Sunday, June 5, 2016

2016 Summer Training Guidelines / Tahoe Camp Roster Update

Here's a link for 2016 Summer Training!

...These guidelines include:

  • 4 different training groups to fit a wide spectrum of fitness/commitment for a 12 wk time frame
  • Greg has assigned everyone returning from the '15 MCHS XC Roster to a training group
  • Anyone not listed, that wants to adopt this summer training program needs to check with Greg to see what level best suits your running experience, current fitness and commitment  
  • Please get set-up on to start recording your summer miles!   ...See the latest post on our 
  • T-shirts will be given to everyone who accomplishes their summer mileage goals 

Here's a link to the current 2016 Tahoe Running Camp Flyer, July 22-July 27 if you know of anyone interested in coming, better hurry and sign-up, before we fill-up!

...Also, Greg is looking to confirm drivers; please call, text or e-mail him if you are planning to drive.

Alumni:  All of you are expected to get up there collectively, so please start coordinating rides to-from and during camp), this year, Greg is ONLY coordinating rides for runners/campers, so alumni YOU all need to all make sure you have enough drivers!  

Here's a link to the Camp Flyer if you want to pass it on:

Current Roster: So far we have 50 runners signed up and 18 Alumni.    ...If you see a NO showing next to your name and have NOT turned in your Medical Release Form, or Paid the Camp Fees, YOU ARE NOT SECURED ON THE ROSTER AND CAN BE BUMPED OFF!    Check it out:

Hope to see EVERYONE at our 6PM Summer Runs and AM workouts with Coach Matt and Sunday Speed with Steve!    ...Lots of activity, lots of fun,


Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

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