Saturday, July 26, 2014

2014 Tahoe Running Camp Highlights Part I

...We planked, we slept (some), we did the "Hustle", we sang, spent hours playing Mafia, we ate lots of awesome food served up by Linn Bruno, we sang some more, oh yeah and we had some awesome runs!    

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times!  

...More details to come, including Spooner results, highlights of team building contests in a few more days.    

Check out the MCHS 2014 Facebook page for more pics/videos from camp:

2014 Tahoe Running Camp Crew
Lisa Fogg led our group in learning the "Hustle"  ...Check out the video on the MCHS XC 2014 Facebook page 

We run for TAHOE!!!

Sophomores Grace, Lucy, Claire and Danielle!

Da Boys warming up just before Spooner launch

Girls hanging out, Vannessa, Lily, Karen, McKenna, Sydnie and Madison
Jacob Everest finishing Emerald Bay run

Our Camp Alumni bunch (missing Alex and Jessica-Faye)
Ryan Nguyen eye of the tiger

Spooner launch!   ...David Eik very excited to "high five" the Spoon of Guts 

Nice stacking by the Freshman team!

The glorious Tub-o-Butter.   ...YUM!

Water games

Evan Drake's disciples all pumped up before Spooner

The girls "calm and in control" before Spooner (note the contrast between the girls/boys)
Wave Goodbye to the 2014 Tahoe Running Camp!  
...Sell Hello to the 2015 Tahoe Running Camp dates already firmed up 7/31/15 - 8/5/15
(sign-ups begin after XC season)
...Still working on setting up our "Spooner Make-Up Run" 12.2 mile run for next week; either 8/1, 8/2 or 8/3.   -Greg is out of town this weekend, so will finalize plans and details by next Monday or Tuesday.

MISSING ANYTHING FROM CAMP?!   ...Greg has everything left-over sitting on his front porch (4525 Ranchette Rd. Santa Rosa, 95409) swing by to get it our will donate to Goodwill or future Tahoe Running Camp Supplies if not picked up by 8/3/14.

ATTENTION ALL RUNNERS!  You may feel too tired from camp, or procrastinating/waiting till XC practice starts to get back into your 5-6 day/week training routine.    ....DON'T WAIT!   There is still a lot of summer training left!   ...Have fun during these last few weeks, but EVERYONE should be running at least every-other-day a minimum of 4 miles per run to be adequately prepared for the upcoming XC season.
First day of XC practice is only 3 weeks away, we did some great training during camp, so keep it going!  ;)

Coach Greg
Mobile (707) 291-2967

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tahoe Running Camp Planning Meeting Monday, 7/14/14 6PM

Hey there!   ...Our email notification system is finally fixed!   ...We've switched to a new email notification tool, so emails may look a little different.   If you happen to get two emails that look a little different from each other, please email Greg and we'll get it fixed.

..So, if I have not been getting e-mails recently, what did I miss over the past few months?   -Scroll down to and check out all of the archived posts below...

What's coming up?    ...WELL, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT! 




WHEN: -Monday, starting at 6PM.   Please plan to get there early as PARKING WILL BE LIMITED on our street, so you may have to walk a bit, meeting should last 60-90 minutes

WHAT WE'LL COVER:  Any questions you may have, meet the Camp Coaches, review what to bring, get your camp T-shirts, review logistics, sort out tent groups, discuss special diet needs, specific medical conditions. what community supplies we'll need, fill out your camp trivia form for something unique and interesting about you, and more...!

Special thanks to LINN BRUNO from Bruno's on 4th Street :) who will be cooking for all of us during camp!

WHERE: Greg's house:
4525 Ranchette Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Directions from east-bound Hwy 12:
-Left on Brush Creek Road
-Go through Montecito/Fountaingrove intersection for about 1 mile
-Go through intersection at Badger/Brush Creek, turns into Wallace Road
-Ranchette Road is ~400m past Badger on the Right

PARKING: ...There is NOT ENOUGH ROOM for everyone to park on Ranchette Road!   ...Go back to Rincon Valley Christian School (corner of Badger/Brush Creek), park there and OK to pass through our neighbors gate, cut through our neighbors yard and we're just across the street; just look for the balloons on the gate.

...Shannon's already in Tahoe and has been waiting for us  -------------------->

See YOU Monday!

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Challenge #2 Take-on the 30 Day Plank Challenge!!!

ACCEPT THE 30 DAY PLANK CHALLENGE!  -This will send your core strength through the roof and improve your running  running economy (more core strength = less effort).  ...What are the benefits of the Plank exercise? 

*It strengthens your lower back
*It develops your core muscles – which include the abs, back, hips and the butt.
*Helps you to avoid injuries and encourage good posture
*Can be done anywhere
*Develops your abdominals by targeting the rectus abdominis

Yes, all you have to do is HOLD this position, nothing else! It looks pretty easy, but it isn't!

...This is a beginner routine, everyone starts somewhere!    -Keeping good form is very critical: 

Next post will include:  

  • Results of Summer Challenge #1, if you have not already, e-mail or text Greg a sample page of your running log!  
  • Checklist of what's needed to get ready for MCHS XC 
  • More Tahoe Running Camp details


Friday, July 4th Kenwood Footrace!

Monday, July 14th, 6 PM Tahoe Running Camp planning meeting (4525 Ranchette Rd, Santa Rosa CA 95409)

Friday, July 18th - 23rd Tahoe Running Camp (meet at MCHS 8:45 AM, leaving 10:00 AM)

Monday, August 18th First day of MCHS XC practice

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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