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MCHS XC: Week #2 Highlights + what's coming up for Week #3

MCHS XC 2017 Week #3 Update


-If you have not already, you should bookmark this link for future reference as most of our race results, local competition and historical records are posted here!

COACHES SUMMARY FROM 8/25/17:  Great overall first race effort for the MCHS Team, showing impressive depth and proof that many of our runners put in some serious training over this summer, setting up for what should be a very exciting/impressive 2017 season for the Pumas!   ...FYI: The 1 mile and 2 mile marks were off from what we had been originally told, so it might take us a few days to "tease-apart" results and provide all athletes 1:1 feedback on how well they executed this race and what to work on next time (i.e. went out too fast for mile #1 and faded in mile #2, then slower in mile #3), but overall our coaches were quite pleased with our team's effort as this was everyone's first 3 mile (actually 3.06 miles) efforts of the season.  

ROSTER UPDATE; WHERE ARE ALL THE FRESHMAN GIRLS?!:   ...We are currently up to 70 runners who have made our fitness standard with 7 more working hard to make this fitness standard over the next 4 weeks.    EVERYONE: We need to step-up our activity to find a few more Freshman Girls!    ...We only have 2 on our roster, which is an all time low for the last 14 years of my coaching at MCHS; what the heck is happening?!   -Our goal is to have at least 5-7 on the roster for both boys and girls of each class; does anyone know of any other Freshman Girls?   -Our Roster is open through this Friday, September 1st; if you know of anyone that may have been cut from another sport or might be interested in joining our amazing team, please contact Greg ASAP! 

GREAT FUNDRAISING THIS PAST WEEK!   ...Thanks to all the athletes helping to fundraise over the past few weeks and especially over this weekend; BIG THANKS to Roy Raymond, Leticia and Brian Costas, the Altenbergs for helping to set-up/run/teardown the Rummage Sale, which brought in ~$850, all the athletes who begged for money at Safeway, pulling in another $700 and then ~22 athletes + Coach Barry, Russ and Greg who helped with the Santa Rosa Marathon and expecting to earn ~$1000 for 5+ hrs. in 90+ degree heat.    -Special thanks to all you parents who have donated beyond the $50 travel expense and keep it coming!    VERY SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO COACH RUSS, who basically helped with everything we were doing this past week/weekend, sometimes going in 3 different directions at once; THANKS RUSS!!!


Training, Training and more Training; no racing scheduled for this week!   
-All Varsity Athletes, please be ready for a 9AM Saturday, 9/2/17 workout, meeting at Howarth Park.


-EVERY ATHLETE needs to turn-in their Athlete Information Form/Donation Form AND be fully registered on by the this coming up Friday, September 1st if you want to be registered for the Ed Sias Invite on 9/9/17!  

-OUR ON-LINE STORE IS OPEN!!! Get some cool MCHS XC logo gear and help support the team; we get a percentage from all sales! The on-line store will be open for orders until 9/10/17, with a estimated delivery in 3 weeks.   -IMPORTANT!!! We have already ordered the Sports-Tek Dri-Fit T-shirt and Sports Tek Hooded Wind Jacket personalized with their name for all of our athletes so our Pumas look uniform as a team! We are please asking for a donation of $25 per athlete (checks payable to MCHS PAB) to help subsidize the cost. -Thank you!     


Please, please, please sign-up to help drive our kids to the park for workouts; we need 4-5 drivers each day we designate park workout days (2-3 days a week); this is very important element for our team and I believe is a big part of what distinguishes our program from others; please help to keep all our runners training on the trails!   LINK


-All of the schools in the NBL just last week voted to bring back our dual-tri meet schedule (4 smaller meets vs. NBL schools a season) vs. the current center meet schedule (2 larger meets vs. all NBL schools a season), which will be in affect THIS SEASON.   ...As soon as I get more details worked out with the other NBL coaches this week, I'll modify our schedule and publish a modified schedule with more detail, but expect it to look like the following with 4 meets in a row (all Wednesdays) with race locations TBD and all races starting at 3:45PM.

Here's what the modified NBL 2017 Schedule looks like: 

10/4/17: MCHS hosting Ukiah and Montgomery 
10/11/17: MCHS and Rancho at Windsor
10/18/17: MCHS hosting Casa Grande and Santa Rosa
10/25/17: MCHS at Cardinal Newman


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

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