Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's Up This Week?

Monday Practice, 10/29:  CHANGE IN PLANS!
  • Will NOT be driving to the park!  Will be staying at the school.  If you were scheduled to drive, we no longer need drivers on this day! (Thank You and Apologies for the late notice)
  • Updated Monday Workout: Tempo Run on Track
    • 3:00 Practice = 20 min steady ST tempo on the track; EVERYONE EXCEPT top 11-12 runners as listed below
    • 6:00 Practice = 20 min ST > cut-down tempo on the track
      • Top 11 Boys:
      • Group #1) Ryan, Harrison
      • Group #2) Nick, Colin M, Zac, Alex, Colin B
      • Group #3) Dante, Spencer, Jordan, Michael
      • Top 12 Girls (Sophia M can’t make it):
      • Group #1) Andrea
      • Group #2) Brynna, Shaz, Cecelia, Shannon
      • Group #3) Shawn, Kelly, Sam, Allie, Abby, Claire, Carolina
NBL FINALS at Spring Lake, Friday, November 2
  • WHO: EVERYONE that is healthy and has meet the time standard will participate in this meet!
  • WHEN:
    • 2:00 pm; JV Girls (all girls EXCEPT the Varsity runners listed below)
    • 2:30 pm: JV Boys (all boys EXCEPT the Varsity runners listed below) 
    • 3:00 pm: Varsity Girls (Andrea, Brynna, Shaz, Shannon, Cecilia, Shawn, Kelly)
    • 3:30 pm; Varsity Boys (Ryan A, Harrison, Nick, Colin M, Alex M, Zac W, Dante)
    • Outright NBL titles in each division with a win.
    • Boys Varsity: going for their first NBL pennant since 2009 and 7th overall. Shooting for MCHS all-time team time of 79:47 (only 9 teams from any school have ever broken 80 minutes!)
    • Girls Varsity: going for their 10th consecutive NBL title, and 11th overall.
    • JV Girls - going for 10th consecutive team title. Trying to become the first JV team with a team time under 1:41 at Spring Lake. Trying to get 15 JV Girls or more under 22:00, 8 or more under 21:00, and 3 or more under 20:00.
    • JV Boys - going for their 9th consecutive NBL title.  Trying to get 4 JV boys or more under 16:40 and 11 under 18:00.
    • Final Opportunity this season for each runner to set a Spring Lake personal record and earn SOCKS!
    • Top 20 Varsity and top 10 JV in each race win individual awards.
  • Photos and Video from 10/24 Home Meet have been posted (click here)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wrap Up on the 10 Year NBL Streak - Some Details

Just a final few facts and observations regarding the girls' 10 year unbeaten streak in NBL regular season meets (spanning 2003-2012):
  • Number of NBL Meets: 40
  • Number of NBL Opponents: 70
  • Closest Meet: Oct 6, 2010 (MC 31, Santa Rosa 33) (see all the meets here)
  • Number of Perfect 15 scores: 10 (25% of the meets)
  • Number of Different Runners in Top Seven: 49 (see complete list here)
  • Most Appearances in Top Seven: Leanne Fogg and Kristin Sanzari (at least 14, maybe more)
Here are some other accomplishments during this ten year span:

  • North Bay League Team Champions - 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Individual NBL Champions – Kristen Sanzari, 2004; Jacqui Wentz, 2005; Leanne Fogg, 2006; Lauren Curtin, 2007
  • North Bay League JV Team Champions - 2003 through 2011
  • North Coast Section Team Champions – 2005, 2011 (Div 2); 2004, 2008, 2009 (Div 3); 2nd place in 2001, 2006, 2007
  • Individual NCS Champions – Jacqui Wentz, 2005; Lauren Curtin, 2007
  • California State Championships (Team) - 2nd Div II '04, 3rd III '06, 3rd III '08, 4th III '07, 7th II '05, 8th III '00, 12th II '11, 15th II '02, 15th II '03, 15th III '09.
  • 13 Redwood Empire First Team Selectees: Amy Robinson, Leanne Fogg***, Kristin Fladseth, Kristen Sanzari***, Jaquie Wentz**, Alia Gray**, Cara Curtin***, Lauren Curtin**, Jordan Davis, Kelly O'Leary, Lauren Kraus***, Brynna Thigpen**, Andrea Natoli ('***'=selected 3 times, '**'=selected 2 times)
Here is what else was going on way back in 2003:
•Lost in Translation
•Pirates of the Caribbean
•The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
•Finding Nemo
•Mystic River
•Cold Mountain
•Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
•Freaky Friday
•House of Sand and Fog
•Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Outkast
•Justified, Justin Timberlake
•Some Devil, Dave Matthews
•Dangerously in Love, BeyoncĂ©
•Elephant, The White Stripes
•The Wind, Warren Zevon
•On and On, Jack Johnson
•Hail to the Thief, Radiohead
•Greendale, Neil Young and Crazy Horse
•Room on Fire, The Strokes
•Living History, Hillary Rodham Clinton
•The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown
•Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, J. K. Rowling

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumas Complete Perfect NBL Regular Season - Oct 24

Pumas wrapped up perfect 7-0 records for Boys and Girls Varsity and JV teams with wins over Windsor and Cardinal Newman today at MCHS.  Thanks to the many family and friends that came out to support the team and to help organize the competition.

Special stuff:  today was the final home meet for 11 seniors that we recognized after the meet.  Also, the Girls Varsity team completed 10 consecutive years of undefeated NBL regular season meets.  Their record is 70-0 in NBL dual and tri meets going back to the beginning of the 2003 season.

Click Here for Complete Meet Results

Monday, October 22, 2012

Invitation for Post Season Awards Dinner - Dec 8

When: Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 6:00 till 8:30

Where: Maria Carrillo High School small gymnasium

Join the team for dinner, a lively slide show featuring season highlights and an awards presentation.

Cost per dinner is $10.00 (includes two types of pasta, salad and garlic bread.) Dinner will be catered by Sally Tomatoes.
*Boy Athletes are asked to please bring drink donations
*Girl Athletes are asked to please bring dessert donations

Please submit your reservation (click here for form) with payment to Kristina Gunderson at 2327 Rancho Cabeza Dr. 95404 no later than Tuesday, December 4th. For questions, please contact Kristina at or 695-6462.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

MCHS Campus Path Ready to Race!

Thanks to A LOT OF HELP from our athletes and parents this Saturday,we now have over 500 meters of smooth gravel path that LOOKS GREAT!

...Rain is in the forecast, but we'll be ready to host Windsor and Newman this Wednesday for our final 2012 NBL match-up AND an opportunity for the Girls Varsity to extend their undefeated league streak to 10 years, WOW!!  

Special thanks to our Volunteer TRACTOR GUY, Mr. John Osterloh! 

John is Greg's Neighbor across the street and loves supporting the MCHS Cross Country team, yell "THANKS JOHN" to him if you run by his house!

AWESOME PARENT VOLUNTEERS!   ...Most stayed from 8AM - 5PM (seriously hard work!)

Patrick Breedlove, Chris Hordyk, Vince Gearing,  Janene Gilmartin, Dermot Gilmartin, Steve Palladino, Salvador Avelar

 Many of our MCHS  XC ATHLETES showed up to help, too!       Kevin Moe, Morgan Schrijver, Jordan Scobey, Cecelia Avelar, Carolina Avelar, Andrea Natoli, Shaz Breedlove, Shannon Palladino, Clare Gilmartin, Ellie Petty

IMPORTANT: We need 2 more Parent Volunteers scheduled to help this Wednesday, 10/24:   PLEASE BE AT THE MCHS TRACK BY 3:00!   Easy duties, including helping with the finish chute and directing runners on the course.

Currently, we have 7 Parent Volunteers scheduled for this Wednesday and need just 2 more.    ...Please contact Greg if you can help. 

  1.  Katya Anderson
  2. Patrick Breedlove
  3. John Gavin
  4. Kristin Thigpen
  5. Steve Palladino
  6. Tracie Everest
  7. Carolyn Greco
  8. ??? ...know anyone that can help?
  9. ??? ...know anyone that can help? 


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Friday, October 19, 2012

Next Meet: NBL #4 v Cardinal Newman, Windsor - Oct 24

When the Streak was Young: photo dated Oct 12, 2005
(Meet #9 of 39 - v Ursuline & Elsie Allen)
From L to R: Jordan Davis, Sarah DiRado, Alicia Lueth,
Leanne Fogg, Alia Gray, Kristin Sanzari, Jacqui Wentz
For our next meet we run against Windsor and Cardinal Newman on Wednesday, October 24.  This meet will be different in that we will run it at our on-campus course (did you know we had on campus course?)
We have been doing work on our course to bring it up to standard.  Earlier this Fall, the path behind the baseball fields was nicely re-graded.  As Greg mentioned, this Saturday morning, Oct 20, we need volunteers to smooth out and pack road gravel.  This will make the course usable for racing and training for several years to come. 

This will be a special meet for the girls team: they will be attempting to complete a ten year string of undefeated NBL dual and tri meets. Their last loss was in 2002. (What were you doing in 2002?) Their record since is 39-0 in NBL regular season meets versus 68 opponents.

Current North Bay League Standings:

  1. Maria Carrillo 5-0
  2. Santa Rosa 5-1
  3. Casa Grande 3-2
  4. Ukiah 3-2
  5. Cardinal Newman 2-3
  6. Windsor 2-3
  7. Montgomery 1-5
  8. Rancho Cotate 0-5
  1. Maria Carrillo 5-0
  2. Casa Grande 4-1
  3. Montgomery 4-2
  4. Windsor 3-2
  5. Rancho Cotate 2-3
  6. Santa Rosa 2-4
  7. Cardinal Newman 1-4
  8. Ukiah 0-5
Finally, this is also a fun opportunity to invite friends to see a cross country race.  Plus there will be unusual surpises in store.  It's easy to find: we start and end at the south-east corner of the track!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

8 Volunteers needed 8AM-Noon this Saturday for MCHS path repairs!

What:  Help in repairing the path on our MCHS Campus XC Course. 

When:  This Saturday, 8AM - Noon

Who:  Anyone who is available to help ? 

     We need 8 Volunteers total as follows:
            2 Adults = Flag People for Delivery Trucks
            2 Kids or Adults for Hoses
            2 Kids or Adults for Raking
            2 Kids or Adults for Misc. Activities

We also need extra hoses, the longer the better!  

Please contact Greg if you can help, Thanks! 


Cell: (707) 291-2967

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumas Compete in the Heat! - Oct 17 NBL Meet

We decided to have a cross country race during Shannon's birthday party.

Pumas did a great job dealing with the warm weather and threw down some great efforts at Spring Lake today. 

Despite temperatures approaching 90 degrees at race time, several runners managed to set PRs (see report here).

We estimate that the heat slowed the pace about 30-40 secs versus the times which were run just last week in mild temperatures. When adjusted for the heat, there were many extraordinary performances, but one stood out:  Michael King dropped his PR by 32 seconds over last week - running a terrific 16:40!  Way to go!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas Tree Fundraiser -UPDATE

Reminder to everyone – start your sales now!!

…and turn in your forms & money (checks or cash) to Greg, Ruben, Sheryl, Jennifer (Nick’s mom) or Katya (Ryan’s mom) by each Friday. Oct 19th, Oct 26th, Nov 2nd, Nov 9th.

Sales and Receipt Form – have the person purchasing the tree, wreath, or garland complete the necessary ORDER information. (double check the math)

You fill out the RECEIPT Form and give to the purchasing person .. they will need to bring with them on Dec 1 to pick up their tree, wreath or garland.

Yes – there are several more weeks to sell – but remember, this is a MCHS Athletics wide fundraiser … you need to talk to your neighbors, family friends, etc. before athletes from other sports.

Upcoming team sales events …

OLIVERS – Sunday Oct 28th from 12PM to 2PM
Only have 2 volunteers so far … Kayla and Cecelia … NEED at least 4 more.

OLIVERS – Sunday Nov 4 from 12PM to 2PM
Only have 2 volunteers so far … Tessa & Allison … NEED at least 4 more.

Let Greg, Jennifer or Katya know that you can show up to Olivers and sell some trees!

Cancelling Oct 21st at Olivers as during warm weather people just aren’t thinking about Christmas trees.

Questions? Talk to Greg, Jennifer or Katya or email any of us.

Jennifer Jensen –
Katya Anderson -

Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Crystal Springs Stuff...

Could not have asked for a better day to have some
fun on the beach - unbelieveably beautiful weather!

Allie modeling her "top 15" Crystal Springs
tee-shirt - one of 17 won by the Pumas on the day!

Here are a few more post- Crystal Springs items:

Find more excellent photos here courtesy of Todd Vandenburg.

Runners that finished in top 15% of their class:
  • Freshman: Jordan Scobey (8th of 216 freshman boys);  Cecilia Avelar (5th of 130 9th grade girls). Allie Ahern (10th), Abby Orgish (11th), Castine Jaffe (15th) 
  • Sophomores: Zac West (25th of 246 soph boys), Ryan Nguyen (31st); Andrea Natioli (3rd of 146 10th grade girls), Shaz Breedlove (4th), Shannon Palladino (9th), Shawn Cichosz (13th), Sam Perry (18th)
  • Juniors:  Ryan Anderson (6th of 203 junior boys), Nick Jensen (9th), Spencer Jones (21st), Colin Bartlett (23rd), Michael King (29th); Kelly Fitzgerald (10th of 126 junior girls)
  • Seniors: Harrison Luft (11th of 195 senior boys), Colin Metcalfe (20th); Brynna Thigpen (7th of 110 senior girls)
Video of Varsity Boys Race (...Baby)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun Day Out at Crystal Springs Invitational!

It was basically a perfect day - we ran some races at a beautiful course under great conditions at Crystal Springs, then enjoyed a great lunch at Ocean Beach on the way home - well done Pumas!

Race Highlights (1400+ runners from 45 schools participating):
  • JV Boys - 3rd
  • Varsity Boys - 1st
  • Varsity Girls - 3rd
  • Soph Boys - 2nd
  • JV Girls - 1st
  • Frosh Boys - 3rd
  • Frosh/Soph Boys Girls  - 1st
We had some very strong individual efforts as well including a 2nd by Ryan Anderson in the Var Boys race (15:50) and 4th by Harrison Luft (15:57).  Brynna Thigpen led the girls with a 19:05 (a 10 sec PR! - way to go! ).

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Up Next Crystal Springs Invitational!

Coming up this Saturday 10/13 is the Crystal Springs Invitational - should be a fun one!

Location: Belmont,Ca.
Please Bring:
Something to eat/drink during the morning; Coaches will provide lunch around 130pm. Full snack-bar will in operation at the meet - so you may want to bring some spending money.   Bring some warm clothing. Weather can change quite quickly - can be very cool and breezy, but can also get quite warm.  Current forecast is sunny with temps from mid 50s to mid 60s. Ok to bring a folding chair and something to read or homework.

  • 6:15 AM = Leaving MCHS via Bus (Coach Greg and Sheryl riding on the Bus)
  • 8:00 AM = Arriving at Crystal Springs Cross Country Course (2600 Hallmark Drive, Belmont, CA)
  • 9:00 AM = First race! …Then we have 6 other races through 12:30 PM!
  • 1:00 - 1:15 PM = Leaving Course
  • 1:15 - 2:00 = Driving from Course to SF!
  • 2:00 - 3:30 = Lunch provided by Team at Ocean Beach (just north of corner of Lincoln Way and Great Hwy)
  • 3:30 - 5:00 = Driving back to MCHS (Should be back 5:00-5:30 depending on traffic 
Click Here for Lineups for Each Race

Schedule of Races
  • 9:00 = JV Boys
  • 9:30 = V Boys
  • 10:00 = Varsity Championship Boys
  • 10:30 = V Girls
  • 11:00 = Soph Boys
  • 11:30 = JV Girls
  • 12:00 = Fresh Boys
  • 12:30 = Frosh-Soph Girls

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Great Job Pumas! 10/10/12 NBL Meet Results

The Pumas had a very solid and fun day of racing today against two of the NBLs top teams.  Maria Carrillo managed to win all the divisions by holding off a very determined Santa Rosa team by one point in the Boys Varsity race.  It was a great job by our boys of fighting and competing well even when it wasn't necessarily their best day.

The other races were somewhat less suspenseful.  Most amazing was the Girls JV team.  If we had run our top 7 JV girls as our Varsity today, we still would have won the meet (by one point on a tie breaker over Casa Grande, the #3 ranked team in NCS Division 2).  What an awesome effort!

Also, many PRs were run and socks earned!  Forty five, to be precise.  (Greg, back up the truck). Click here to see PRs.

Thanks also to the many parents that helped us host the meet!

Click here to see complete results and photos.
More photos here

Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Cross Country is participating in a MCHS Athletics wide fundraiser. We are selling Christmas trees, Wreaths and Garlands.

 - “Now” through November 9th. Packets and Info handed out after practice on Friday.

- In front of Olivers Market on Sunday Oct 14, 21, 28th and Nov 4th We’ll have ~ 2 hour blocks, from 12pm to 2ish PM.
- Possibly in front of Rincon Valley Safeway … dates TBD
- To friends, family, neighbors …..

- On average Cross Country will receive ~$25 per tree sold.

What do Athletes need to do:
- Sell trees!
- We’ll need at least 2 volunteers from each class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) for each timeslot in front of Oliver’s and Safeway.
- Help staff the tree handout which will be held at MCHS on the outside basketball court Dec 1 from 8AM to 4PM

What do Parents need to do:
- Buy a tree! Will also need some volunteers to help staff the sales tables at Olivers, possibly Safeway, and to participate in tree pickup day, Dec 1st.

A few more details:
- The trees are grown and harvested by Oregon Fresh. PAC will place the combined MCHS Athletic order mid-Nov, the trees will be delivered directly to MCHS.
- Douglas Fir (prices range from 5-6’ at $55 to 8’-9’ at $85)
- Noble Fir (prices range from 5’-6’ at $80 to 8’-9’ at $120)
- To see and pricing complete pricing details click here
- To see representative pictures click here

Support XC and buy a tree from your athlete!

Questions contact either
Katya Anderson –
Jennifer Jensen-

Sunday, October 7, 2012

MCHS XC Parent and Athlete Reminders!

Wednesday, October 10th = MCHS host meet vs. Rosa and Casa at Spring Lake    

Please let me know if you cannot attend, my assumption is everyone listed below will be at the Spring Lake starting line at 2:45 ready for instructions either working the finish chute from Ruben or as a course director from Greg on this day; don't worry if you have not done this before;it's easy!

10/10/12 MCHS Host Parent Volunteer Crew:

Shannon Baker
Andi Reese Brady
Patrick Breedlove
David Orgish
Graham Metcalfe
Walter Cowell
Kim Byrne (leaving 5:30)
Dermont Gilmartin
Carolyn Greco
Curtis Greco
Rosemary Yates

Parent Drivers still needed for October!   We still have 8 days of park workouts this month.   Please contact Melanie at if you are not already signed up for these dates and can assist driving athletes:  
Thu, 10/11
Mon, 10/15
Thu, 10/18
Fri, 10/19
Mon, 10/22
Thu, 10/25
Fri, 10/26
Mon, 10/29

Saturday,10/20 Path repair workday at MCHS = We need 10-12 athletes or Parents to help clean up the path on our campus course!   -If you're not afraid of some shoveling, raking or weeding contact Greg to help or cell (707) 291-2967

Saturday, 10/27 Attention Athletes and Parents = Mark the Date for the Healdsburg 1/2 Marathon!   This is a big Fundraiser for our team and we need 2-3 parents to help + we'll need 30+ athletes to help volunteer for this ~$2K fundraiser!    ...More details coming soon, but if you want to get involved, please contact:
Jennifer Jensen
Melanie Bartlett


Videos from Clovis Races

Great Racing at Clovis!

Q. What does the MCHS XC team and Justin Bieber have in common?
A. They both spent Friday night in Fresno, CA. FACT.

So, besides a little high pitched shrieking, the Pumas got in some great racing at Clovis this weekend!  This was an opportunity to get some experience on the Woodward Park course used for the State championships - so the whole weekend was a sort of low-key rehearsal for what we hope to be doing in late November.  Besides that, we had some fun too.

Boys Varsity placed a competitive 7th place in a field of 29 very strong teams from around the State.  Ryan "%$&'@#$!" Anderson took 6th place in a time of 16:00 - this is the fastest time ever recorded by a Maria Carrillo boy on this course (including State meet results - WOW!).  Here's the new top 6:

1. Ryan Anderson, 16:00, 2012
2. Steve Laurie, 16:05, 1998
3. Nate Huckaba, 16:11, 2007
4. Jordan Kinley, 16:12, 1999
4. Calvin Thigpen, 16:12, 2006
6. Daniel Hauptman, 16:15, 2010

Frosh-Soph Boys had an excellent showing with a 3rd place finish in a competitive field.  They were led by Zac West's 4th place in 17:15.

Girls Varsity placed 3rd in their race paced by Andrea Natoli, Shaz Breedlove, and Shannon Palladino.  The F/S Girls posted some very strong times, led by Cecilia Avelar's 20:35 and Shawn Cichosz in 20:37.  Between the Varsity and F/S races, the girls posted 11 marks that translate to faster than 21:00 at Spring Lake.

Click Here for Complete MCHS Results

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Change in Clovis Schedule and Agenda/Logistics

Changes highlighted in Red Font

-Reduced Roster of 28 Total:

Girls Varsity, 7 Racing at 8:25 12:30
Sophia M, Kelly F, Claire G, Andrea N, Shaz B, Sam P, Allie A (Shannon running for Allie arriving Sat AM)
Boys Varsity, 7 Racing at 8:55 1:00
Alex M, Colin M, Ryan A, Dante H, Spencer J, Nick J, Colin B
Boys Frosh-Soph, 8 Racing at 10:45 11:10
Evan D, Ryan N, Ean F, Jackson Y, Zach W, Jordan S, Tommy S, Antoine T
Girls JV, 6 Racing at 11:35 (No Change)
Shawn C, Cecilia A, Haleigh F, Abby O, Castine J, Emma W  

Friday, 10/5/12:
Noon: Leave MCHS 
2:00: Stop after driving 2 hrs for a light 20 min lunch stop 

4:30: Arrive at Woodward Park
4:30-5:45: Shake-out run on the course + strides
6:15: Arrive at Dinner (Old Spaghetti Factory, 1610 East Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA)
7:45: Leave Dinner 
8:00  Arrive at Hotel
10:00: Lights out

Saturday, 10/6/12: 
Leaving Hotel with all 4 SUVs with all runners:
8:00: Wake-up (Greg/Ruben will have light breakfast/groceries by the pool)
9:00: Leave Hotel
9:30: Arrive Woodward Park
11:10-1:00 RACES! 
1:45: Leave Woodward Park (after VB cool-down)
2:30-2:45: Stop for a sit-down “hearty” lunch
7:00: We're Back!

-Hotel: Holiday Inn, Fresno Airport (5090 E Clinton Way, Fresno, CA)
-Lunch Money: Athletes need to bring $20 to buy their own lunch both ways; we’ll pick up dinner from our team funds Friday night + Breakfast Sat AM.

Contact Coach Greg if you have any questions, or need additional information!
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pumas Victorious at Ukiah

Here is the early report directly from the bus on the way home!

Temps in the high 90's!

"in progress" results here - updated when complete

Boys Varsity: Maria Carrillo 22, Ukiah 39

Individual Results
1. Holden, U
2. Anderson, MC
3. Luft, MC
4. Jensen, MC
5. Taxis, U
6. West, MC
7. Morrison, MC
8. Scobey, MC
9. King, MC
10. Brown, U
11. Jones, MC
12. Metcalfe, MC

Girls Varsity: Maria Carrillo 18, Ukiah 43

Individual Results

1. Palladino, MC
2. Thigpen, MC
3. Natoli, MC
4. Wong, U
5. Frye, MC
6. Peng, U
7. Issel, MC
8. Bartlett, MC
9. P. Vandenburg, MC
10. Nicklas, MC
11. Wheeler, MC

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Details for Competitions this Week!


WED, 10/3/12 OUR FIRST NBL MEET VS. UKIAH! (at Ukiah High School) 
-Roster reduced to ~50 total = ~30 Boys + ~20 Girls
-Athletes released from Class 1PM > Bus leaves MCHS 1:15
-Coach Greg, Sheryl on Bus expect to arrive UHS ~3:00
-Two races starting at 4:00PM
-Should be back to MCHS by 7:00-7:15PM
Note: Remaining MCHS XC Roster will workout with Coach Ruben at Montecito Park or MCHS track (weather dependent)

-Reduced Roster of 28 Total:

Girls Varsity, 7 Racing at 8:25 
Sophia M, Kelly F, Claire G, Andrea N, Shaz B, Sam P, Allie A
Boys Varsity, 7 Racing at 8:55
Alex M, Colin M, Ryan A, Dante H, Spencer J, Nick J, Colin B
Boys Frosh-Soph, 8 Racing at 10:45
Evan D, Ryan N, Ean F, Jackson Y, Zach W, Jordan S, Tommy S, Antoine T
Girls JV, 6 Racing at 11:35 (couldn't get into Girls Frosh-Soph race!)
Shawn C, Cecilia A, Haleigh F, Abby O, Castine J, Emma W  

Friday, 10/5/12:
Noon: Leave MCHS 
2:00: Stop after driving 2 hrs for a light 20 min lunch stop 
4:30: Arrive at Woodward Park
4:30-5:45: Shake-out run on the course + strides
6:15: Arrive at Dinner (Old Spaghetti Factory, 1610 East Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA)
7:45: Leave Dinner 
8:00  Arrive at Hotel
10:00: Lights out

Saturday, 10/6/12: 
-Wave #1 = leaving Hotel with 2 SUVs with GV + BV rosters + 1 extra:
6:30: Wake-up (Greg/Ruben will have light breakfast/groceries by the pool)
7:00: Leave Hotel
7:20: Arrive Woodward Park; release VG warm-up (VG race 8:25, VB race 8:55)  
-Wave #2 = everyone else:
7:30: Wake-up (light breakfast/groceries out by the pool; option to wake-up 15 min early to catch GV race start)
8:00: Leave Hotel
8:20: Arrive at Woodward Park
10:45: FSB Race
11:35: JVG Race
12:45: Leave Woodward Park (after JVG cool-down)
1:30-1:45: Stop for a sit-down “hearty” lunch
5:30-6:00: We're Back!

-Hotel: Holiday Inn, Fresno Airport (5090 E Clinton Way, Fresno, CA)
-Lunch Money: Athletes need to bring $20 to buy their own lunch both ways; we’ll pick up dinner from our team funds Friday night + Breakfast Sat AM.

Contact Coach Greg if you have any questions, or need additional information!
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pumas at Stanford Invitational

We had some very strong performances at the Stanford Invitational this past Saturday.

The Boys finished 5th in the D2 race, just 4 points behind their NCS D2 rivals Alameda.  This sets up a close and exciting contest for the NCS title in November.

The boys were led by Ryan Anderson, who placed 9th in a time of 16:20.  Also placing in the top 5 were Nick Jensen, Harrison Luft, Colin Metcalfe and Zac West.  The boys were the overall fastest team from the Redwood Empire from all the races at Stanford.

The girls, despite missing our top two runners in the scoring, managed to finish 4th in their race with some very gutsy individual performances.  The girls were led by a very strong 21st place finish by Brynna Thigpen in a time of 19:41.  Shaz Breedlove was just behind Brynna with an outstanding effort of 19:50.  Also scoring for the Pumas were Cecilia Avelar, Sophia Mahoney, and Sam Perry.  The girls were easily the fastest Redwood Empire team and also the fastest NCS D2 team at the meet.

After the race, we had a chance to have lunch on campus and hear from a couple of current Stanford athletes - Erik Olsen, a junior cross country runner from Novato and Maya DiRado, and junior swimmer from Maria Carrillo.  They both gave us some flavor for what college life is like for an NCAA athlete, and they provided some perspective about their high school preparation.  This session was an eye-opener for many of our student-athletes!

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