Sunday, June 28, 2015

Highlight of Summer Mileage / MCHS 2015 XC Competition Schedule / Sunday Speed Sessions

Highlights of Summer Running Logs for the first 2 weeks!  ...There are LOTS OF YOU not participating in this Running Log activity; time to get on-board!!!

TOTAL MILEAGE LEADERS AFTER 6/8-6/21 (14 training days):
Brian Padilla        86.7* Awarded $5 Yogurt Time Gift Certificate
Jackson Yates      76.1
Ben Lawson         66.6
Jordan Scobey      63.3
Jenna Hackel         51.5* Awarded $5 Yogurt Time Gift Certificate
Nicole Hackel        37.5
Tessa Nicklas      37
Emma Wright      30.5
-Note: Posted after announcing awards:  Carolina Avelar 60.7, Cecelia Avelar 56.2
PS. Ruben DiRado is going for the 350, maybe 400 shirt; he's at 53 miles after first 2 weeks!

13 Jackson Yates
12 Brian Padilla
11 Jenna Hackel
9 Ben Lawson, Harry Frankl, Carolina Avelar, Cecelia Avelar

...Why keep a Running Log?   

Five Reasons to Keep a Running Log
1) It can be an extra motivator.  Zero days don't look good.  Sometimes, you can even hear your log whispering to you...."get out and do this run"

2) It allows you to visibly review your progress.  By the end of summer, you look back and see that you ran a 20 mile week in early June, and had comments like "this 3 miles felt sucky", and now you are running 40 mile weeks and 8 milers with comments like "that was the best that I've felt going up Richardson ever"  OR You look at your faster interval times for a specific workout this week versus the same workout last month, or even last year (if you keep your logs up)!  Progress builds confidence, and confidence builds PRs and championships.

3) It can allow you to analyze what lead up to your PR.  What workouts did you do over the past two weeks that lead up to your PR?  For this purpose, it would be good to also add "prior night's sleep hour" in the comments of your logs as a routine.  If you discover good patterns, repeat them to success.

4) It can allow you to analyze what lead up to a cold or injury.  Or maybe just analyze what lead up to patch of soreness or dead legs.  Hopefully, you don't need to do this.  But having a log allows this kind of analysis, so that when they happen, you don't repeat the same mistakes in the future.

5) It will get you a MCHS XC 350, 400, or 500-mile summer running t-shirt!

Read more about keeping a running log here: LINK

HEY, WANT TO GET FASTER?! ...Announcing Summer Speed Sessions on Sundays, 10AM-Noon with Steve Palladino and Herbie Polk!  LINK to flyer for more info

LINK to MCHS XC 2015 FIRST DRAFT COMPETITION SCHEDULE!   -Please check for any conflicts and let Greg know via e-mail ASAP, especially top 7 Varsity runners for any travel meets on the schedule.

Next few days, I will post awards this week for most consistency for summer running logs for first 3 weeks + latest updates to Tahoe Running Camp Roster.

...Only 5 weeks till the Tahoe Running Camp, will you be ready?!

-Coach Greg Fogg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

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