Thursday, June 6, 2013

More on Summer Training! (re-send)

June 7 re-send with links below to training documents fixed!

...Only 10 weeks to the first day of XC Practice    :) 

Have you seen my running shoes?


By now, everyone should have had enough of a break, your bodies and minds are well rested and you're ready to join your buddies getting back into a regular EZ  steady running routine of 4-6 runs a week.       

...Or, are you not really not sure exactly what you should be doing for summer training?! 

Here is a link the to document I handed out a few weeks ago (right after our end of the track season celebration) outlining 14 weeks of training, with a steady ramp of mileage, including some Tempos, Strides and a few Hill Repeats.   This plan should get you through Summer, ready for the Tahoe Running Camp all the way through to our first official day of practice, coming up in only ~10 weeks, August 19th.

Click here to access our detailed day-by-day 14 week Training Program 

...Not sure what pace you should be running?    -NO WORRIES!    We have pacing guidelines (Ruben lives!) for all MCHS XC returning athletes.    Some people are listed twice for comparison purposes: Pacing based on 2012 XC season Spring Lake PR vs. 2013 Track season PR.   Recommend most everyone to use their 2013 Track season PR pacing guidelines and OK to slow it down a bit if you've really, lost a lot of fitness since track season.     

 Click here to access pacing guidelines!

Remember to slow down your EZ pace for OD (Over Distance) runs, somewhere between 20-40 seconds/mile slower and always adjust for hilly runs as appropriate.   -EZ pace is based on roller-coaster type trail terrain; OK to slow down if you're running a really hilly route.   Try to push your OD runs + 5 minutes each week.   And YES!  ...It's always better to challenge yourself and try to run some hilly routes over these summer months for sure :)

...If you're not on this list, e-mail Greg and request your pacing guidelines, or just find someone else who has comparable Spring Lake XC or Track 1 mile or 2 mile times. 

OUR FIRST GROUP RUN REMINDER:  Hope to see all of you for our first summer Group Run this Monday, June 10th 6PM at Howarth Park.   -Be sure to arrive early, the parking lot will be very full with several other High School XC programs meeting at Howarth Park on this same day!    

6PM Group Runs are Monday (Howarth Pk) and Wed/Thu at Park Trail. 

Remember, the three keys to an awesome and injury-free Cross Country Season are: 

1) June
2) July
3) August 
Gabe, Ean, Antoine
after finishing 5th, 1st, 3rd overall in Hit the Road Jack 3K

Good Luck and Good Health to everyone in their summer training!    -Please don't hesitate to call, text or e-mail Coach Greg or Coach Sheryl if you have any specific questions.

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

-Coach Sheryl (...By the way, did you do your sit-ups today?!)
Cell: (707) 328-9016


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