Wednesday, December 6, 2017

End of the 2017 MCHS XC Season Celebration this Saturday, December 9th

Hi Everyone,

It's been a crazy season and I can't believe it's actually over!   ...Now, it's time to celebrate!    

End of the 2017 MCHS XC Season Banquet & Awards Night is coming up this Saturday and THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE to get signed up; we need to firm-up a head count for food by no later than Thursday!

WHEN: Saturday, December 9th 5-9:30PM
COST: $10 per person

-Pasta, salad and bread provided by Bruno's on 4th Street!
-Puma Ladies bring dessert for 8
-Puma Gentleman bring 6 pack of canned beverages

Dinner starts 5PM, Awards will cover 5:30-8:30, but we might run a bit longer...   Format includes presentations from Coaches, athletes tribute to the Seniors, a slide show and we'll finish with a close shave...

IMPORTANT: All athletes must turn in uniform if YOU have not already!!!
...Too late to mail your check! -Call/text or e-mail Teresa Armstrong at (707) 486-8021  ...even if you can't go, please RSVP just to make sure we know you will or will not be attending!

Come help! 4:30-5:00 (set-up), then 9:30-10PM (cleanup and Coaches Vs. Athletes B-Ball 3 on 3 Challenge)

GO PUMAS!!! ...Come celebrate the end to a FANTASTIC SEASON!!!

Cell: (707) 291-2967

We received several more RSVPs of recent, however... 

We still have not heard from the following 22 families!!   Our last day for head count has been extended until Thursday!

...MISSING RSVPs (as of 12/6/17):


Patrick Cooper
Jack Foster
Hunter Simmins
Kaden Swanson
Kyle Wu
Dominik Wuu

Omar Alvarez-Hernandez
Ethan Chen
Eugene Joh
Faith Murray
Miguel Rivas
James Roh

Aiden Buck
Bryce Chin
Andy Kasper
Gabriel Mellit
Bernard Omiple
Leon Peralta
Jacob White
Sam Wong

Mathew Lana
Cam Smith

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