Thursday, September 14, 2017

MCHS XC Week #5: ...What's coming up this weekend?


MEET #1) VIKING OPENER (Spring Lake, Santa Rosa) itinerary and race rosters/schedule LINK

Coach Barry will be in charge of this meet with help from Erik Lacy; 45 athletes entered in this meet.

PARENTS: You'll need to park in the Violetti Parking lot, then plan on ~20 minutes walk to the
starting line.   Note: Oak Knolls parking may be limited/reserved for Buses, OK to drop athletes off
at the Newanga Entrance, but plan for long lines!   $7 Parking fee at Newanga entrance (or free with
a regional parks pass.   -All divisions 2 miles.   Top 3 finishers for each team make up the team score;
athletes may not "race-up" a division (i.e. no Freshmen in the Junior race)

-Viking Opener Event Website:
-Results will be posted here:

MEET #2) WOODBRIDGE INVITATIONAL (L.A.) itinerary and race rosters/schedule LINK

28 Athletes going to this meet.  ...With most everyone leaving Friday from MCHS 8:30AM to drive down to L.A. in 5 separate vehicles (drivers: Coach Greg, Russ, Marion, Sue and Lesley Field), with competition in the PM hours on Saturday.  (a few are driving/flying down separately on Friday)

EVERYONE ON THE ROSTER: We are asking everyone to donate $25 to supplement for our fuel/van rental expense (give to Coach Marion). Breakfast and Dinners which will be provided, but bring your own $ to cover lunch or any other spending money you'll need; all other expenses will be covered, including entry fees and hotel.

-Woodbridge Event Website:
-Link to live results:

PARENTS: If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this weekend's activities, please contact Greg directly.


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Team Facebook Page: MCHS XC 2017!!!

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