Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Track & Field meeting this Friday, 1/23 on MCHS campus

Reminder! Track & Field meeting this Friday, 1/23 3:15 Senior Tables on the MCHS campus.

-Come meet a few of the new coaches and get information about the upcoming season.

To parents: This meeting is NOT mandatory for parents, but you're welcome to come get information or meet/talk to the MCHS coaches.   -We'll also have a parent team meeting on Wed, Feb 18th 5:30 MCHS Track.

Attention all athletes! ...Before you can practice, you will need your Clearance Slip from athletic directors stating you are clear to practice. This means you've turned in your athletic packet or had the A/Ds transfer your paperwork from a previous MCHS Fall or Winter sport.

Also important to fill out the Athletic Donation Form. This is Page 2 of this Athletic packet. The Donation Form must be returned signed by a parent. ...Here's a copy of the form from last season (We'll have more of these forms at the tables on Friday):

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Participating in the Maria Carrillo Athletic Program is a very valuable experience that contributes to a student’s overall educational and character development. There are many costs attributed to athletics that cannot be totally sustained through school funds. These costs include the purchasing of uniforms, equipment, first aid supplies, awards, and most of all providing student transportation. The cost of the transportation for Track and Field alone traditionally totals more than $5000.
In the past the buses were paid for with a transportation fee that was required to participate in school athletics. Recent legal changes have resulted in schools not asking for transportation fees. At this time, we are asking for a $50 donation. Please be assured that this donation is not a condition of participation in the athletic program.

Please detach and return the slip below with or without the donation attached:


STUDENT’S NAME:_________________________________________________________________
Please check the appropriate donation box.
☐ My donation is included (Please note "MCHS Track & Field Team Donation" in the memo space and make checks payable to MCHS PAB)
☐ I am not able to make a donation at this time
Parent Signature:_____________________________________________________________________

For more info contact Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Saturday, January 10, 2015

MCHS XC Alumni Videos, Crab Feed Fundraiser and 2015 Track and Field Coaching staff preview!


Check out the MCHS XC Alumni Videos!  
...HEY!!!!   ATTENTION ALL MCHS XC ALUMNI!  Where ever you are, we need YOUR videos!   ...Just make a ~1:00 video/movie reflecting on your XC experience and send to Greg's cell (707) 291-2967 or e-mail
and we'll upload it to this blog.

Link to the few MCHS XC Alumni Videos we collected thus far!  ...Or, look for the link on the right of our home page for our blog, titled "MCHS ALUMNI VIDEOS!"


The MCHS Athletic Committee is holding it's annual Crab Feed Fundraiser on Saturday, February 7th. A silent auction will be held during the event, and all MCHS teams are required to donate item(s) for the auction.  Each teams keeps 80% of the money raised from the auction items.  In previous years, we have collected enough donations to create several gift baskets, and cross-country has earned $1000+ from this event!   If you have something to donate (anything from merchandise, gift certificates, wine, etc...), please contact Melanie Bartlett (799-7306, or Jennifer Jensen (206-1018, to arrange pick-up or drop-off.  Cash donations welcome also!

The Crab Feed Fundraiser is a great event to celebrate/support MCHS Athletics!  Sign-up before it sells out! Link to Puma Athletics Boosters page to buy tickets ($50 each)


...With Head Coaches Ian Myers and Michael Pointer and long time Assistant Coach Michael Balasek all stepping down from their positions last season, it's been a significant challenge to pull together a replacement crew for this upcoming season!

...But we're getting it done!  -See below to see how the 2015 Track and Field Coaching staff is shaping up; we've managed to pull together quite an impressive line-up of part-time Assistant Coaches, but still looking for another Head Coach to share the burden with Greg of managing the team (especially on meet days) assist with all the administrative tasks (expecting a roster of ~160!) and help sustain the winning tradition and awesome experience that is MCHS Track and Field.

First day of Track and Field practice is Feb 9th!  ...As a reminder, the track season is longer than XC = 14 weeks for most leading up the NBL Championships and 17 weeks for those elite few qualifying for the State Championships on June 5/6.

HEAD COACH #1) Greg Fogg
HEAD COACH #2) TBD   -Please contact Greg ASAP if you know of anyone that can commit to 5 days/wk + some Saturdays?

2015 Volunteer Assistant Coaches (commitments vary between 2-4 days/wk):

-SPRINTS/RELAYS: Herbie Polk, Sr., Cliff Newsome
-DISTANCE: Sheryl VanTassel, Matt Bennett, Salvador Avelar, Marion Maassen
-THROWS: Joel Duran
-HURDLES: Ian Myers
-LJ/TJ: April Harris
-HIGH JUMP: Taylor Cerini
-POLE VAULT: TBD (slight possibility Emmi may come back if not, we'll prob. NOT have PV!)
-CORE STRENGTH TRAINING: Caleb Ridgway and Mike Stauber

MVP or TEAM PARENT/LEAD FOR VOLUNTEERS:  Kim Cerini -Please contact her if you want to help with anything, we need lots of volunteers!

Either Kim or I will be posting more info on the Track and Field Facebook page AND we will be scheduling a meeting in the next few weeks right after school on the MCHS campus to give everyone an opportunity to meet some of the new coaches.

...I hope you'all have been running consistently and have found your "happy pace" :) during this Winter break!

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Distance Training and a preview of the first 6 weeks of Distance Workouts for Track!

...If you have not started yet, time to start getting ready for track!

...First day of track practice is only ~5 weeks away; are you following the weekly mileage program Matt put together?    Link     ...It's super important that you use this time to get your base mileage in and try to build up your weekly mileage and everyone should be getting in at least once a week, a longer run of 8+ miles...

Here's a peak of what the first 6 weeks of track workouts look like, hope you're ready! ;)

February Link
March Link

...Do you need more clarification on what to do?    ...Do you want to do more?

What level of fitness are you at?   ...Pick the level that describes you best?  

LEVEL 0) Ugh!  ...I’ve not been running much since XC season!

  • Greg’s Recommendations:  Hopefully, not too many people are here!   BUT, it’s not too late, just get started running ASAP and salvage your track season, plus you'll avoid nagging injuries during the track season.   Find a spot at what ever level your current fitness is on Matt's Winter training program (be realistic), even if it’s starting at the "Green" level and running every other day, then work up into Vegas after a few consistent weeks, etc...

LEVEL 1) I’m just doing EZ runs for now, following Matt’s Winter mileage program, incorporating some speed work, strides, surges into my training

  • Greg’s Recommendations:   That’s really good, just keep it up for the next 5 weeks!  

LEVEL 2) I want to PR early in the track season; I’m following Matt’s Winter mileage program, doing EZ runs consistently for at least the past 3+ weeks, including some speed work, strides and surges but now, I want to add some variety to my speed work and possibly a few tempos into my weekly routine

  • Greg’s Recommendations: That’s awesome!   ...See below for some specific suggestions     

LEVEL 3) I really want to go for it this upcoming season!   -I’ve already been doing everything prescribed thus far and I’m solid at LEVEL 2 (including core + form drills + some light speed work) but would like a custom training program for the next 5 weeks to be as prepared as possible on Feb 9th!  

  • Greg’s Recommendations:  Wow, that's amazing!   ...So you want to break-through to another level!   -E-mail me and outline what you’ve been doing for at least the past 4 weeks AND what you are willing to commit to for the next 5 weeks 

Below are more details/suggestions to adding to your weekly run routine, besides EZ runs.    These are necessary components to move from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 2:

FORM DRILLS (at least 3-4 times/week):  Always do your form drills; even If you think your form is very good, you need to keep working on it to maintain the strength and reinforce proper mechanics.    Alberto Salazar quote, “Not working on your form is like driving your car with a lug nut loose on your wheel; eventually that nut gets loose, then looser, then affects the other nuts, then the wheel completely falls off...”

CORE STRENGTHENING (3-4 times/week):  By now, you should have some level of a core routine, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.    ...This will keep your core strong, enable better/more efficient running mechanics and provide overall less stress on the rest of your body.   There are plenty of core strengthening routines out there, but contact Sheryl if you need ideas.   -Enough said, just do it!    

SPEED: You need to keep the element of speed present in your weekly workout routine, especially important when getting prepared for track season!   ...Examples you can throw into your EZ run routine
A) Hill Surges (1 time/week or every-other-week):  
-Find a hill somewhere on your EZ run (incline same as hill repeats we’ve done in XC/best if done after the 1st mile); do 6-7 repeats x :15 second hard, then walk-jog down (~45 seconds rest)
-Fountaingrove Hill:  Start at bottom, jog 45 seconds, then hard 15, jog 45 seconds, repeat; do this hill 3 x, should give you 9 repeats total, along with a long jog recovery downhill after each set
B) Sprints (2 times/week):
-Track sprints and Bleachers!   -Don’t wait until track season to introduce your legs to speed on the track!   Also, bleachers are good for calf development/hip strengthening/mobility and help to give you that “pop” off your mid-foot strike; remember to keep form on bleachers, whether your stepping up slowly or sprinting.    Best to do a ~1 mile warm-up with the usual drills prior and very important to NOT do this if anything is sore or too tight; any sign of strains (especially in your glute, hamstrings and calves) = shut-down immediately!    ...Also very important to complete an adequate warm-up (1 mile EZ run, then form drills, leg swings, etc...) and focus on proper form mechanics during, then stretch/roll after:
-Week #1) 4 x 100m: 80% for first 50m, then 90% for the last 50m > walk (or “step-up” slowly) 2 x bleachers, then sprint 3 x bleachers
-Week #2) 5 x 100m: 80% for first 50m, then 90% for last 50m > walk 3 x bleachers, then sprint 4 x bleachers
-Week #3) 4 x 200m: 80% for first 100m, then 85% next 50m, then 90% last 50m > walk 3 x bleachers, then sprint 4 x bleachers
-Week #4) 4 x 200m: 80% for first 100m, then 85% for next 50m, then 90% for last 70m  > walk 3 x bleachers, then sprint 4 x bleachers
-Week #5) 4 x 200m: 80% for first 100m, then 85% for next 50m, then 90% for last 70m  > walk 3 x bleachers, then sprint 4 x bleachers
C) Mid-run Intervals (1 time/week or every-other-week):
-Similar to what we did in XC; drop 1:00 surges at 5K race pace in the middle of your run; start with 4 x 1:00, progress to 6 x 1:00, that’s enough!

TEMPOS  (1 time/week): Good to break up EZ pace routine, maintaining lactate threshold system; these workouts are great mental toughness training/reasonably low-stress on the body vs. intervals!    
Add Short, “light” Tempo bursts in your run:   ...Just throw some random pattern of an up-tempo pace, similar to the 1:00 Mid-run Intervals, but keep it gentle at Tempo pace, not 5K race pace!  
-Example Up-Tempo every 8:00 for 2:00 x 5 for 50 minutes = 8:00 EZ > 2:00 T > 8:00 EZ > 2:00 T > 8:00 EZ >2:00 T > 8:00 EZ >2:00 T > 8:00 EZ >2:00 T
-Example Up-Tempo every 7:00 for 3:00 x 4 for 40 minutes = 7:00 EZ >  3:00 T > 7:00 EZ >  3:00 T >7:00 EZ >  3:00 T >7:00 EZ >  3:00 T
Longer Steady Tempos:   Similar to what we’ve done in the past, good to throw-in 7:00 or 8:00 steady tempos in the middle of your run:
-Example 3 x 7:00 tempo 60 min total = 20:00 EZ warm-up > 7:00 T > 3:00 rest jog/walk > 7:00 T > 3:00 rest jog/walk > 7:00 T > 3:00 rest jog/walk > 10:00 EZ
-Example 2 x 10:00 tempo, 40 min total = 10:00 EZ warm-up >  10:00 T > 3:00 rest jog/walk > 10:00 T > 3:00 rest jog/walk > 4:00 EZ    

For LEVEL 2, your training pattern should look something like this assuming for the next 5 weeks if you’re running consistently 5-6 days/week:

2-3 days/week = just EZ runs
2 days/week = EZ + Speed (choose from either A, B or C above; keep short hill repeats once/week and OK to progress to 3 days/week by Feb 9th)
1 day week or every other week = substitute EZ run for EZ +Tempo
1-2 days/week = OD or longer EZ run

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! Goodbye to 2014 XC, say hello to 2015 track season (only 5 weeks away!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!    Hope you're enjoying the Holidays with family and friends  :)

Below is a summary of XC End of the Season banquet awards.   ...Note: Plaque and trophy awards are still not available (owner still sick and has been shut-down through the Holidays); Greg will let everyone know when awards are available.    

,,,Sorry for the awards running very long this year and the mix-up in calling out awards for all Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors; contact Greg if you still have not received your block award or scholar-athlete certificate, we should have everything by no later than January 15th.

Also, if you did not get your PR socks from the NBL Championships at the banquet, Greg will bring them to track practice (we had 31 PRs, but only 10 picked up their socks at the banquet)

2014 End Of The XC Season Awards Summary:

Roadrunner Awards:
-JV: Girls: Emily Abraham, Boys: Gabe Schoenbach, Ben Lawson
-Varsity: Girls: Shaz Breedlove, Boys: Jordan Scobey, Zac West

Coyote Awards:
-JV: Girls: Gracie Issel, Karen Buenrostro Boys: Jackson Yates, Matt Quinn
-Varsity: Girls: Shannon Palladino, Samantha Perry, Cecelia Avelar Boys: Tommy Smail

Most Improved:
-JV: Girls: Miranda Hunsinger Boys: Zach Lindeman
-Varsity: Girls: Sydnie Rivas Boys: Carson Kimball

"PR BEAST" Headbands > 6% on 2014 Spring Lake improvement for Varsity:
Carson Kimball 11%, Antoine Thibault 8%, Evan Drake 8%, Sydnie Rivas 9%, Kaylie Gunderson 8%, Cooper Moore, 7%, Zac West, 6%
"PR BEAST" Headbands > 10% on 2014 Spring Lake improvement for JV:
Tucker Fish 20%, Brenda Garfias 20%, Marco Keefer 19%, Cameron Smith 18%, Thomas Able 17%, Marcus Bedient 15%, Brooke Talkington 14%, Skyler Lacy 13%, Zach Lindemann 13%, Miranda Hunsinger 13%, Lucy Segraves 12%, Shayna Reynoso 12%, Jacob Herbstman 11%, Clare Gilmartin 11%, Jai Dhiman 10%, Luis Mendoza 10%, Trenton Nguyen 10%, Tessa Nicklas 10%

Scholar Athletes (highest GPA): David Eik, Allie Ahern

Alex Hartz Spirit of Running Award: Evan Drake, Lucas Azcarraga

Alex Morrison Golden Anchor Award:  Allie Ahern, Antoine Thibault

Coaches Awards: Ryan Nguyen, Emma Wright

Special Recognition, Excellence in Leadership: Sam Perry, David Eik 

Captains for 2015: Gabe, Blake, Antoine, Emma, Abby, Allie, Clara, Sydnie 

...Next post = Winter training for track, will YOU be ready by 1st day of practice on February 9th?

Link to Matt and Kevon's 8 weeks of Winter Training program (if you didn't pick a hardcopy up at the banquet)

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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