Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tahoe Camp Highlights / Reminders for this Week!

Great Time at Tahoe Camp, GREAT TIMES on 12.2 mile Spooner Run!

Spooner Highlights (complete times, more details to be posted soon):  
-Ryan Anderson runs fastest all-time 1:24:20
-Shannon Palladino's 1:50:25, close to top-time all-time (TBD) for MCHS
-Jordan Scobey runs 1:33:00; could be fastest ever for Sophomore?
Massive Improvement's from 2012:
-Carolina Avelar improves 43:17
-Gabe Schoenbach improves 42:24
-Abby Orgish improves 34:20
-Antoine Thibault improves 25:08
-Spencer Jones improves 15:16
-Shawn Cichosz improves 13:23
~12:00 improvements: Cecilia Avelar, David Eik, Evan Drake, Tommy Smail
~11:00 improvements: Ean Franceschi, Jackson Yates
~8:00 improvements: Rowan Schneider, Colin Bartlett
~7:00 improvement: Nick Jensen (running a very fast 1:35:56)
~6:00 improvements: Michael King, Daven Crossland
First Time Spooner WOW efforts: 
Saskia VanOmmeren (1:59:24), Mackenzie Seagraves (2:10:29), Anthony Rink (1:43:14), Eli Rosen (1:43:15), Gavin Quinn (1:51:01, Dylan Gallagher (1:53:08), Jeffrey Marin (1:57:55)

REMINDER: We need help with MCHS on-campus Orientation this Thursday and Friday: 

> Thursday: Seniors 8:30-10:00, Juniors 10:30-Noon, Sophomores 1:00-2:30 
> Friday: Freshmen 9:30-12:30  

MORE FUN! Pancake Run at Kelly Fitzgerald's House this Sunday, 8/11 starting 9AM:
Address: 2870 Dusty Stone Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

...Lots and lots of Camp pics to come; here are a few:

Sam spoils Boys pic just before traditional shake-out Boxer Run
The whole gang!

Coach Sheryl with Camp Alumni, Gretlel, Leanne and Mackenzi

Relaxing after a tough run

A few of our amazing Parent Helpers just chilling at camp, Steve, Eric, Katya and Gina
Only 12 days till the first day of practice on August 19th.    Make sure to get all of your Athletic Packet Paperwork turned in (including your physical) to one of the MCHS Athletic Directors (Kara Myers or Jerry Deakins) and get your release slip to Greg.    YOU CAN'T PRACTICE WITHOUT A CLEARANCE SLIP!

Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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