Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reminder to sign-up for Tahoe Camp 2017


The 2017 Tahoe Running Camp Roster is limited to the first 75 runners signed up + 15 alumni; currently, we have only 35 runner spots left + 10 alumni spots left.   ...However, with this reminder going out, I'm expecting we'll fill up the remaining spots within the next few weeks!   

-I've been getting numerous inquires from Healdsburg, Roseland Prep, Cloverdale, Sonoma Academy and some RVMS kids.   ...Looking at our 2016 MCHS XC roster, we have 13 girls and 20 boys (33 total) missing from this Camp Roster right now, so if you're not already signed up, YOU better get going!!!    

2017 Tahoe Running Camp

Friday July 28th - Wednesday August 2nd

Zephyr Cove Campground, Lake Tahoe

...Remember, to be signed-up, you need 3 things completed:

1) Turn in your camp fees (check payable to Greg Fogg)
2) Complete your Medical Consent Form
3) Finish one of our two remaining Park Trail 9.1 time trail runs (IMPORTANT: Don't be intimidated by this distance, time requirement is 2 hrs. 10 minutes or less, which is ~14:00 pace; just a bit faster than walking, this is just a "test" to ensure you can complete our Spooner Run at Tahoe Camp)

LINK to Camp Flyer
LINK to Medical Consent Form

40 Runners already have Camp Fees + Medical Consent Form turned in as follows: 

Bryce Chinn
Kyle Hirth
Jasmin Hirth
Ellie Civello
Elijah Ettedgui
Talia Leano
Adam McCorquodale
Julia McCorquodale
Jack Pickle
Owen Pugh
Patrick Philip
Pierce Kapustka
Harrison Frankl
Colton Swinth
Marco Keefer
Rory Smail
Zach Lindemann
Bryce Lindemann
Chilo Mandeville
Meghan Field
Logan Field
Cameron Doll
Joseph Wang
Scott Kruetzfeldt
Megan Kruetzfeldt
Avery Damron
Sara Nguyen
Kyle Wu
Nicole Morris
Will McCloud
Jacob Wright
Cameron Smith
Matthew Altenberg
Savannah Nied
Cameron Hickerson
Andy Kasper
Jacob Herbstman
Taylor Ingram
Cristina Avelar (missing Medical Consent Form)
Aimee Armstrong

5 Alumni signed-up (limited to only 10 more):
Brian Padilla
Jeffrey Marin
Blake Civello
Lily Raymond
Matt Begert-Hellings


-We have 13 Girls missing from our MCHS '16 XC Roster not yet signed up:

Audrey Moessing
Sydnie Rivas
Christina Alberigi-Donaldson
Miranda Huntsinger
Emma Huntsinger
Haley Joerger
Ally Kuehn
Jamie Lu
Faith Murray
Austin Rogers
Katrina Storie
Ciara Storie
Leslie Valdez

-We also have 20 Boys missing from our MCHS '16 XC Roster not yet signed up:

David Abel
Omar Alverez
Tristan Candelaria
Joshua Chang
Edward Deng
Eric DesJardins
Jai Dhiman
Shrey Dhiman
Julian Foster
James Grant
Eugene Joh
Matthew Lana
Ben Lawson
Bernard Omiple
Leon Peralta
James Roh
Tristan Singleton
Ben Turley
Turner Welch
Sam Wong

REMINDERS: Contact Greg if you are able to help drive to camp or back; we need ~28 more seats!    ...Also, remember to keep Monday, July 24 on your calendar for our Camp Planning Meeting, 6-7:30 PM at Greg's house!

-Coach Greg Fogg
(707) 291-2967

Greg's Home Address:
4525 Ranchette Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

...FYI to Parents:  ...I'm just now getting around to depositing camp fees for checks I've received over the past ~2 months based on the list above!

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