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Week #11 and Week #12, the road to NBL Championships!

...Before we highlight what's coming up for the next two weeks, let's recap last week's Center meet at Spring Lake, where MCHS Swept all 4 races!    Amazing pack performances in both Varsity Races, best race execution this year so far!

LINK to the MCHS XC 2015 Facebook page with cool short video of MCHS top varsity Boys finishers, also lots of pictures

10/21/15 Center Meet at Spring Lake Highlights courtesy of Steve Palladino and
34 PRs on this day (Girls 8 PRs!  ...Boys 26 PRs!!!):
Jack D 19:24 1:31 7.3%
Talia L 20:02 1:25 6.6%
Andrew K 20:27 0:57 4.4%
Morgan S 18:18 0:38 3.3%
Varsity Boys Start, NBL Center Meet 10/21/2015
Turner W 22:56 0:41 2.9%
Aimee A 19:07 0:33 2.8%
Jeffrey M 16:34 0:25 2.5%
Scott K 16:30 0:22 2.2%
Sydnie R 18:53 0:23 2.0%
Austin R 24:08 0:28 1.9%
Travis Y 21:19 0:24 1.8%
Jovany F 20:40 0:23 1.8%
Harrison F 18:29 0:19 1.7%
Shrey D 20:44 0:19 1.5%
Allie A 18:58 0:16 1.4%
Luis M 17:20 0:14 1.4%
Blake S 18:47 0:16 1.3%
Spencer C 20:45 0:16 1.3%
Ally K 24:46 0:18 1.2%
Ciara S 26:20 0:17 1.1%
Ben L 16:29 0:11 1.1%
Matthew A 18:04 0:11 1.0%
Cooper M 16:44 0:10 1.0%
Cameron F 23:05 0:14 1.0%
Lily R 20:10 0:10 0.8%
Thomas A 19:00 0:09 0.8%
Gabe S 16:45 0:08 0.8%
Varsity Girls Start, NBL Center Meet 10/21/2015
Zach L 17:41 0:08 0.7%
Christopher G 18:57 0:05 0.4%
Mack R 19:08 0:03 0.3%
Carson K 16:34 0:03 0.3%
Cameron B 22:28 0:04 0.3%
Brian P 17:05 0:03 0.3%
Blake C 16:38 0:03 0.3%

All-Time MCHS List (all grades)
#18 Sydnie R 18:53
#21 Allie A 18:58
#27 Aimee A 19:07

All-Time MCHS Senior List
#13 Allie A 18:58
#14 Cecilia A 19:01
#24 Carolina A 19:20

All-Time MCHS Junior List
#30 Lily R 20:10
#26 Blake C 16:38

All-Time MCHS Soph List
tie #8 Sydnie R 18:53 (with Andrea Natoli, Kristin Fladseth, Brynna Thigpen)
#10 Ben L 16:29
#11 Scott K 16:30

All-Time MCHS Frosh List
#7 Aimee A 19:07
#15 Talia L 20:02

LINK to PD results from 10/21/15

LINK to Joe Civello flickr pics from 10/21/15

...Looking ahead to this week (week #11) and the next week (week #12):

Week #11 (this week)

Mon: Workout at Montecito Park
Tues: Park EZ pace recovery run
Wed: Tempo Run on the Track (Split workout: Top 14-15 Boys and top 11-12 Girls will meet 7PM; everyone else will run at regular practice time)
Thu: Park EZ recovery run
Fri: Intervals/speed training at Spring Lake
Sat: Need 24-28 athlete volunteers for the Healdsburg 1/2 Marathon aid stations; looking for 1 parent to help drive from MCHS to Healdsburg/Geyserville (our team earns $1500 for this!):
-Aid Station #1) Leave MCHS 6:00AM, be at Canyon Rd/Stefani Rd by 6:30, done by 8:45
-Aid Station #5) Leave MCHS 6:30AM, be at Mauritson Winery by 7:00, done by 10:30
-Aid Station #7) Leave MCHS 7:00AM, be at Geyserville Ave. Mile 11.9 by 7:30 done by 11:00
-Also looking for 5-6 more athletes/adults to help with finish chute/hand out medals 7AM-12:30PM
LINK to event website

Week #12 (next week):

Mon-Thu:  Workouts at MCHS and Parks/deatils TBD
-Athletes released from school 12:30, Bus leaves MCHS 12:45
-Race Schedule: First race is JV Boys at 2PM, then JV Girls, then Varsity Boys, finish with Varsity Girls, then NBL Pennant and Medal Award Ceremony will be ~4-4:30PM.  
-Parents, please plan on sticking around for the award ceremony!
-IMPORTANT!  -Need 5 Parents to help w/finish chute responsibilities and course monitoring, please contact Greg if you can help!
-OHANA NIGHT CELEBRATION 6-8PM Host Luise Page and Carol Ahern after the NBL Championships

NBL XC Finals History / MCHS Legacy:
JV Boys: Have been top team since 2004
JV Girls: Have won all titles since 2003
*Varsity Boys: Have won last 3 years in row (and 9 of the last 12 years)
*Varsity Girls: Have won title last 12 years in a row)
*Varsity Races are limited to only 7 runners, the rest will run in the unlimited JV races

NBL Championships Nov 6, 2015 Outlook:

JV Races:  With the limit on the top 7 for the Varsity rosters and the depth in quality for our team this year, this should make for some very impressive team performances for MCHS!    Keeping in mind, some of our runners who will not make the top 7 MC Varsity, would be very solid Varsity contributors at other local schools, outstanding runners in their own right, for sure!   Also, be aware, some athletes are still trying to make our Varsity standard (sub 17:00 for Boys and sub 21:00 for Girls) on the Spring Lake course.   ...Please show up early to cheer on our JV teams!

Varsity Races:  For the Boys, Santa Rosa has been a very tough opponent all season long, with the MC Boys winning by the slimmest of margins in both Center Meet races this year.   We're expecting to race a full roster and looking forward to seeing what they can do; either way, it promises to be a tight race!   With the new NBL scoring format, if Rosa wins the NBL championship meet, they would win the NBL Pennant outright, so our Boys have to bring it!    For the MC Girls, Santa Rosa handed them their first NBL lost (by 1 point!) in 13 years; it took Rosa the best team time they've ran since '98 to beat the Pumas.   ...Hampered without Rosa's #2 runner finishing, our MC Girls beat Rosa by 18 points in the 10/21/15 Center Meet, but this past weekend, the Rosa girls looked impressive, winning their Varsity Race on a tough Mt. SAC course in L.A.

NCS Rankings (as of 10/18/15) Top 3 qualify for State Championships: 

Div II Varsity Boys: Ranked 1st ahead of a tough Redwood and Dublin team (Rosa is Div I)
Div II Varsity Girls: Ranked 3rd behind state ranked Redwood and Granada (Newman is Div IV)


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

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