Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Let's get ready for 2018 MARIA CARRILLO CROSS COUNTRY!


...Not sure what to expect with the MCHS XC Program, or just need some motivation to help ya get our there and get running?    ...Check out this LINK for a history of MCHS XC End of the Season Videos.

If you haven't taken that first step to JUST GET OUT THERE AND START RUNNING, you should JOIN OUR GROUP SUMMER RUNS!  ...We have been meeting 4 days a week (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri) at 6PM and then again at 8:30 AM on Saturdays...

Here's a LINK to 10 weeks of our Community Summer Runs Schedule. 

...If you need more structure for training, here's a LINK to our Level 1 Summer Mileage Training/Ramp Schedule (Coach Greg has 3 other levels available, already published on our Team Facebook Page; if you're interested in other training programs/more details, just contact him) .

My hope is that EVERYONE has committed to a summer mileage ramp program and will be joining at least some of our our 10 weeks of Summer Runs between your Summer fun and vacations!    

The key to any Summer Training Program is:

CONSISTENCY: Show-up and stay committed; try to avoid gaps in your summer training!
PROGRESSION: Force yourself to go faster and/or longer each week; you'll see improvement!

There are a variety of Greg's summer mileage programs available (published on Facebook last month); if one of these doesn't fit your needs or you're new to running, just try this: Start with running even pace runs for 20-30 minutes, 3-4 times as week, after 2 weeks add a 40 minute run, then after 4 weeks, move your long run up to 50 minutes and hopefully after 5-6 weeks, you can run consistently, 4 days a week with your short run no less than 30 minutes and 2x/week longer runs of 50 minutes.   

Email or text (707) 291-2967 Greg if you need more guidance for a training routine that works best for you!

ARE YOU SIGNED UP FOR OUR TAHOE RUNNING CAMP?!  ...There's not much time left before we freeze the roster; NO RSVPs, you simply need to: 

1) Send a check to Greg for Camp Fees

2) Mail (or give to Greg) a complete Medical Release Form
3) Complete the ~9.3 mile time trial (on July 21st  8:30AM starting from Park Trail) 
4) You or a Parent attend the mandatory camp planning meeting on Monday, July 30th 6PM  

LINK to 2018 Tahoe Running Camp flyer + Medical Release Form
LINK to 2018 Tahoe Running Camp day-by-day agenda
LINK to 2018 Tahoe Running Camp "what to bring"

PARENTS!   ...WE NEED YOUR HELP DRIVING!!   Greg needs 6-8 more drivers to help in transporting athletes to camp; please contact Greg ASAP if you can help in driving up to Tahoe Camp on Thursday, 8/2 leaving MCHS 10AM (and how many passenger seats you'll have available); once we're there we should have enough drivers during camp and coming back.

IMPORTANT!   ...THIS YEAR YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER YOUR MCHS ATHLETE VIA THE NEW ON-LINE SYSTEM  -No more turning in athletic packets during Orientation in August; the process is now on-line through Sportsnet system.   Here's a LINK for instructions (need to upload the athlete's current physical form (any form provided by your doctor, then scanned into this system will do) included with the packet:

LINK to the tentative 2018 MCHS XC Competition Schedule; please let Coach Greg know if you have any conflicts in attending these meets!   Note to all athletes:

It's expected EVERYONE participates in our NBL meets (including NBL Finals) and keep in mind, invites are optional to attend, but let Greg know if you have any conflicts!

We will be traveling to Clovis and Woodbridge Invites with Varsity + Frosh-Soph teams, so if you think you're in the top 7 roster and you have a conflict/can't go, let Greg know!

To all Varsity runners:  Please note key dates (Woodbridge, Stanford and Clovis Invites and NBL, NCS and State Championships) if you foresee any conflicts, let Greg know ASAP!  

Also, FYI: 
-ACT test date on 9/8/18 conflicts with the Ed Sias Invite
-SAT test date on 10/6/18 conflicts with the Clovis Invite

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


-Greg Fogg
MCHS Head Coach Cross Country/Track & Field
Mailing address: 4091 Sacramento Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Text or call: (707) 291-2967

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MCHS XC Team Facebook Page LINK: 
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