Thursday, May 11, 2017


QUESTION: ...For all MCHS runners interested in Cross Country, what are the 3 keys to a successful Cross Country Season?

ANSWER: 1) June 2) July and 3) August!

...Yup, it's time to start talking about SUMMER TRAINING to get a solid foundation set for the upcoming '17 Fall season! -Attached updated flyer for 2017 6PM Summer Runs STARTING JUNE 1st. 

-Note I've added a 4th day = Saturday 10AM runs!

For those of you somewhat intimidated that Summer Training means you have to live-eat-sleep running, give-up all social activities and run 7 days a week?  ...Not true! -I would be happy if most of our Cross Country roster ran CONSISTENTLY 4 days a week over the entire Summer; don't over-do it, enjoy the summer and enjoy the run!

...Remember, these runs are not mandatory but heck, if your going to run over the summer, you might as well run with OUR GROUP, right?

Also, I will be publishing an entire day-by-day summer training program (incorporating these 4 days for group runs) for those of you that want more details, stay tuned for an 11 week program for 250 miles total (23 miles a week) or 350 miles total (32 miles a week) and another 400+ miles total for those ambitious/over-achievers...

SUMMER RUNS: ...What remains the same:
• Mon-Wed-Thu Runs are still at 6PM
• Group Tempo runs are still on Wednesday’s at Park Trail with WATERMELON ON ICE (Parents, feel free to contribute if you can; contact Greg/let him know you can bring a watermelon or 2; we need 2-3 watermelons for every run!)

SUMMER RUNS: ...What I’ve changed:
• Added Saturday 10AM runs (vs. before we only met on Mon-Wed-Thu at 6PM), including:
-3 days allocated for mandatory Tahoe Running Camp time trials (9.1 mile run Park Trail > Spring Creek > Canyon > Marsh > S. Burma > Richardson > Canyon > Spring Creek > Park Trail)
-4 days allocated for Pancake Runs at Howarth Park (details TBD, contact Greg if you want to help or help at Howarth Park or host at your house one of these days)
• Moved Mondays from Howarth Park to Channel Drive (I would like to use Richardson Hill for either a steady tempo hill day, maybe mix in some hill surges)
• Keeping EZ run on Thursday, but moved location from Park Trail to Howarth Park


Maria Carrillo High School
Cross Country / Track & Field Head Coach
(707) 291-2967

P.S. There are still spots left for Tahoe Running Camp (7/28 - 8/2), but you better sign-up soon as there are still plenty of people I know plan on going, but procrastinating/have not yet turned in their paperwork (Medical Form + paid for Camp Fees), better get on it!    ...Next post, I'll publish the latest Camp Roster   

LINK to Camp Flyer
LINK to Medical Consent Form
LINK to Zephyr Cove Campground Map (we have spots #1 - #10)

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