Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tahoe Running Camp date change from 8/4/13 - 8/9/13 now pulled up 2 days: 8/2/13 - 8/7/13

Due to a recent rescheduling of the Santa Rosa District school calendar and to avoid any conflicts with on- campus MCHS orientation (scheduled for 8/8/13 - 8/9/13), we have changed the dates for our Tahoe Running Camp!

SCHEDULE WAS: Departing Sunday, 8/4/13 10:00 AM returning Friday, 8/9/13 1:30-2:00 PM

NEW SCHEDULE: Departing Friday, 8/2/13 10:00 AM returning Wednesday, 8/7/13 1:30-2:00 PM

...Hey, this is VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT!    Please check your schedule to make sure you can still attend!  -If you CANNOT attend, you will get a full refund for camp fees and Greg will remove you from the roster to make room for others that want to go!   -If you are going to miss a few days, we'll pro-rate your fees, but you need to let Greg know via e-mail what days you can commit to ASAP!    Camp agenda will be modified only by dates; our day-by-day schedule of activities will remain effectively unchanged.

Greg's contact information:
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Here's the latest Tahoe Running Camp Roster.   ...Still have a few spots reserved just for incoming freshmen; please pass the word around to stimulate more interest, we need more freshmen girls!!!  

Tahoe Running Camp Roster 2013
Bowen, Rylee Runner Girl 8
Sell, McKenna Runner Girl 8
Gunderson, Kaylie Runner Girl 9
Raymond, Lilly -TBD- Runner Girl 9
Begert-Hellings, Matthew Runner Boy 9
Gilmartin, Conner Runner Boy 9
Hauptman, Jack Runner Boy 9
Longhetto, Niccolo Runner Boy 9
Moore, Cooper Runner Boy 9
Pannel-Hegadardt, Ben Runner Boy 9
Ahern, Allie Runner Girl 10
Avelar, Carolina Runner Girl 10
Avelar, Cecilia Runner Girl 10
Bartlett, Allison Runner Girl 10
Jaffe, Castine Runner Girl 10
Nicklas, Tessa Runner Girl 10
Orgish, Abby Runner Girl 10
Talkington, Brooke Runner Girl 10
Wright, Emma Runner Girl 10
Baker, Cameron Runner Boy 10
Cowell, Jack  Runner Boy 10
Everest, Jacob Runner Boy 10
Franceschi, Ean Runner Boy 10
Lacy, Skyler Runner Boy 10
Marin, Jeffery Runner Boy 10
Moffett, Kevin Runner Boy 10
Schneider, Rowan Runner Boy 10
Schoenbach, Gabe Runner Boy 10
Schrijver, Morgan Runner Boy 10
Scobey, Jordan Runner Boy 10
Thibault Antoine Runner Boy 10
Yates, Jackson Runner Boy 10
Cichosz, Shawn Runner Girl  11
Abraham, Emily  Runner Girl 11
Breedlove, Shaz Runner Girl 11
Fernandez, Jessica Runner Girl 11
Gilmartin, Clare Runner Girl 11
Hordyk, Kayla Runner Girl 11
Issel, Gracie Runner Girl 11
Kasper, Ali Runner Girl 11
King, Alison Runner Girl 11
Natoli, Andrea Runner Girl 11
Palladino, Shannon Runner Girl 11
Perry, Samantha Runner Girl 11
Petty, Ellie Runner Girl 11
Reynoso, Shayna Runner Girl 11
Azcarraga, Lucas Runner Boy 11
Ballaire, Brendan Runner Boy 11
Drake, Evan Runner Boy 11
Eik, David Runner Boy 11
Frankl, Willie Runner Boy 11
Gallagher, Dylan Runner Boy 11
Gavin, Quinn Runner Boy 11
Moe, Kevin Runner Boy 11
Nguyen, Ryan Runner Boy 11
Rosen-Duran, Eli Runner Boy 11
Smail, Tommy Runner Boy 11
West, Zac Runner Boy 11
Fitzgerald, Kelly Runner Girl 12
Haley, Hannah Runner Girl 12
Haley, Hannah Runner Girl 12
Hicks, Trisha Runner Girl 12
Nicklas, Drew Runner Girl 12
Seagraves, Mackenzie Runner Girl 12
VanDenburg, Jackie Runner Girl 12
VanDenburg, Paige Runner Girl 12
Williams, Sarah Runner Girl 12
Anderson, Ryan  Runner Boy 12
Bartlett, Colin Runner Boy 12
Hay, Dante Runner Boy 12
Jensen, Nick Runner Boy 12
Jones, Spencer Runner Boy 12
King, Michael Runner Boy 12
Mahoney, Sophia Runner Boy 12
Rink, Anthony Runner Boy 12
Sarto, Anthony Runner Boy 12
Wistock, Harrision Runner Boy 12
Moffett, Ashley Alumni Girl 13
Thigpen, Brynna Alumni Girl 13
Luft, Harrison Alumni Boy 13
Metcalf, Colin Alumni Boy 13
Morrison, Alex Alumni Boy 13
Birkland, Kelly Alumni Girl 14
Mills, Mackenzi Alumni Girl 14
Petrie, Gretel Alumni Girl 14
Lucia, Jesse Alumni Boy 15
Ramirez, James Alumni Boy 15

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