Thursday, October 1, 2015

Schedule change for NEXT WEEK, going to Clovis Invite, Fresno

Clarifying my announcement at practice today, we will NOT be going to the Crystal Springs Invite NEXT SATURDAY, 10/10/15.   ...Instead we will be taking 4 Varsity/Frosh-Soph teams to the Clovis Invite with the following athletes named to the "frozen roster", remaining spots will be determined by the NBL Center Meet NEXT WEDNESDAY at Spring Lake.

Clovis Invite plan: -Get out of school Friday, 10/9 at Noon, then drive to Fresno, stay overnight, then race Saturday, 10/10 in the AM, should be back at MCHS by ~3:30. Here's the race rosters and corresponding race shedule:

10/10/15 Clovis Invitational Website!about/cplg

8:00 AM Div III Varsity Girls Race: Cecilia A, Carolina A, Allie A, Lily R (next 2-3 spots TBD based on Wed race results; may race Sydnie R here...)

8:25 AM Div III Varsity Boys Race: Jordan S, Carson K, Blake C, Jeffrey M (next 3 spots TBD based on Wed race results)

9:50 AM Div III/IV Frosh-Soph Girls: Sydnie R, Aimee A, Meghan F, Ellie C, Talia L (next 2-3 spots TBD based on Wed race results)

10:15 AM Div III/IV Frosh-Soph Boys: Ben L, Jacob W, Peter B, Zach L (next 2-3 spots TBD based on Wed race results)

...I know this change is reasonably short notice, so please contact Greg if you have any questions or concerns regarding this development/change in our schedule.

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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