Thursday, August 24, 2017

Highlights from week#1 / What's coming up for week #2


IMPORTANT!    ...Hi EVERYONE; Here's what's coming up over the next few days!

...We're going to have a busy next few days for our first race, then Saturday fundraising, then a bit more fundraising on Sunday.     Apologize for the huge time-sink, but hoping we can spread this around to everyone, including Parents!

We have some great fund-raising opportunities this weekend and then we'll be done fundraising for the season except one more event, the Healdsburg 1/2 Marathon water stations on 10/28.

FRIDAY, 8/25: Bus leaves MCHS at 2:00PM (change from 1:30) with roster heading for Redwood High School 395 Doherty Dr, Larkspur, CA 94939 for our first race!   Note: This is a change in location from what has been previously communicated (I heard just this evening); we're NOT going to Golden Gate Ntl. Recreation Area/ 591 Tennessee Valley Rd. in Mill Valley, but we'll be racing at Redwood High School.)
-Racing at 4:00-4:15PM; done racing by 5:00ish, then pot-luck till 6PM, hoping to get back to MCHS by 7:30PM.   Roster for this race includes 67 athletes that have all passed our fitness time trial!

SATURDAY, 8/26: Rummage Sale! Roy Raymond, Leticia Costas and Altenberg's helping from 7:30AM - Noon EVERYONE ELSE PLEASE BRING YOUR STUFF TO SELL! ...EMPTY YOUR GARAGE, WE'LL TAKE PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING! What doesn't sell we'll be hauling everything away to Goodwill or Salvation Army for what ever is left-over.

SATURDAY, 8/26: Run-A-Thon 8AM - 6PM (cutting this short/typically we go till Midnight, just because we're asking for a lot of time from everyone recently) we need athletes to show-up as follows + rotate some to Safeway to ask for donations:
Run-A-Thon Shifts (on MCHS Track):
8-10AM + 4-6PM = Seniors
10AM-Noon = Juniors
Noon-2PM = Sophomores
2-4PM = Freshmen
Safeway/Calistoga Road Shifts asking for donations:
10AM-11AM = Sophomores
11AM-Noon = Freshmen
Noon-1PM = Juniors
1PM-2PM = Seniors + Anyone else that wants to stick around

SUNDAY, 8/27: Helping with the Santa Rosa Marathon duties, 7:30AM-12:30PM (I know this is short notice, but this will raise $1000 for the team!), please get there on-time, find Greg and I'll direct you on where to go (I believe Russ was confirming volunteers today at practice, but we still 2-3 more volunteers!   -Just show up at the starting line, look for Greg and he'll point you in the right direction.
-5 volunteers to help with timing booth at the Finish Line
-10 volunteers to help with pancakes
-5 volunteers at the Woodstock Challenge booth
...Parents or Athletes please contact Greg if you can commit to this activity on Sunday!!!

Thanks everyone for helping the team.


Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

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