Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Track & Field meeting this Friday, 1/23 on MCHS campus

Reminder! Track & Field meeting this Friday, 1/23 3:15 Senior Tables on the MCHS campus.

-Come meet a few of the new coaches and get information about the upcoming season.

To parents: This meeting is NOT mandatory for parents, but you're welcome to come get information or meet/talk to the MCHS coaches.   -We'll also have a parent team meeting on Wed, Feb 18th 5:30 MCHS Track.

Attention all athletes! ...Before you can practice, you will need your Clearance Slip from athletic directors stating you are clear to practice. This means you've turned in your athletic packet or had the A/Ds transfer your paperwork from a previous MCHS Fall or Winter sport.

Also important to fill out the Athletic Donation Form. This is Page 2 of this Athletic packet. The Donation Form must be returned signed by a parent. ...Here's a copy of the form from last season (We'll have more of these forms at the tables on Friday):

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Participating in the Maria Carrillo Athletic Program is a very valuable experience that contributes to a student’s overall educational and character development. There are many costs attributed to athletics that cannot be totally sustained through school funds. These costs include the purchasing of uniforms, equipment, first aid supplies, awards, and most of all providing student transportation. The cost of the transportation for Track and Field alone traditionally totals more than $5000.
In the past the buses were paid for with a transportation fee that was required to participate in school athletics. Recent legal changes have resulted in schools not asking for transportation fees. At this time, we are asking for a $50 donation. Please be assured that this donation is not a condition of participation in the athletic program.

Please detach and return the slip below with or without the donation attached:


STUDENT’S NAME:_________________________________________________________________
Please check the appropriate donation box.
☐ My donation is included (Please note "MCHS Track & Field Team Donation" in the memo space and make checks payable to MCHS PAB)
☐ I am not able to make a donation at this time
Parent Signature:_____________________________________________________________________

For more info contact Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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