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2016 Tahoe Running Camp Highlights! ...Plus, Reminders/Important Dates Coming Up!!!

...Heads-up!   -I put a lot of content in this release; there's a lot of IMPORTANT information towards the bottom of this release (after the Tahoe Camp Highlights)... 


THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!!   ...This awesome camp experience would not have been possible if it wasn't for all of these people!

-Tanya Stevens from Bruno's on 4th Street and her two sons, Kioni and Taz for preparing our meals!
-Leticia Costa, Lisa Segraves, Sarah Williams, Lucas Azcarraga, Roy O'Conner, Brian Keefer, for helping to serve meals and help out in the camp kitchen
-Steve Palladino for helping with all medical attention and organizing our Spooner results/stats
-Coaches: Marion Maassen, Matthew Bennett, Kevon Roberts and Leanne Fogg
-Salvador Avelar for coaching, and driving our BIG TRUCK!
-Lucy Segraves for the awesome, hippy-dippy, way cool tie-dye camper of the day shirts
-All of the Alumni that brought a heightened level of energy and fun to camp!
-All parents who helped with driving and participated with activities during camp

LINK to Day 1 video #1 and LINK to rest of camp video #2 by Leanne Fogg:

2016 TAHOE RUNNING CAMPERS OF THE DAY!   ...Voted on by Alumni and Camp Staff, recognizing campers for their selfless character, demonstrating exemplary behavior and representing the true spirit of camp and a positive attitude!     ...All 12 of these campers received a genuine Lucy Segraves one-of-a-kind groovy tie-dye camp shirt!

Day 2) Miranda Huntsinger, Ben Lawson, Taylor Ingram
Day 3) Maddy Glenn, Harry Frankl, Emma Huntsinger, Talia Leano
Day 4) Christina Avelar, Meghan Field, Bryce Chinn, Jacob Wright
Day 5) Matt Begert-Hellings

2016 TAHOE RUNNING CAMPER OF THE WEEK!  ...OK, he's was just the best of the best, enough said!    Blake Civello   -Blake gets a free pair of running shoes from Heart and Sole Sports !

BROWNIE CONTEST WINNERS: Allie Ahern, Caroline Hellings, Huntsingers  (and one more, but I can't recall...?) all win choice of PR socks, see Greg if you have not received yours yet!

POG (Plank Of Glory = for holding a plank for 8 minutes; now that's tough!!!   ...And all permanently marked on our POG board): Evan Drake, Pierce Kapustka, Annika Cerini, Jacob Herbstman, Jacob Wright, Talia Leano, Meghan Field, Morgan Schrijver, Bryce Chinn 

The "POG" Plank Of Glory founded by David Eik, 2014
SPOONER HIGHLIGHTS (12.2 mile run on Tahoe Rim Trail):

Spooner highlights and most outstanding performances (based on recent records kept for the past 6 years, thanks to Steve Palladino): 

-55 Runners started and finished (including Greg) in under 3 hours! 
-Alex Morrison became 1 of only 3 to break 1:30 on record
-Blake Civello ran 1:35:27 to lead all High School Boys, 7:16 improvement from '15, a very fast time and now #7 on all-time Senior list
-Sydnie Rivas ran 1:55 to lead all High School Girls, 3:58 improvement from '15 and #2 on all-time Junior list
...But, the incoming Freshmen  Boys stole the show!
-Rory Smail crushed the previous freshman record by almost 11 minutes!   Rory Smail improved his '15 time by 17:58 and tied for overall #4 finisher on the day.
-Colton Swinth and Tristan Singleton also broke the previous freshman record (that includes bettering outstanding MCHS runners like Jacob Wright and Jordan Scobey by over 1 minute!) with Colton Swinth improving a ridiculous 34:34 from '15 and finishing #2 all-time freshman and #8 overall runner and right behind Colton was Tristan Singleton improving 2:33 from '15, now the #3 all-time freshman.
2016 "Spoon of Guts" recognizing 3 individuals: 
Rory Smail, Lily Raymond, Zach Lindemann
-Three other "first time Spooner" Freshmen Boys broke 2:00 as follows: Patrick Phillip (1:57:22), Pierce Kapustska (1:58:15) and Owen Pugh (2:00:01, hey, close enough!)
-Harry Frankl improving an unreal 34:34 (he's been working really hard/committed and it's paying off!)
-Meghan Field improving 24:10; are you kidding?   ...That's ~2:00 a mile from '15 = amazing!
-Lily Raymond with a major break through, fast 1:57:22 time as #2 overall girl finisher, #8 on all-time on the Senior list, improving 14:02 from '15, that's over 1 minute a mile improvement and a looking really good going into her senior year!
-Langston Hay improved 22:27 from '15; watch out for this SRHS Panther this Fall XC season!
-Zach Lindemann making a statement, tied as #4 MCHS runner and running a fast 1:38:13
-Eric DesJardins was tentative for our tempo workout, but looked real good on Spooner; improving 14:33
-Note that top Varsity MCHS runners, Ben Lawson ran to the first summit in ~52:00 with Alex Morrison, then dropped back to pace Owen Pugh and Scott Kruetzfeldt decided needed time to recover from his recent IT band injury.  ...Others improving over 5:00 from '15 not highlighted already:
Taylor Ingram (13:58), Andy Kasper (13:53), Miranda Huntsinger (11:16), Cam Smith (10:20), Ellie Civello (8:27), Cooper Moore (8:09), Jai Dhiman (7:30), Jacob Herbstman (6:42), Marco Keefer (6:21) and Allegra Robertshaw (5:21) 

...For another POV, check out these SPOONER IMPROVEMENTS combining '15 + '16 progress: 

Harry Frankl (59:20 improvement) and Zach Lindemann (58:56 improvement); Hey Harry and Zach, That's almost 5 minutes/ mile improvement in 2 years, WOW!

Langston Hay (41:01 improvement) ~3:30 per mile improvement, combine improved endurance with his speed and he'll be really dangerous this year! 
Sydnie Rivas (26:37), Cam Smith (25:15),  Lily Raymond (22:23) all improving their Spooner pace ~2:20 per mile to just under 2:00 per mile !
VERY IMPRESSIVE IMPROVEMENTS ranging between ~1:45-1:10 per mile pace improvement:
20:46 = Jai Dhiman
19:47 = Jacob Herbstman
18:17 = Cooper Moore
14:48 = Jacob Wright
14:27 = Blake Civello

...Here's a look a Spooner results sorted by largest  '15 vs. '16 time improvement:

Tahoe Running Camp Roster 
Spooner '16          Improvement 15->16 Improvement 14->15
Swinth, Colton 1:49:12 0:34:34  
Frankl, Harry 1:48:39 0:28:12 0:31:08
Field, Meghan 2:03:43 0:24:10  
Hay, Langston 1:48:42 0:22:27 0:18:34
Smail, Rory 1:38:14 0:17:58  
Lindemann, Zac 1:38:13 0:16:32 0:42:24
DesJardins, Eric 2:09:41 0:14:33  
Raymond, Lily  1:57:22 0:14:02 0:08:21
Ingram, Taylor 1:55:53 0:13:58  
Kasper, Andy 2:00:02 0:13:53  
Huntsinger, Miranda 2:20:26 0:11:16  
Smith, Cameron 1:55:47 0:10:20 0:14:55
Civello, Ellie 2:19:26 0:08:27  
Moore, Cooper 2:06:15 0:08:09 0:10:08
Dhiman, Jai 2:09:02 0:07:30 0:13:16
Civello, Blake 1:35:27 0:07:16 0:07:11
Herbstman, Jacob 2:01:46 0:06:42 0:13:05
Keefer, Marco 2:03:30 0:06:21  
Robertshaw, Allegra 2:19:21 0:05:21  
Rivas, Sydnie 1:55:53 0:03:58 0:22:39
Wright, Jacob 1:35:30 0:03:15 0:11:33
Singleton, Tristan 1:49:13 0:02:33  
Velasquez, Elias 1:36:53 0:01:47  

2016 Spooner 12.2 miles Finishing Times:

Tahoe Running Camp Roster 
Spooner '16         
Morrison, Alex 1:29:28
Eik, David 1:33:55
Rosen-Duran, Eli 1:33:55
Civello, Blake 1:35:27
Wright, Jacob 1:35:30
Velasquez, Elias 1:36:53
Marin, Jeffery 1:38:09
Lindemann, Zac 1:38:13
Smail, Rory 1:38:14
Drake, Evan 1:40:30
Schoenbach, Gabe 1:41:34
Frankl, Harry 1:48:39
Hay, Langston 1:48:42
Swinth, Colton 1:49:12
Singleton, Tristan 1:49:13
Smith, Cameron 1:55:47
Ingram, Taylor 1:55:53
Rivas, Sydnie 1:55:53
Raymond, Lily  1:57:22
Phillip, Patrick 1:57:22
Kapustska, Pierce 1:58:15
Pugh, Owen 2:00:01
Kasper, Andy 2:00:02
Lawson, Ben (ran 1st 1/2 in 52:00, then helped pace Owen) 2:00:04
Herbstman, Jacob 2:01:46
Keefer, Marco 2:03:30
Chang, Joshua 2:03:31
Field, Meghan 2:03:43
Hegart, Ben 2:04:43
Moore, Cooper 2:06:15
Dhiman, Jai 2:09:02
DesJardins, Eric 2:09:41
Chinn, Bryce 2:09:41
Schram, Aidan 2:12:53
Cerini, Anika 2:14:29
Begert-Hellings, Matthew 2:19:20
Robertshaw, Allegra 2:19:21
Civello, Ellie 2:19:26
Huntsinger, Miranda 2:20:26
Buenrostro, Karen 2:22:40
Leavitt, Andrew 2:22:43
Azcarraga, Lucas 2:31:09
Hauptman, Jack 2:41:55
Cortina, Lukas 2:50:11
Randles, Keegan 2:50:12
Huntsinger, Emma 2:50:57
Omiple, Bernard 2:51:22
Dhiman, Shrey 2:51:41
Wright, Emma 2:54:05
Rogers, Austin 2:54:06
Scobey, Taylor 2:54:07
Nguyen, Sara 2:54:53
Ahern, Allie 2:54:54
McCloud, William (injured knee) 3:36:07

IMPORTANT!   -Can't wait for the 2017 TAHOE RUNNING CAMP!?  Save the date!    Fri, 7/28/17 - Wed, 8/2/16
-Notes and changes for 2017 Tahoe Camp:
  • Tanya Stevens has agreed to cook for us again!  -YEAY!
  • Camp Fees will go up from $150 to $175 to cover added expenses 
  • Camper Roster will be limited to no more than 70 (vs. the 85 limit we've had in previous years)
  • Every camper who comes to the 2017 camp will be expected to run Spooner in 3 hrs or less!   ...To help facilitate this, we'll have several "Spooner 10 mile Time Trials" in June and July.   10 mile course: Park Trail-Spring Creek-Canyon-Marsh-South Burma-Richardson-Canyon-Spring Creek-Park Trail
-----------------------------------IMPORTANT DATES COMING UP---------------------------------------

Sat, 8/6/16: 9:30 AM Pancake Run from Annika Cerini's house, 1414 St. Francis Rd. SR, 95409

Tue, 8/9/16: Student Orientation at MCHS begins!   LINK to MCHS Athletic Packet
-IMPORTANT!  ALL ATHLETES WILL NEED TO HAVE THEIR ATHLETIC PACKETS COMPLETED, INCLUDING A SPORTS PHYSICAL DATED AFTER JUNE 1ST  -All Athletes must turn-in their Athletic Packet during orientation to the Athletic Directors first, THEN the A/Ds will give you an athletic clearance slip that looks like this to give to coach Greg:

Each Athlete needs to give Coach Greg this clearance slip (NOT THE ENTIRE ATHLETIC PACKET) before they can practice or compete!   -If you don't have your Athletic Packet complete during orientation, you might be able to catch the A/Ds (Jerry Deakins or Mike Mastin) in the office at MCHS, to complete this process.

Tue, 8/9/16 Orientation Schedule:
-Seniors: 8:30 - 9:30 AM
-Juniors: 10:00 - 11:00 AM
-Sophomores: Last Name A-N 12:00 – 1:30 PM   O-Z  1:30 – 3:00   PM

Wed, 8/10/16: Freshmen Orientation 8:00 - 3:00 PM 
-IMPORTANT: Please let Greg know if you can help in "recruiting interest" to join the XC team on 8/9 or 8/10; we'll have a table next to other sports teams in the small gym for XC sign-ups to share information and answer questions...

-IMPORTANT! ...Don't have your Sports Physical scheduled yet?    Santa Rosa Sports and Family Medicine (1255 N. Dutton Ave, 95401) has special "clinics" to get your Sports Physical done but better hurry, space is limited, call (707) 546-9400 ASAP!
Santa Rosa Sports and Family Medicine Clinics will be scheduled through the 18th of August: 
-Tue: 10AM-Noon
-Thu: 4-6PM
-Fri 8-Noon
 Sat, 8/13/16: 9:30AM Pancake Run from Matt Begert-Helling's house, 5200 Honor Oak Ct. SR, 95405

Mon, 8/15/16:  FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE!   -Reminder: You must have your Clearance Form to practice! MCHS XC Practice starts 3:00, the rest of the week (Tue-Fri), practice starts 3:30

Wed, 8/17/16:  FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!   ...Yes, we will have two practice sessions before school starts!

Thu, 8/18/16 or Fri, 8/19/16IMPORTANT One of these dates will be our first Fitness Standard test!  -First 85 to make the standard, make the MCHS XC roster!   -What is the standard?   ...3200m (8 laps around the track) standard for Boys: 14:00 (7:00/mile pace) and for Girls: 16:30 (8:15/mile pace).   -If we don't get 85 in our first day, we'll have 3-5 more time trials opportunities through September 16th if needed.   FYI: -Last year we started the MCHS XC season with 98 on our roster and finished the season with 89, without making any "cuts".   -However, this year due to limited coaching bandwidth and to ensure the safety of everyone on the roster, we're limiting our roster to 85.   Note:  MCHS is lucky to have a lot of interest for XC; most other high school teams have 35-40 on their roster, so at 85, we'll still have one of the largest, if not the largest XC rosters in the area...

...Feeling out of the loop?   -I'll be using this blog and our FaceBook page, MCHS XC 2016!!! to provide information throughout the season, so if you are not a member of this [closed] group on Facebook, please request to join!    ...Also, if you know someone who is not subscribed" to our Blog, feel free to pass this e-mail along and just hit the "e-Newsletter SUBSCRIBE" icon on the upper left of our home page...   

EVERYONE: Keep logging your miles in!   ...If you're not sure how to sign-up, follow these instructions LINK   
-IMPORTANT: Starting this season, it will be mandatory for EVERYONE ON THE MCHS XC ROSTER to log-in their miles in XCStats throughout the season! 

...Keep on running and enjoy the rest of your Summer!  


Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

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