Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Competition this Friday Rancho Invite! -Pancake Run this Saturday



(5450 Synder Lane, Rohnert Park, 94928)  Google Map Address Link
-Bus and Cars leaving MCHS 2:15
-First race 4:00 (order of races: JVB, JVG, VB, VG)
-2.97 mile course around perimeter of RCHS campus, then loop to/from Sonoma State
-Races from 4:00 - 5:45
-Leaving RCHS 5:45-6:00
-Returning to MCHS 6:30-6:45
Reminder:  Due to the recent travel expense changes, we need as many parents to help drive back from RCHS, thanks!


WHEN: Saturday Run starts at 9:00 AM with pancakes ready when you return!
WHERE: 5200 Honor Oak Ct, Santa Rosa (off Newanga near the back entrance to Spring Lake).
Google Map Address Link
Begert-Hellings home: 5200 Honor Oak ct.  Cross street Newanga.  Directions: Come down Summerfield heading towards Bennett valley.  Turn L on Hoen   ( just before the old Warrack hospital on the R). Take the first left onto Newanga and then follow it up as it turns to the R.  Take the second left onto Honor Oak Ct and park  anywhere on the Court.   Call 280-1997, Caroline, Dave and Matt, with any questions.   
Seniors: bring muffins or any kind of pasty.  
Junior and Sophomores: fruit. 
Freshman: drinks.  

  • MONDAY, 9/1 LABOR DAY HOLIDAY; NO SCHOOL AND NO PRACTICE BUT PLEASE RUN (EZ PACE) ON YOUR OWN!  -Beginning Runners: 45 minutes, Experienced Runners: 60-70 minutes   Everyone does 5 x 20 second build-up strides after.

FUNDRAISING REMINDER!   ...Keep collecting those pledges!  We still need the $$$   
-Cash Gift Cards to top 3 fundraisers = $100, $50 and $25!

TAHOE RUNNING CAMP PICS!  Check out this LINK for those pics from the Tahoe Running Camp (Gary Segraves and Eric Lacy) 

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Sunday, August 25, 2013

MCHS XC Week #1 Summary


LARGEST ROSTER EVER!   -Great turnout this year so far as our MCHS XC roster is somewhere between 90 - 100 + runners!     We actually have reasonably even numbers throughout each class, with more freshmen joining the team than anticipated :)

Thiswas a solid workout week and almost a typical "pattern" for our weekly workouts routine:
Mon: Fartlek/Intervals
Tue: EZ run
Wed: Tempo
Thu: EZ run
Fri: 3200 time trial/interval
Sat: EZ run (during Run-A-Thon)

IMPRESSIVE 3200 METER TIME TRIALS ON FRIDAY: -92 runners participating (another 10-12 missing or injured/sick) and only 15 athletes missing the fitness standard (9 of those just missed between :05 - :30 seconds).    -We'll try again this upcoming week to see if we can get more to "earn" their racing jersey in time to make the roster for the Rancho Invite on Friday, 8/30.

PARENT TEAM MEETING ON FRIDAY: Decent showing, but estimating 1/2 or our parents were missing.    Those who were there, asked good questions, got to meet the coaches and [hopefully] received plenty of useful information.   -All the coaches introduced themselves, Dr. Steve Palladino provided a brief overview on running injuries, management and prevention.  Greg provided several hand-outs, inlcuding a sign-up sheet to help wiht our two "host" meets.  Melanie Bartlett recruited more e-mails for communicating/coordinating driving our athletes.   9 parents left their e-mails to be subscribed to this blog (Greg already did that) and assuming the rest are already signed up:

Here is the official note from our MCHS A/Ds regarding the recent restriction in requesting transportation fees:  Due to the With the Santa Rosa City Schools adoption of state law AB 1575, banning public schools from attaching fees to public education,  athletic transportation fees can no longer be collected or asked for from athletes and their parents.  The Athletic Department has included in the athletic packets a “request” for donations to supplement the reduction towards the cost of buses.  As we enter the first stages of your perspective seasons we have collected very few donations that can be applied to the securing of buses to transport your teams.  As a result, the Athletic Department is relying on what reserves we have in our accounts for securing buses.  At this stage we are only able to provide a bus to Ukiah, with the hopes of providing one more bus throughout your season.  Once you have secured your final rosters you may want to ask for donations to your specific team to help acquire further transportation. If you decide to seek donations you may not stipulate how much is required, or expected from each athlete, to do so would be a violation of the law and SRCS policy.

Link to 8/23/14 Parent Team Meeting Agenda

-CLARIFICATION: Greg confirmed, the 2014 Tahoe Running Camp IS scheduled for  7/18/14 - 7/23/14

AWESOME FUNDRAISING AND GOOD TIMES HAD BY ALL AT THE RUN-A-THON / YARD SALE:  -Thanks to all the parents who organized activities, helped out AND contributed fund or items for the Yard sale to help our teams; we're still counting up the donations and will provide a summary/break-down of our funds later this week as we continue to collect Pledge Sheets.
IMPORTANT TO ALL ATHLETES: -Please continue to turn-in those Pledge Sheets, we'll keep the contest open until 9/6/12, with prizes going to the top 3 who collect the most money!

WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP DRIVING TO/FROM PRACTICES AND COMPETITIONS! If you are able to drive and have not yet given your e-mail to Melanie Bartlett please do so ASAP!   -Due to the transportation constraints, combined with our growing roster and lot of "away" meets this year, we need drivers!

UPDATED SCHEDULE FOR SATURDAY, 9/14:  Thanks to several parents volunteering to drive, we will be splitting our squad and attending both the Ed Sias Invite in Martinez and the Viking Invite at Spring Lake on the same day.    -More details, including final roster will be published after the Rancho Invite.

Link to updated 2013 MCHS XC 2013 schedule 


Mon: More Intervals!
Tue: EZ run
Wed: Tempo (and 3200m time trial)
Thu: EZ run and dress-rehearsal for Rancho Invite (including passing out uniforms)
Fri: Rancho Invite (dismiss from class 2:00)
Sat: OD run (anyone that lives near the park and wants to volunteer their house for an AM Pancake run this day?   -Contact Greg)

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Parent Team Meeting Friday 5:30 PM / Run-A-Thon this Saturday


WHAT:  MCHS XC Parent Team Meeting
your front design
WHEN: Friday, 8/23/13 5:30-6:45
WHAT TO EXPECT: Highlights of the MCHS XC program, what to expect as an athlete and parent this upcoming season and an opportunity to ask lots of questions,sign up to help volunteer/help with our host meets and other activities!
  • Please bring your check book; we'll be asking for donations ;) 

...What else is going on?


Runners!   ...Please come prepared to run during your scheduled shift (see below) AND help rotate shifts in front of Oliver's and Safeway to ask for donations!    ...Bring your homework, bring snacks, watermelon, drinks/ice or OK to just hang-out!    -There are also several projects we'll be working on, including cleaning the shed, replacing track/XC records, organizing the trophy case and repairs to our home course gravel path on campus.

Looking for a projector to borrow for movies starting at 8PM.   This event ends at Midnight; lights out 12:30 PM!   -Note this is a big change from the 24 Hr. Run-A-Thon from previous years (Greg decided better to get home and rest vs. staying up all night; OK honestly, Greg is just getting too old to stay up!)

First shift Seniors!  8AM-10PM be there before 8AM to start our relay on-time!

Schedule for 2013
MCHS 18 Hour Run-A-Thon
(Starts Saturday 8AM 8/24; Ends Midnight)
Class Time
Seniors 8AM-10AM
Juniors 10AM-Noon
Sophomores Noon-2PM
Freshmen 2PM-4PM
Juniors 4PM-6PM
Freshmen 6PM-8PM
Sophomores 8PM-10PM
Seniors 10PM-Midnight

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967



Sunday, August 18, 2013

More updates !

...Tomorrow is our first practice 3:00 sharp!    We meet at the entrance to the Track.  -Please try to get there early for our first day WITH WHITE CLEARANCE SLIP IN HAND; NO WHITE SLIP, NO PRACTICE FOR YOU!   ...What does the white clearance slip look like?   ...It looks just like this:
Here ya go Coach!   ...I'm ready to practice :)
-Do NOT turn in the whole Athletic Packet to Greg at practice! This paperwork needs to be turned into one of our Athletic Directors, Jerry Deakins (Room #L2) or Kara Myers (Girls Gym); they will give you a White Slip like the one pictured above.   -If you have any questions regarding filling out these forms, or anticipate any delays in being eligible for practice on Monday, contact Coach Greg ASAP.

  • August + September '13 workout details are posted!   LINK for Calendars and Schedules 
  • Times from Spooner added to Tahoe Running Camp Information page  LINK
  • Note update to Tahoe Running Camp pics from Gary Segraves requires password: "pumaxc" LINK
  • Correction:  Tommy Smail won the Camp chubby bunny (29?!) contest, NOT Evan Drake!

Can you help drive athletes to practice next Wed or Thu?   -Contacted Melanie Bartlett
Have anything to donate for 8/24 Yard Sale/Fundraiser?   -Contact Jennifer Jensen

Looking forward to Practice!!!

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Friday, August 16, 2013

Reminders for next week + More Tahoe Running Camp Highlights

What's coming up this week + more Tahoe Running Camp Highlights!

...Next Week Monday, 8/19/13 to Saturday, 8/24/13:

IMPORTANT!   -Last weekend to clean out your closets & donate to the Yard Sale for the MCHS XC team this Saturday, 8/24 at the MCHS Parking lot!   Also need helpers to work 2-hour shifts.   Contact Melanie Bartlett or Jennifer Jensen to sign up!

WE NEED DRIVERS!  ...If you are available to help drive our athletes to practice Wed, 8/21 and Thur, 8/22, please contact Melanie Bartlett
Monday, 8/19/13 3:00-4:45 = FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE!  -We meet at the entrance to the track and will workout at MCHS/Montecito Park on this day.   IMPORTANT: You must have your athletic clearance form to practice; if you have not turned in your Athletic Packet, turn in to MCHS Athletic Directors, Jerry Deakins (room #L-2) or Kara Myers (Girls Gym).

Tuesday, 8/20/13 - Friday 8/23/13 3:30-5:15 = MORE PRACTICE!!!   -Workout locations will vary, but we'll always return to MCHS.   -Note: Goal for practice is to be done by 5:15 Tue-Fri, but this first week as we'll still be getting organized, we may run long, but no later than 5:30 end of practice.

Friday, 8/23/13 at 5:30-6:45 MCHS West-End Track Bleachers = MCHS XC TEAM PARENT MEETING.   Please try to make it, we have lots and lots of information to cover!

Saturday, 8/24/13 18 Hr. Team RUN-A-THON starting 8AM - Midnight.   Team members, please plan on participating!   ...Athletes should plan on helping to fund raise in front of Safeway and Olivers AND plan on keeping our relay going for 18 hrs. straight in two hour shifts by class as outlined below.  We'll play games, run, watch movies at night, eat brownies, run, eat more brownies, run, etc...   -Please plan on spending some time with us; this is one of only two fund raisers we do each year (Healdsburg 1/2 Marathon Water Station support in October is the other one)

Saturday, 8/24/13 MCHS XC RUN-A-THON Schedule by Class:   

Seniors: 8AM-10AM
Juniors: 10AM-Noon
Soph: Noon-2PM
Fresh: 2PM-4PM
Juniors: 4PM-6PM
Fresh: 6PM-8PM
Soph: 8PM-10PM
Seniors: 10PM-Midnight

...More Tahoe Running Camp Highlights:

Spoon-worthy efforts:  Ryan Anderson, Zac West, Carolina Avelar, Gabe Schoenbach
Spoon Runner-up efforts:  Shannon Palladino, Jordan Scobey, Spencer Jones, Abby Orgish
...All 2013 times and comparisons vs '11 and '12 coming in a separate post!

Link to pictures from Gary Segraves: Tahoe Running Camp 8/6/13 pics

Campers of the Day: Ryan Nguyen, Niccolo Longhetto, Anthony Rink, Johnny Whoop, Abby Orgish, Dylan Gallagher

Best Tasting Brownies:  9 entries, over 250 individual brownies, PR socks go to top 3:
1) Anthony Sarto
2) David Eik
3) Malin Von Knorring

Water Team Building Game:
1) Juniors (thanks to assist by Nick, which Eli's confessed was actually a genuine "Christmas Miracle")
2) Seniors
3) Sophomores
4) Freshmen

Forehead to Mouth Oreo Challenge:   ...Could be a NEW WORLD RECORD?! ...Sam Perry 15.7 seconds!

Best Washers:  Jack Hauptman, Evan Drake, Sarah Williams, Skyler Lacey

Chubby Bunny (New Camp record 29?!) = Evan Drake (?)

Special Recognition: Tommy Smail

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tahoe Camp Highlights / Reminders for this Week!

Great Time at Tahoe Camp, GREAT TIMES on 12.2 mile Spooner Run!

Spooner Highlights (complete times, more details to be posted soon):  
-Ryan Anderson runs fastest all-time 1:24:20
-Shannon Palladino's 1:50:25, close to top-time all-time (TBD) for MCHS
-Jordan Scobey runs 1:33:00; could be fastest ever for Sophomore?
Massive Improvement's from 2012:
-Carolina Avelar improves 43:17
-Gabe Schoenbach improves 42:24
-Abby Orgish improves 34:20
-Antoine Thibault improves 25:08
-Spencer Jones improves 15:16
-Shawn Cichosz improves 13:23
~12:00 improvements: Cecilia Avelar, David Eik, Evan Drake, Tommy Smail
~11:00 improvements: Ean Franceschi, Jackson Yates
~8:00 improvements: Rowan Schneider, Colin Bartlett
~7:00 improvement: Nick Jensen (running a very fast 1:35:56)
~6:00 improvements: Michael King, Daven Crossland
First Time Spooner WOW efforts: 
Saskia VanOmmeren (1:59:24), Mackenzie Seagraves (2:10:29), Anthony Rink (1:43:14), Eli Rosen (1:43:15), Gavin Quinn (1:51:01, Dylan Gallagher (1:53:08), Jeffrey Marin (1:57:55)

REMINDER: We need help with MCHS on-campus Orientation this Thursday and Friday: 

> Thursday: Seniors 8:30-10:00, Juniors 10:30-Noon, Sophomores 1:00-2:30 
> Friday: Freshmen 9:30-12:30  

MORE FUN! Pancake Run at Kelly Fitzgerald's House this Sunday, 8/11 starting 9AM:
Address: 2870 Dusty Stone Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

...Lots and lots of Camp pics to come; here are a few:

Sam spoils Boys pic just before traditional shake-out Boxer Run
The whole gang!

Coach Sheryl with Camp Alumni, Gretlel, Leanne and Mackenzi

Relaxing after a tough run

A few of our amazing Parent Helpers just chilling at camp, Steve, Eric, Katya and Gina
Only 12 days till the first day of practice on August 19th.    Make sure to get all of your Athletic Packet Paperwork turned in (including your physical) to one of the MCHS Athletic Directors (Kara Myers or Jerry Deakins) and get your release slip to Greg.    YOU CAN'T PRACTICE WITHOUT A CLEARANCE SLIP!

Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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