Sunday, July 16, 2017

MCHS XC 2017 Tentative Competition Schedule + Summer Mileage Highlights

LINK 2017 MCHS Tentative Competition Schedule

-Note the Ed Sias Invite on September 9th is the same day as ACT testing
-Note the Clovis Invite on Oct 7th is the same day as SAT testing 

...There are other ACT/SAT test dates available, but if you have already scheduled these dates, please let Coach Greg know!

Reminder for our Rummage Sale at MCHS on August 26th, 8AM - 1PM; save anything you have that might help us raise funds for the team!

...We're 1/2 way through our 12 weeks of Summer Training, here's who is racking up the miles for the first 6 weeks, via (May 29 - July 9) with the same timeframe for comparison (if available) for 2016: May 30 - July 10, in parenthesis for those who have logged in over 100 miles: 

Sara Nguyen 106.8
Zach Lindemann 109 (2016: 219.5)
Logan Field 124.1
Talia Leano 124.72 (2016: 131.74)
Elijah Ettedgui 129.33
Sydnie Rivas 130.38 (2016: 141.6)
Jasmin Hirth 131.58
Ben Lawson 144.6 (2016: 181.76)
Haley Joerger 155.25 (2016: 93.5)
Scott Kruetzfeldt 167.74 (2016: 241.38)
Aimee Armstrong 169.19 (2016: 175.87)
Patrick Phillip 171.1
Nicole Morris 172.91
Pierce Kapustka 182.8
Meghan Field 184.37 (2016: 161.71)
Jack Pickle 242.18
Owen Pugh 242.5 (2016: 220)
Rory Smail 265.76 (2016: 265.45)
Colton Swinth 282.1
Harrison Frankl 316.39 (2016: 233.7)

...Overall, we have more people logging in from 2016 and I believe everyone who is running is putting in good base miles + some decent quality days (I.e. our Monday Richardson Hill Tempo, our Wednesday Tempos and our Saturday Over-distance days...) and I know many athletes have not yet caught up with their logging in, so please do your best to keep logging in your runs and your cross training (swimming, biking) for credit.

...Only 4 weeks until the first day of practice; if you have been training consistently, you had better start to keep up with everyone else!  ;)  

GO PUMAS, it's going to be a great season!

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967
Team Facebook Page: MCHS XC 2017!!!


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