Sunday, August 25, 2013

MCHS XC Week #1 Summary


LARGEST ROSTER EVER!   -Great turnout this year so far as our MCHS XC roster is somewhere between 90 - 100 + runners!     We actually have reasonably even numbers throughout each class, with more freshmen joining the team than anticipated :)

Thiswas a solid workout week and almost a typical "pattern" for our weekly workouts routine:
Mon: Fartlek/Intervals
Tue: EZ run
Wed: Tempo
Thu: EZ run
Fri: 3200 time trial/interval
Sat: EZ run (during Run-A-Thon)

IMPRESSIVE 3200 METER TIME TRIALS ON FRIDAY: -92 runners participating (another 10-12 missing or injured/sick) and only 15 athletes missing the fitness standard (9 of those just missed between :05 - :30 seconds).    -We'll try again this upcoming week to see if we can get more to "earn" their racing jersey in time to make the roster for the Rancho Invite on Friday, 8/30.

PARENT TEAM MEETING ON FRIDAY: Decent showing, but estimating 1/2 or our parents were missing.    Those who were there, asked good questions, got to meet the coaches and [hopefully] received plenty of useful information.   -All the coaches introduced themselves, Dr. Steve Palladino provided a brief overview on running injuries, management and prevention.  Greg provided several hand-outs, inlcuding a sign-up sheet to help wiht our two "host" meets.  Melanie Bartlett recruited more e-mails for communicating/coordinating driving our athletes.   9 parents left their e-mails to be subscribed to this blog (Greg already did that) and assuming the rest are already signed up:

Here is the official note from our MCHS A/Ds regarding the recent restriction in requesting transportation fees:  Due to the With the Santa Rosa City Schools adoption of state law AB 1575, banning public schools from attaching fees to public education,  athletic transportation fees can no longer be collected or asked for from athletes and their parents.  The Athletic Department has included in the athletic packets a “request” for donations to supplement the reduction towards the cost of buses.  As we enter the first stages of your perspective seasons we have collected very few donations that can be applied to the securing of buses to transport your teams.  As a result, the Athletic Department is relying on what reserves we have in our accounts for securing buses.  At this stage we are only able to provide a bus to Ukiah, with the hopes of providing one more bus throughout your season.  Once you have secured your final rosters you may want to ask for donations to your specific team to help acquire further transportation. If you decide to seek donations you may not stipulate how much is required, or expected from each athlete, to do so would be a violation of the law and SRCS policy.

Link to 8/23/14 Parent Team Meeting Agenda

-CLARIFICATION: Greg confirmed, the 2014 Tahoe Running Camp IS scheduled for  7/18/14 - 7/23/14

AWESOME FUNDRAISING AND GOOD TIMES HAD BY ALL AT THE RUN-A-THON / YARD SALE:  -Thanks to all the parents who organized activities, helped out AND contributed fund or items for the Yard sale to help our teams; we're still counting up the donations and will provide a summary/break-down of our funds later this week as we continue to collect Pledge Sheets.
IMPORTANT TO ALL ATHLETES: -Please continue to turn-in those Pledge Sheets, we'll keep the contest open until 9/6/12, with prizes going to the top 3 who collect the most money!

WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP DRIVING TO/FROM PRACTICES AND COMPETITIONS! If you are able to drive and have not yet given your e-mail to Melanie Bartlett please do so ASAP!   -Due to the transportation constraints, combined with our growing roster and lot of "away" meets this year, we need drivers!

UPDATED SCHEDULE FOR SATURDAY, 9/14:  Thanks to several parents volunteering to drive, we will be splitting our squad and attending both the Ed Sias Invite in Martinez and the Viking Invite at Spring Lake on the same day.    -More details, including final roster will be published after the Rancho Invite.

Link to updated 2013 MCHS XC 2013 schedule 


Mon: More Intervals!
Tue: EZ run
Wed: Tempo (and 3200m time trial)
Thu: EZ run and dress-rehearsal for Rancho Invite (including passing out uniforms)
Fri: Rancho Invite (dismiss from class 2:00)
Sat: OD run (anyone that lives near the park and wants to volunteer their house for an AM Pancake run this day?   -Contact Greg)

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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