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Summer Mileage update/Tahoe Running Camp Reminders


...Hey Greg, oh dang!   -I have NOT been logging my miles in
Summer Mileage Tee Shirt Design
but, I've been running this summer and keeping track of my miles, so how do I get in on this?!  Well, it's as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Continue keeping track of your mileage for the 12 weeks of Summer Mon, June 8th - Sun, Aug 30th

2) Create your account on and set-up your Running Log  ...Here's a LINK to 3 page instructions

3) Start entering/tracking your mileage on-line!

Custom T-Shirt awards presented on Sept 1st for total miles of 350, 400 and 500!     ...Right now, we have only 13 Boys and 11 girls with accounts set-up; goal is get 100% of MCHS XC roster signed up before the first day of practice!

Summer Mileage Highlights through Week #5:
...Winners in Bold below received $5 Yogurt Time Gift Cert, PR Socks, Brooks glow in the dark Frizbees, Asics Hats + more prizes to come!

WEEK #1-#2 Most Miles Logged (over 14 days):
Boys: Brian P 86.7, Jackson Y 76.1, Ben L 66.6, Jordan S 63.3
Girls: Jenna H 51.5, Nicole H 37.5, Tessa N 37, Emma W 30.5

WEEK #1-#3 Most Days Ran (over 21 days):
Boys: Gabe S 19, Brian P/Jeffrey M 18, Jordan S 16, Ben L 15, Harry F/Scott K 14
Girls: Jenna H 17, Tessa N, 14, Cece A 13, Carolina A 11, Nicole H/Allie A 10

WEEK #1-#4 Most Impressive Mileage Ramps (% increase in weeks 2-4 vs. week #1 for anyone that's logged in 4 weeks in a row)
Tessa N 8.0 33 412.5% *Very consistent through last 3 weeks: 32,35,32/ total of 107 miles!
Lily R 4.5 17 377.8% *Summer high of 31.1 week #4!
Scott K 20.3 32.5 160.1% *Very consistent/controlled ramp
Jordan S 38.3 50 130.5% *Watch-out; aggressively ramping to big mileage next week!
Gabe S 43 50.2 116.7% *Avg 48.4 for first 4 weeks; probably 10+ miles more than last summer!
Jeffrey M 42.5 46.4 109.2% *Impressive avg 45.4 for first 4 weeks!
Brian P 46.1 50.3 109.1% *Very steady/consistent runner, averaging 49.2 miles for first 4 weeks!
Ben L 33.3 35.9 107.8% *Impressive 40.6 week #4!
Allie A 22 23.3 105.9% *Summer high of 37 week #4!
Emma W 16 16.5 103.1% *Hoping to squeeze in some runs while on Vacation (Aloha)?
Jenna H 24.5 24.5 100.0% *Leveled off after a spectacular start; hey Jenna?
Carolina A 26.5 26.3 99.2% *Summer high of 34.2 week #2/total of 105 miles!
Cece A 26.5 24.9 94.0% *101.2 miles logged in so far!
Harry F 21 17.3 82.4% *Will be challenged keeping up miles while vacationing in Jordan

WEEK #5: Most Consistency for Wed 6PM Group Tempo Runs!  Three have made (and logged in on Greg's spreadsheet)  all 4 weeks of Tempo Runs: Carson Kimball, Ben Lawson, Brian Padilla    ...Five others have made 3 of 4 weeks (and logged in Greg's spreadsheet): Allie Ahern, Eric DesJardins, Jeffrey Marin, Sydnie Rivas, Gabe Schoenbach 

WEEK #6, HEY, THAT'S THIS WEEK!  ...ANYBODY CAN WIN!   ...But you have to set-up a Running Log Account with   ...Submit your best picture of you running/cross training while on Summer Vacation!   ...Winner TBD based on pics sent to Greg (text or e-mail) this week; examples of previous pics submitted:    

Tommy & Lucas hiking/working out in Yosemite

Shaz & Opie planking in Moracco
Dre & Shannon in Hawaii
Antoine running (two thumbs up on) the beach in France

Front of Camp Tee Shirt

IMPORTANT!  Manditory Camp meeting Mon July 27th 6 PM at Greg's house!  

Expecting all Campers and Alumni and Parents to attend, you MUST let Greg know if you cannot make it!   4525 Ranchette Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Camp is only 3 weeks away; are YOU ready?!   ...Remember we'll be at altitude in Tahoe and you'll have a better time if you're in better shape!    -You should at least be running 3X/week and best to join our 6PM group summer runs!
-Mondays from Howarth Park
-Wednesdays and Thursdays from Park Trail (Ice Cold Watermelon on Tempo Wednesdays!)

MCHS XC REMINDER TO GET YOUR PHYSICAL!   ...First day of practice is Monday, August 17th and without a sports physical clearance, YOU CAN'T PRACTICE!


First: Download the Athletic Packet (18 pages!) from MCHS Website LINK
...Next: Get your child a sports physical and attach the doctor's physical form to page #13
...Next: Turn-in all your paperwork during Orientation at MCHS:
Aug 11th Orientation (small gym): Seniors  8:30-10AM, Juniors 10:30-Noon, Sophomores 1-2:30PM
Aug 12th Orientation (large gym): Freshmen 9AM-Noon
Note:  Best to NOT include a transportation donation (typically $50 made out to MCHS PAB/XC) with your Orientation packet, but give check to Greg directly during Orientation to ensure this gets deposited into our MCHS XC PAB expense account (more information TBD).

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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