Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Training Guidelines + Reminder for PE credit

  • Only 7 weeks till the first day of Track practice = February 4th, 2013!  See below for some training guidelines to help you get back into a "regular routine"
  • If you're looking to get PE credit for this past XC season, Students are responsible to obtain forms (see Ms. Henschel, MCHS Counseling Secretary) and bring to Coach Greg for signature.   Deadline to turn-in forms has been extended to Dec 20.

Running Club at MCHS started this week with Mr. Pointer; meeting right after school M-W-F.  

> Key Objectives to accomplish over this Winter Break to help you prepare for an awesome Track season and leveraging what Ruben introduced to the "P-14" members during the XC: 

1) Boost your Running Economy!  OK, what the heck does that mean?   ...That means you can RUN FASTER with LESS EFFORT!   ...Sounds good; how can I do that? 

-Form Drills 3 times/wk
-Video Form review and feedback
-Plyometric Exercises 2 times/wk
-Keep a mix of Race Pace or Short Intervals twice/week
-Mid-foot strike and Calibrate stride length to 180 steps/minute or 90 per left
-Change stride pattern from "oval" to "circular"
-Eliminate "bouncing" and lower legs "swinging-out" during stride

2) Keep Consistent:  Suggest the same training pattern that we had success with during XC = 2 quality "speed" days a week with EZ days in between, one tempo workout a week and one over-distance day.

3) Keep your mileage up; but not too much!  -OK to do only ~80% of the total mileage we did in XC; you don't need to continue running long, slow miles (this is track!) and you should already have a good endurance base to carry-over from XC.   YOU need to start transitioning your XC stride into a fast, efficient and powerful track stride!

4) Do your CORE!   -Minimum of 10 minutes/day; better to do 15 minutes and keep changing it up; if you need more help/guidance for off-season cross-training, call Sheryl (cell: 328-9016) 

Stay tuned, more to come, including links to form drills and a Mon-Sat training calendar.   

P-14 Examples of Form Drills: 
-High Knees
-Butt Kickers
-A Skips
-B Skips

P-14 Examples of Plyometrics Exercises:

 "A" Set
30 secs each
jumping jacks
cross jumps
mountain climbers
prisoner squats
2.5 mins recovery
 "B" Set
1 min: rope - both feet
30 secs: box jumps
1 min: rope - alt feet
2.5 mins recovery

-Coach Greg 
Cell: (707) 291-2967

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