific individual breakthrough efforts -- a couple of really good ones that immediately come to mind were Kelly Birkland (18th fastest overall out of 249 girls) and Austin Rivas (13th fastest overall out of 433 boys)!

Following are some more stats for your consideration...

Team Results by Division:
  • Frosh/Soph Girls - 1st; (17 scoring teams)
  • Frosh/Soph Boys - 1st; (23 scoring teams)
  • Junior Boys - 2nd (by 1 point) (13 scoring teams)
  • Junior/Senior Girls - 3rd; (18 scoring teams) 
  • Open Boys - 1st (19 scoring teams)
  • Open Girls - 3rd (10 scoring teams)
  • Girls Composite - 1st of 23 teams
  • Boys Composite - 3rd of 26 teams
 Individual Race Winners:
  • Lauren Kraus, Frosh/Soph Girls
  • Martyn "Marlin" Henderson, Open Boys (better being the fisherman than the fish, no?)
Puma Results and PR's (2009 and 2010 Results shown for comparison):

Anderson, Ryan14:2111:54PR-17.1%
Barker, Sarah18:1218:42
Bartlett, Colin12:1811:28PR-6.8%
Birkland, Kelly12:59
Brady, Conner12:53
Christensen, Erik12:3312:45
Dippel, Madeline16:22
Ecker, Alexandra13:59
Gallagher, Drew11:45
Gibson, Colin10:4610:38PR-1.2%
Graham, Taylor12:5713:07
Gunderson, Ashley14:25
Hay, Dante13:2711:30PR-14.5%
Hayden, Nora16:0515:45PR-2.1%
Henderson, Martyn11:04
Herniman, Sam12:49
Horner, Emilio11:4411:08PR-5.1%
Jensen, Nicholas11:36
Jones, Spencer14:0511:45PR-16.6%
Jones, Tyler12:3611:45PR-6.7%
King, Michael12:1411:39PR-4.8%
Kraus, Lauren12:4412:01PR-5.6%
Lowder, Dallin12:36
Luft, Harrison11:5011:00PR-7.0%
Luft, Jake14:53
Luu, Jonathan13:22
Lynch, Austin13:4712:40PR-8.1%
McFarland, Brittni15:00
Metcalfe, Colin12:05
Mortimer, Schuyler12:5711:43PR-9.5%
Murray, Gus12:0111:34PR-3.7%
Nhan, Alex13:47
Nicklas, James12:1312:04PR-1.2%
Nijjar, Harsimar11:37
Purugganan, Desiree17:04
Purugganan, Steve11:05
Ramos, Sophia13:4613:32PR-1.7%
Rivas, Austin10:39
Scolari, Beatrix14:1713:09PR-7.9%
Silow, Adam12:38
Silverstein, Grant11:5811:45PR-1.8%
Smith, Myriah15:11
Sullivan, Sidney14:4716:57
Talkington, Lauren15:51
Thiele, Heidi13:2214:23
Thigpen, Brynna13:0912:30PR-4.9%
VanDenburg, Jaquelyn15:15
VanDenburg, Paige15:24

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spring Lake Super Septo Results - Sep 15

Great racing with many PRs set today!  Very good team performances despite missing a few very key people, with #4-5-6 runners making big contributions.  Pumas won all 4 divisions.

Varsity results can be found here:
Also, follow this link to pictures courtsey of Eric Graham

Monday, September 13, 2010

Link to Many Ed Sias Invitiational Photos

If you scan through these (hundreds) of excellent photos, you can find many of our runners at Ed Sias.




What: NBL/SCL Interlock
When: Wednesday, 9/15 JV Girls first race 4PM > JVB > VG > VB
-Cars leave MCHS at 2PM
Where: Spring Lake Course
-Santa Rosa (host)-NBL
-Casa Grande-SCL
-El Molino-SCL
-Cardinal Newman/Ursuline-NBL
-Elsie Allen-NBL
-Rancho Cotate
-Sonoma Acadamy -CMC


What: Viking Opener this Saturday, 9/18/10
When: First race starts at 8:35
Where: Spring Lake County Park, Santa Rosa
Course: All divisions, 2.0 miles, rolling hills on dirt trails and paved bike paths

> All MCHS Runners need to check-in with coaches 1 hour before their race or by no later than 9AM; please plan on staying until awards ceremony is done ~1PM!

Complete Race Schedule:

7:30 - 8:30 a.m. Course open for walking
8:35 Junior High Boys and Girls (unlimited)
9:00 Frosh/Soph Boys (5 max.)
9:20 Frosh/Soph Girls (5 max.)
9:45 Alumni
10:15 Junior Boys (5 max.)
10:35 Junior/Senior Girls (5 max.)
11:00 Open Girls (unlimited)
11:25 Senior Boys (5 max.)
11:45 Open Boys (unlimited)
12:10 Team Award Presentation

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Please Note the following recent changes to our 2010 MCHS XC competition schedule:

10/9/10 = Add Clovis Invite in Fresno (Varsity 7 only) at Woodward Park/State Championship course; all remaining runners will be going to Crystal Springs Invite as per original schedule.

10/16/10 = Delete Cal Poly Invite

10/22/10 = Add Mt. SAC Invite (Roster TBD) plan is to take 18 - 22 runners to this event driving to L.A. > leaving MCHS Thursday, 10/21 at Noon > Racing Friday > Returning Saturday eve. This is the WORLDS LARGEST HIGH SCHOOL XC EVENT with over 6000 athletes! http://events.mtsac.edu/ccinvite/

10/23/10 = Delete Two Mile Time Trial at MCHS

REMINDER: Please let coaches know if you will miss/cannot make races on our schedule!

Great Day of Racing at Ed Sias Invitational! (Sep 11)

Varsity Girls Start
The Pumas enjoyed another successful edition of the Ed Sias Invitational this past Saturday!  It was fun going up against some of the finest Cross Country programs in North Coast Section.  For our novice runners, this was a taste for what bigger competitions are about (over 1700 runners took part!)  Following is a list of observations and recognitions from the coaches, in no particular order...

...15 of 22 athletes that had previously raced this course improved their time.  Following are those who improved their times (Name/New PR/Improvement over Previous Time)
  • Schuyler Mortimer 12:14 01:05
  • Dalin Lowder 13:00 01:02
  • Austin Lynch 13:35 01:01
  • Lauren Kraus 12:22 00:47
  • Brynna Thigpen 12:57 00:46
  • Harsimmer Nijjar 12:07 00:45
  • Harrison Luft 11:11 00:43
  • Emillio Horner 11:42 00:24
  • Gus Murray 12:00 00:23
  • Myriah Smith 16:28 00:21
  • Sam Herniman 13:21 00:20
  • Sophia Ramos 14:14 00:17
  • Austin Rivas 11:36 00:16
  • Grant Silverstein 12:05 00:07
  • Taylor Graham 13:03 00:01

...The Freshman Boys team easily won their race over 17 other schools.  In fact, when you combine the results of all the races (including the Frosh/Soph, JV, and Varsity races) our freshman boys were clearly the strongest of the 22 schools at the meet.  Leading the pack for the Pumas was Colin Bartlett  (#11 frosh out of 264 freshman boys at the meet) and Nick Jensen - #15 frosh overall...

Other "top 10%" performances included
  • Lauren Kraus - #1 soph out of 225, #5 overall out of 702 girls at the meet
  • Brynna Thigpen - #7 soph out of 225, #22 overall
  • Taylor Graham - #11 junior out of 184; #25 overall
  • Trixi Scolari - #8 frosh out 175; #73 overall
  • Harrison Luft - #8 soph out of 296, #53 overall out of 1052 boys at the meet
  • Tim Wuu - #35 junior out 268, #88 overall
  • Austin Bartlett - #92 among all boys overall
Follow this link for complete meet results...

The much anticipated closing dance party wrapped up the day - then back on the bus back to Santa Rosa!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Next Up: Ed Sias Invitational, Martinez

Ed Sias Invitational, Hidden Valley Park, Martinez, CA. …a short 2 mile course with a few hills and minor focus on team results/major focus on individual performance …for those of you who have not attended this event before, this is a very relaxed, fun/cool event with loud music and a dance contest right after the last race… about 40 schools competing with 11 different races, including several Frosh/Soph and JV races, giving lots of kids an opportunity to compete within their grade/fitness level.
Coaches will bring pop up tents, athletes should bring water bottles and food to eat for the morning. They have a nicely stocked snack bar – so you might want to bring some money if you intend to buy food.

EVENT WEBSITE: http://www.mdusd.k12.ca.us/collegepark/Track/edsias/edsiasfrontPAGE.html
(check out several video links, including Lauren K leading the Frosh race last year).


COURSE MAP and ELEVATION DIAGRAM:http://connect.garmin.com/activity/5471168

Bus leaves MCHS at 6:30AM.

Our first race is at 9AM, but there is a coach’s race at 8:30 (Michael Pointer entered!) Entries by race will be finalized by end of the week – we are still confirming our roster. PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION OR ABSENCE with Greg this week.


  • 8:30am - Community, JH and Coach's Race
  • 9:00 - Boy's Frosh
  • 9:25  - Boy's Junior Varsity
  • 9:50 - Boy's Frosh Soph
  • 10:15 - Boy's FS AND JV
  • 10:40 - Boy's Varsity SMALL SCHL (MCHS runs in this race)
  • 11:05 - Boy's Varsity LARGE SCHL
  • 11:30 - Girl's Junior Varsity
  • 11:55 - Girl's Frosh Soph
  • 12:20 - Girl's FS AND JV
  • 12:45 - Girl's Varsity SMALL SCHL (MCHS runs in this race)
  • 1:10 - Girl's Varsity LARGE SCHL

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Great Start to Competitive Season - Rancho Invite Results

You can find complete results at Jim Crowhurst's North Bay Running site now. 

Please make sure to bookmark this site for future reference (the PD has changed their so called "PD Preps"format and there is no longer a link to the North Bay Running site - you might also give the PD a piece of your mind about their cross country coverage - or lack thereof - more on that on another occasion).

Note that a few names are mispelled in the results (Winn=Wuu, Nwar=Nijjar, etc)  Also Alex Ecker and Maddie Dippel had fine runs going leading the pack in the Girls JV but their results are not included since they veered off course.  Also note that team scoring is not official - this was done by Jim Crowhurst just for fun - no official team scoring was kept for this meet.

The coaches were very pleased with the performances overall on Friday (even with those that lost their way on the course!)  The training we've done so far was not conducive to racing fast on September 3rd -- in fact, we would have expected less racing speed than we saw.  This is a good indicator of our base aerobic fitness that will be the foundation for the racing fitness that we will continue to build gradually over the next 6 weeks.  We run this course again on October 20 - so it will be fun to see how we've progressed over that time!

Many upperclassman were encouraged with their early season career PR's on Rancho's course -- 22 of the 37 who had run this course before posted best times!  Schuyler Mortimer led the pack with a whopping 1 minute, 37 seconds (8.2%) improvement over his best time from last year.  Many others came very close to matching their previous bests.  Here's the report on the 22 PR's:

Name/New PR/Time Improvement/% Improvement
  • Schuyler Mortimer 18:12 01:37 8.2%
  • Austin Lynch 20:06 01:12 5.6%
  • Myriah Smith 23:24 01:22 5.5%
  • Drew Gallagher 18:59 01:01 5.1%
  • Lauren Kraus 18:12 00:53 4.6%
  • Kelly Birkland 20:42 01:00 4.6%
  • Tyler Jones 18:27 00:45 3.9%
  • Martyn Henderson 16:38 00:36 3.5%
  • Harrison Luft 16:21 00:33 3.3%
  • Jessica Halverson 20:52 00:31 2.4%
  • Steve Puruganan 16:57 00:25 2.4%
  • Brynna Thigpen 19:20 00:27 2.3%
  • Gretel Petrie 19:47 00:24 2.0%
  • Emilio Horner 16:43 00:20 2.0%
  • Daniel Hauptman 15:31 00:18 1.9%
  • Sophia Ramos 20:35 00:17 1.4%
  • Taylor Graham 19:43 00:11 0.9%
  • Colin Gibson 16:01 00:08 0.8%
  • Sam Herniman 19:30 00:07 0.6%
  • Gus Murray 17:39 00:06 0.6%
  • James Nicklas 17:43 00:04 0.4%
  • Dalin Lowder 20:09 00:01 0.1%
It was also good to see the freshman and other first timers get out and find competitive success over 3 miles.  Based on these results, the coaches will be adjusting some of the training groups -- looks like many of us are ready to handle a slightly higher work rate!  Great start Pumas!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rancho Invite This Friday September 3rd!


Rancho Invite this Friday, September 3rd at Rancho Cotate High School in Rohnert Park

All confirmed athletes will be dismissed from class at 1:45 = BUS LEAVES AT 2PM
-Returning to MCHS ~6:45/7PM!


Team Pasta Feed on Thursday: (Swimming optional)
When: Thursday 2-Sept
Time: 6-6:30 to 8PM
Where: The Jones’ Home at 603 Scotland Dr
Directions from Maria Carrillo
· Left onto Montecito
· Right only Calistoga Road
· Left onto Hwy 12
· Left onto Los Alamos
· Left onto Scotland Dr

What to bring???
Ø FRESHMAN – French Bread
Ø SENIORS – Desert

Sunday, August 22, 2010

24 Hr Run-a-thon Fundraiser Info and Schedule

What: annual 24 hour run-a-thon fundraiser for Cross Country.  This is our one and only fundraiser -- funds are used to pay for transportation, meet entry fees, and lodging for travel meets.  The run-a-thon is mostly fun - things we might do while not running: eating, kickball, volleyball, dance party, watching movies, some homework, a little sleep, water balloon fights, etc.

Why: The more we raise, the more opportunities our athletes have to travel and participate in unique and memorable events.  We are looking to raise a minimum of $3000 -- which is consistent with what we've raised in the past, and averages to about $45 per athlete on our roster.

How: we keep a baton moving around the track for 24 hours - last few years we have reached around 250 miles (1000 laps) in a 24 hours.  Athletes seek pledges by lap or fixed amount donations from friends, family, businesses and anyone else who is interested in supporting one of Maria Carrillo's most outstanding athletic programs.  Please let us coaches know if you need a tax letter to document your donation.

Who: we are looking to involve the wider network of MCHS XC supporters.  Besides participation by students, there are also opportunities for parents, siblings, alumni, coaches, etc to take part (ie, run).  Also - we'll gladly take food contributions over the weekend to fuel our efforts!!

When: Starts Saturday 8AM 8/28; Ends Sunday 8AM 8/29
Each class is responsible for two hour time slots...
  • Seniors 8AM-10AM
  • Juniors 10AM-Noon
  • Sophomores Noon-2PM
  • Freshmen 2PM-4PM
  • Parents, Alumni and Coaches 4PM-6PM
  • Seniors 6PM-8PM
  • Juniors 8PM-10PM
  • Sophomores 10PM-Midnight
  • Freshmen Midnight-2AM
  • Parents, Alumni and Coaches 2AM-4AM (please help!)
  • Seniors 4AM-6AM
  • Juniors 6AM-8AM

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Link to 2010 MCHS XC Calendar and Competition Schedule

Bookmark the following link to reference team calendar info - we will add or revise items as needed through the season.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to MCHS Cross Country! -- The Basics

Following is a summary of information that may be a useful introduction for families that are new to the cross country program at Maria Carrillo.

Maria Carrillo Cross Country Basics:
Team Philosophy: High School sports should be fun and rewarding for student athletes across a wide spectrum of ability! The coaches’ goal is to create an environment where each individual is valued and respected, each participant is committed to the success and well-being of the team, and where the consistency and quality of training commonly results in significant individual improvement and team competitive success.

We welcome any student athlete that is willing to make the commitment to consistently work toward our common goals, regardless of fitness or ability. However, we also want to respect the competitive aspects of our sport and we require our athletes to achieve a minimum fitness level prior to allowing them to represent MCHS in competition. Our minimum fitness standard is currently 14:00 for 2 miles on the track for boys, 16:30 for girls. In our experience, these goals can eventually be achieved by almost every able-bodied teenager who is willing to go through the effort of getting in shape. We love to help them get there and will provide the support and opportunity if they are willing to stick with it!

The coaches will devote most of their attention recognizing effort and relative improvement, no matter whether the athlete finishes first or last. The fastest runners already get automatic recognition for finishing at the top and getting awards! We want to encourage our future fast runners and to build a supportive team culture by focusing on the process of getting better, no matter where you happen to rank today.

Benefits of cross country: for a few, competitive running is an activity they will be able to pursue in college, and their cross country accomplishments might help as part of their college entry process. For the vast majority, the benefits of participating on our team are developing transferable life skills in a supportive environment: life-long fitness, goal setting, teamwork, pushing through personal boundaries, and developing great friendships.

Training: Our training is designed to allow our athletes to achieve their best in a 3 mile race. This generally involves three principal modes of conditioning – (1) cardiovascular conditioning, (2) endurance or blood-lactate threshold training, and (3) speed repetition or running economy training.

Cardiovascular training is meant to result in adaptations which will improve athlete’s ability to deliver and use more oxygen in their major running muscles (measured by VO2 max). This training mostly involves longer, sustained running at a relatively comfortable pace.

Endurance or lactate threshold training is designed to improve the body’s ability to clear blood-lactate at extended levels of high intensity effort (sustaining effort near VO2 max) This training will involve running some form of intervals at somewhat higher intensity (either on trails, on hills, or on the track) with short recoveries.

Finally, speed repetition/running economy involves shorter but fast running intervals, technique drills, and strength circuit conditioning. The goal of this type of training is to adapt the athlete’s neuro-muscular systems to be able to run at racing speeds with greatest efficiency.

We tend to design each practice to emphasize one of these components, and will generally alternate emphasis so we are not doing the same type of conditioning on successive days. We will change the mix of training, duration, and intensity depending on the athlete’s needs and where we are in the season. Since we have over 60 runners at various levels of fitness and ability training each day, we will generally break into groups targeting a range of duration and intensity to optimize each athlete’s training.

There is a fourth critical element of training that we sprinkle throughout – perhaps the most important of all - we call it fun and good cheer! We try to complete some serious workouts with as much goofiness and humor as we can!

After-school workouts generally last 2 hours – this includes travel up to and back from Annadel or Howarth Park on days when we don’t practice at school. We also ask runners to join with a few friends to complete one long run on their own over the weekend. Depending on the runner this should be at least 40 minutes of continuous easy running and somewhat longer for more mature and experienced athletes.

Total weekly mileage will vary greatly by athlete.  Novice runners that have never trained for distance running may start out running perhaps less than 20 miles per week while a very few juniors and seniors that have been running year round through their high school career might be in the mid to high 40's a week at some points in the season.  In all cases, we seek to match the duration and intensity of training to the runner's fitness and current needs (ie, "more" is not always better -- we are looking for the optimal level of stimulus that allows the athlete to get faster without risking getting injured, worn out, or sick).

Competitions: High School competition will range between 2 and 3.1 mile courses. Some competitions will involve many teams (invitationals, championship meets), while others will include perhaps 4 to 6 teams (interlocks), and others will have just 2 or 3 teams (league dual or tri meets). The larger invitationals might offer special races by grade (an “only freshman” race, for example) while the smaller competitions might offer only Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity divisions.

We usually schedule around 12 competitions per season, but the coaches will focus on certain meets for the various training groups within the team. In other words, each runner is only looking to run “their very fastest” at a few meets. We will use the other meets to practice certain racing specific skills or hold some runners out of some meets altogether. The general focus is to allow each runner to achieve their best at the very end of the season.

Team Scoring: XC is like golf in that a lower score is better! In most competitions, a team’s score is determined by the sum of the place finishes of the team’s top 5 runners, although some special meets will use the top 3 or 4 runners. Example – a team that has their top runners finish 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 8th would score 22 points (1+3+4+6+8 =22 – good enough to win any meet!)

Varsity and Junior Varsity: Some competitions limit participation to only 7 varsity runners, others allow us to enter more than 7 in a varsity race. In the past, we have typically designated our top 9 or 10 or so runners as Varsity. Most meets will offer Varsity and JV races. A few meets like Stanford Invitational and post season meets like NCS and State are limited only to 7 varsity athletes. The North Bay League offers a league championship meet for Varsity (top 7) and JV divisions – so everyone is expected to participate.

We take great pride in our Junior Varsity program. The JV provides a developmental opportunity for future varsity runners and a place to participate for all athletes who achieve our fitness standards. The top JV athletes at MCHS would typically be Varsity athletes at most other local high schools. In 2009, our boys JV team was faster than all but 5 other Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake County high schools’ Varsity teams, and our girls were faster than all but 4 other's Varsity teams!

MCHS Competitive Legacy

We’ve managed to win some cool stuff while we were having all this fun! In fact, the Cross Country team has arguably been the most successful sports team in Maria Carrillo’s short 13 year history. Here is a brief rundown of the "brag sheet"…

  • North Bay League Team Champions - 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
  • Individual NBL Champions - Jordan Kinley, 1999, 2001; Ryan Aldridge, 2005; Nate Huckaba, 2007
  • North Coast Section Team Champions – 2005 (Div 2); 2006 (Div 3)
  • Individual NCS Champion – Steve Laurie, 1997, 1998
  • California State Championships (Team) - 7th Div III '07, 11th III '06, 12th III '04, 13th II '03, 17th II '05

  • North Bay League Team Champions - 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 (undefeated in NBL competition over 7 seasons – 98 consecutive team wins)
  • Individual NBL Champions – Amy Robinson, 2002; Kristen Sanzari, 2004; Jacqui Wentz, 2005; Leanne Fogg, 2006; Lauren Curtin, 2007
  • North Coast Section Team Champions – 2005 (Div 2); 2004, 2008, 2009 (Div 3); 2nd 2001, 2007
  • Individual NCS Champions – Jenny Aldridge 1999,2000, 2001; Jacqui Wentz, 2005; Lauren Curtin, 2007
  • California State Championships (Team) - 2nd Div II '04, 3rd III '06, 3rd III '08, 4th III '07, 5th II '01, 7th II '05, 8th III '00, 15th II '02, 15th II '03, 15th III '09.
Each year we look forward to the challenge of adding our mark to this legacy - come and join us!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puma Alum Jacqui Wentz Sets Collegiate Steeple Record

Follow the link below to read Jim Crowhurst's story on Jacqui Wentz. Jacqui graduated from MCHS in 2006.

Jacqui steadily improved as a runner in her years at Carrillo. In her senior year, she led the Pumas to the NCS Div 2 team XC title and won the NCS Div 2 Individual XC title. Jacqui went on to participate in XC and track as a collegian at MIT, and continued to steadily improve.

Jacqui just completed a tremendous track season to finish her college career. Read about it here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

*** REMINDER *** PAC Form + Sports Physicals!

Any MCHS Athlete coming out for Cross Country MUST complete an athletic packet prior to the first day of practice = 8/17/10!

Each athlete needs to turn in one packet for the entire year. Instructions = use the link below to print a .pdf format of the MCHS Athletic Packet and follow the instructions on the first page.


...If you don't already have a sports physical scheduled, try calling Santa Rosa Sports Medicine at (707) 546-9400, located at 1255 North Dutton Ave and take advantage of the following times already reserved for sports physicals as follows:

Friday, 7/30 + 8/13 = 1-3PM
Tuesday, 8/3 + 8/10 = 10AM - Noon
Monday, 8/16 = 1-3PM

> The 1st day of MCHS XC Practice is Tuesday, 8/17 = you cannot practice unless you have an Athletic Packet clearance !

Steeple-People at Modesto JC / Junior Olympics

Check out the Steeple-People's trip to Modesto for Junior Olympics efforts over 2000m steeplechase courtesy of The Modesto Bee.

…There’s an interview with Brynna and Maddy, then a video showing highlights from the 2000 meter Steeple Race. …Check out the guys towards the end in the “gold” PUMA jerseys = Steve first, then Harrison almost lands on someone, Gus swings wide and Grant is on the inside as the video ends he’s still swimming out of the water pit… Cool and funny all at the same time!

2000 Meter Steeplechase Intermediate Girls
1 Dimits, Natalie 1638 Pleasan 7:35.46
2 Lira, Morgan 1638 Unattached 7:58.15
3 Powless, Shayna 1638 Buffalo 7:59.34
4 Rosas-Willett, April 1638 Buffalo 8:23.69
5 Thigpen, Brynna 1638 Unattached 8:23.87
6 Dippel, Madeline 1638 Unattached 10:13.00

2000 Meter Steeplechase Intermediate Boys
1 Deuel, Parker 1638 Pleasan 6:53.63
2 Hodgens, Ryan 1638 Rosevil 6:56.33
3 Yee, Michael 1638 Mission 7:25.17
4 Purugganan, Steve 1638 Unattached 7:27.88
5 Luft, Harrison 1638 Unattached 7:35.18
6 Ernst, Joshua 1638 San Lui 7:47.51
7 Murray, Gus 1638 Unattached 7:50.20
8 Silverstein, Grant 1638 Unattached 7:57.87
9 Hughes, Lorenzo 1638 Beast A 8:37.96
10 Butler, Brent 1638 Umoja T 9:39.85

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6PM Runs 5 days/week!


6PM Runs have expanded!

...We are now meeting 5 days a week starting the week of July 5th - August 6th:

Monday = Howarth Park
Tuesday = Park Trail Road
> New! Wednesday = Howarth Park
Thursday = Park Trail Road
> New! Friday = Howarth Park

Thursday, June 24, 2010

UNIVERSAL SPORTS LIVE: U.S. Track & Field National Championships

LIVE: U.S. Track & Field National Championships on June 26-27.
Don't miss the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships from Des Moines, Iowa, with headliners Walter Dix and Chaunte Lowe scheduled to compete. Head to UniversalSports.com for the FREE simulstream of NBC's coverage at 3 p.m. ET on Saturday and Sunday, plus recaps, photos and the latest news.

Link: http://www.universalsports.com/track-and-field/index.html

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Are You Ready to Steeple...?

**********IMPORTANT REMINDER**********


1) You must be training/maintaing some level of racing fitness over summer

2) You must have these dates/times available to compete on your calendar:

July 9th = Leaving MCHS 10:30 AM for Regional Championships at Modesto Jr. College (race at ~3PM, back at MCHS ~7:30PM)

July 27th = Leaving MCHS 7:00 AM for National Championshps at Sac. City College (race 10:30 AM, back at MCHS ~2:30PM)

3) You must be a member of the USATF club https://www.usatf.org/membership/application/
-Don't wait = you need to sign up now!

4) You must attend at least 2 of these 5 days for steeple barrier practice/hurdle drills (each "practice" is ~45 minutes) at the MCHS track at 7:30 PM:

-Friday, June 25th
-Wednesday, June 30th
-Monday, July 5th
-Monday, July 12th
-Monday, July 19th

Other Information:

-Costs: Entry fees for the race = $6 or $7 per event +~$20 for annual membership to join USATF; + your own food ; Greg will take care of transportation expenses to competitions
-Eligibility is by year born:
“Intermediates” = Born 1994 or 1995
“Young” = Born 1992 or 1993

> Please RSVP to Greg Fogg via e-mail greg.fogg@comcast.net or call for more information at (707)-291-2967)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

10 Weeks of Summer Training (a Guideline)

…Bored just running nothing but distance runs all summer?

…Want to follow a program that will help to prepare you for the rigors of the XC season while maintaining some speed from your track season?

Here’s a guideline to follow for the 10 weeks of summer leading up to the Tahoe Running Camp. …It’s OK to run a bit less than this schedule, or start with more gradual miles, but if you follow this general training regiment, you’ll well prepared for this upcoming XC season!
General Guideline for Miles: Freshmen-Sophomores = 35-40/wk; Juniors-Seniors = 45-50/wk (OK to track minutes vs. miles in schedule below)

  • "Long" = conversational pace (goal is to increase run time 5 min each week) + do 4 x 150m-200m build-ups after run if possible
  • "Easy" = conversational pace (goal is to get in "easy" miles to recover, but typically recover from longer run day before). 
  • "Medium" = start with conversational pace, gradually build up to finish ~90% 5K race pace
  • "Fartlek" = start with 10-15 minute easy pace > surge (at 5K race pace +) > jog (rest) off/on for based on interval in middle of run; finish eas
Push-ups = at least 3 x week: Girls = 8-10 (try to increase +2 each week) Guys = 20-25 (try to increase +5 each week)
Sit-ups/Crunches = at least 3 x week: Girls 20-25 x 2 reps / Guys = 30-35 x 2 reps

Week MonTueWedThuFriSatSunMiles

(May 31)
Long 45-60
Easy 45-60
30-40 min

4-6 x hill repeats 
Long 45-70
Easy 45-60
Long 45-60

(Jun 7)
Long 50-70 min Easy 45-60 min30-40 min Easy

4-6 x hill repeats 
Long 50-70 min Medium 45-60 minEasy 45-60 minOff35-45

(Jun 14)
Long 55-70 min Medium 45-60 min30-40 min Easy

4-6 x hill repeats 
Easy 45-60 min35-50 min fartlek

with 1 min surge x 5-7
Long 45-70 min Off35-45

(Jun 21)
OffEasy 45-60 min30-40 min Easy

4-8 x hill repeats 
Long 60-80 min Easy 20 minRoad Race

or 5K time trial

(Jun 28)
Long 60-80 min 35-50 min fartlek

with 1 min surge x 7
Easy 45-60 minLong 60-80 min Medium 45-60 min30-40 min Easy

4-8 x hill repeats 

(Jul 5)
Long 60-80 min Easy 45 minFast 3 x 1 Mile

w/ 4-5 min break 
Long 60-80 min Medium 45-60 minLong 60-80 min Off35-50

(Jul 12)
OffLong 60-90 min 30-45 min Easy

6-10 x hill repeats 
Long 60-80 min 35-50 min fartlek

with 1 min surge x 5-7
30-45 min Easy

6-10 x hill repeats 

(Jul 19)
Long 60-90 min Medium 45-60 min30-45 min Easy

6-10 x hill repeats 
Long 60-80 min Easy 20 minRoad Race

or 5K time trial

(Jul 26)
Long 60-90 min Easy 45 min Fast 3 x 1 Mile

w/ 4-5 min break 
Long 60-90 min Easy 45-60 min35-50 min fartlek

with 2 min surge x 6

(Aug 2)
Long 60-90 min Medium 45-60 min30-45 min Easy

6-10 x hill repeats 
Long 60-90 min Easy 45-60 minTahoe

Running Camp!

Running Camp!

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