Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week #1, DONE! Great practice, growing roster, awesome fundraising


-66 Runners make 3200m Time Trial on first attempt!  

-Thank-you Parent Drivers!   ...Our first drive to the park was successful!  IMPORTANT: This week, we still need additional drivers to sign-up on the sign-up genius website for Tue and Wed, leaving MCHS 3:45  Please help! LINK to sign-up.    -If you cannot access our home page, just send an e-mail to

-Very solid attendance for our Team Parent Meeting; if you have any follow-up questions, please contact Greg!

-Nice work everyone yesterday at the MCHS XC Run-A-Thon and Rummage Sale! Final totals for fundraising thusfar: $1,020 from our Rummage Sale, plus $1511 from Safeway/Oliver's donations for a total of $2,531.  ...HEY, IF YOU MISSED DONATING, WE'RE STILL TAKING DONATIONS THROUGH-OUT THIS NEXT WEEK!  These funds will help to support our 2015 team expenses such as meet entry fees, travel, PR socks, along with a portion of our uniform and equipment expenses.  Special thanks to Melanie Bartlett for leading the Rummage Sale and all the parents that helped her out!  I was very impressed with all the XC kids in doing such a great job collecting donations in front of Safeway and Oliver's, Thanks to Coach Daniel and Coach Erik for helping out during the day and especially for allowing me to spend some time celebrating "loving the Lisa's" at the Hauptman's Saturday night (awesome dinner!) and all the parents/kids/alumni who brought snacks and food, including Dana Rivas for bring pizza!

-Run-A-Thon final count of laps over 16 hours = 632, or 158 miles, just shy of 10 miles/hour! Hope everyone had fun, made some new friends and oh yeah, got some good running in!   Check out some pics from the Run-A-Thon on our MCHS XC Facebook page or Joe Civello's flickr page LINK

Also, I would like to acknowledge and thank the MCHS PAB association for supporting MCHS Athletics by supplementing our uniform and equipment expenses; we couldn't get to 1/2 of our competitions without them (and of course, the support of our parents)! -Please support this organization at  if you are not a member already, sign up for only $25 individual annual membership!


MON: Workout at Montecito Park adjacent to MCHS
TUE: Leaving MCHS 3:45 for EZ Park run   -NEED DRIVERS!
WED: Leaving MCHS 3:45 for Park Tempo run   -NEED DRIVERS!
THU: EZ run from MCHS / Rehearsal warm-up for Rancho Invite
FRI: Rancho Invite; Races start 3:45 or 4:00 order of races JVB > JVG > VB > VG
SAT: Manditory 10AM run from Howarth Park for Varsity/Varsity hopefuls

...If you missed contributing to the MCHS XC program and still want to support our team, it's not too late!     Just contact anyone on our team and ask to fill out a donation form, or contact Greg directly.

...Looking forward to an super exciting, awesome 2015 XC season, YEAH!

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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