Race Preparation

Race Warm-up (4-3-2-1-2):
Arrive at least 1 hour before your race and settle in; stay out of the sun, get all your gear together (racing flats, racing number or name tag on your shirt/shorts and tie your ribbons in your hair, etc...) have your group (i.e. JVB, or VG) all settle-down in the close to the same area, call that your “home-base”, next get your gear together so you don’t have to worry/stress about it!

Note: We may do a team warm-up (EVERYONE TOGETHER!) so be available for that if needed; should take a few minutes.

...The 4-3-2-1-2 COUNTDOWN:

4 = 45 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR RACE: Begin EZ jog/warm-up for your race. You should know the course via a map by now, but now is the time to get on the course and make sure you remove any doubts. Stay with your group from this point on; TRY NOT TO LEAVE YOUR GROUP! -If someone has to go to the bathroom, that’s OK to leave them behind, just be clear on how/where to meet back up with them or back at your home-base your group. In this 15 minute phase, you should get your legs nice and warmed up!

3 = 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR RACE: Continue EZ jog/warm-up for your race (on or off the course) and transition from EZ jog to stretching.

2 = 20 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR RACE: Continue stretching and transition into warm-up drills (on or off the course) and GET YOUR RACING FLATS ON! Agree on a routine of 5-6 drills to loosen up the legs/reinforce proper racing mechanics (high-knees > butt kickers > A skips > walk and reach > open up the hips > stretch the hamstrings/calves, etc...) EZ jog/warm-up should be done now OK to incorporate more stretches into this segment.

1 = 10 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR RACE: Get to the starting line RACING FLATS ON, finish your group drills, and make sure to get in 3-4 strides between 70-100m (intensity should be = start of your actual race; you need to simulate the start of your race and get your body ready to go FAST!) meet coach for 1-2 minute talk ~50m away fromstarting line and your READY TO RACE!

2 = COOL DOWN 2 MILES AFTER YOUR RACE: Take your racing flats off have a few oz of water (not too much!) and ALWAYS TOGETHER (even if you had a bad race, you WILL cool-down together!) EZ jog 2 miles cool-down. ...If there are other MCHS races, get out on the course and cheer them on! Take it EZ and give your body a chance to recover; when you get back to your home base, drink lots of water and get something good to eat!

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