Tuesday, June 7, 2016

...It's not all about running; get in overall great shape with Coach Matt (Mon-Wed-Fri) 9AM

Hey there!     ...Want to get in better than just good shape this summer?

Don't be a Coach Potato!

...Join COACH MATT 9AM-10:15 for a few miles, some core work, overall strength conditioning, stretching and flexibility!    

 ...See ya tomorrow at the MCHS track 9:00

Keep it going all summer long, 3 days a week!!!    This is a great compliment on top of the other miles you're putting in and will really put you in great overall shape, you'll be stronger, more flexible and less likely to get injured during the upcoming season!

-MON: at SRHS track (with Coach Kevon!)
-WED: at MCHS track
-FRI: at MCHS track

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