Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Final 2016 Tahoe Running Camp Roster


LINK to final Camp Schedule

1) LINK to what to bring list (double-check this!) and also remember to bring lunch money for the drive up and the drive back.    -While at camp, we will keep food in your belly!

2) If you have NOT filled-out your "something unique, unusual and interesting about you" for our camp trivia (both from Campers/Runners and Alumni) you need to text Greg (707) 291-2967 ASAP

3) I counted just enough tents from our meeting on Monday, but we could use 3-4 more!    Please bring an "extra" tent if you have one!   


5) Start working on your tent groups and Greg needs to approve; remember, no "clicking" I will NOT APPROVE of any groups made-up of 100% buddies, reach-out to someone new and make new friendships!    Tent groups will be reviewed/approved before we leave on Friday; you need to have your tent + all of your tent occupants AND your tent occupancy must not exceed the # of people you have...   Duh.

6) Alumni Driving Plans are finalized (yeay)!    ...See Facebook post for more details (thanks to Annika and Allie for helping get this group organized)

...OK, with a few changes, here's the final-final-final 2016 Tahoe Running Camp Roster!   -NO MORE CHANGES!!!

57 Camper/Runners + 20 Alumni = 77 Total:

Campers/Runners (57):

Tahoe Running Camp Roster 2016 by Name as of July 19, 2016 Current
School or College
2016 Fall
Kapustka, Pierce RVMS Runner Boy 9
Phillip, Patrick RVMS Runner Boy 9
Pugh, Owen Slater Runner Boy 9
Singleton, Tristan RVMS Runner Boy 9
Smail, Rory RVMS Runner Boy 9
Swinth, Colton  RVMS Runner Boy 9
Avelar, Christina RVMS Runner Girl 9
Hirth, Jasmin RVMS Runner Girl 9
Huntsinger, Emma RVMS Runner Girl 9
Kruetzfeldt, Megan RVMS Runner Girl 9
Nguyen, Sara RVMS Runner Girl 9
Arietta, Matthew MCHS Runner Boy 10
Baker, Colby MCHS Runner Boy 10
Chang, Joshua MCHS Runner Boy 10
Chinn, Bryce MCHS Runner Boy 10
Cortina, Lukas MCHS Runner Boy 10
DesJardins, Eric MCHS Runner Boy 10
Frankl, Harrison MCHS Runner Boy 10
Kasper, Andy MCHS Runner Boy 10
McCloud, William MCHS Runner Boy 10
Omiple, Bernard MCHS Runner Boy 10
Civello, Ellie MCHS Runner Girl 10
Field, Meghan MCHS Runner Girl 10
Leano, Talia MCHS Runner Girl 10
Rogers, Austin MCHS Runner Girl 10
Scobey, Taylor MCHS Runner Girl 10
Altenburg, Matthew MCHS Runner Boy 11
Dhiman, Jai MCHS Runner Boy 11
Dhiman, Shrey MCHS Runner Boy 11
Hay, Langston SRHS Runner Boy 11
Herbstman, Jacob MCHS Runner Boy 11
Ingram, Taylor MCHS Runner Boy 11
Keefer, Marco MCHS Runner Boy 11
Kruetzfeldt, Scott MCHS Runner Boy 11
Lawson, Ben MCHS Runner Boy 11
Lindeman, Zach MCHS Runner Boy 11
Smith, Cameron MCHS Runner Boy 11
Wright, Jacob MCHS Runner Boy 11
Glenn, Maddy S. Academy Runner Girl 11
Harris, Maya MCHS Runner Girl 11
Huntsinger, Miranda MCHS Runner Girl 11
Rivas, Sydnie MCHS Runner Girl 11
Sell, McKenna S. Academy Runner Girl 11
Begert, Matthew MCHS Runner Boy 12
Civello, Blake MCHS Runner Boy 12
Dvorak, Adam MCHS Runner Boy 12
Hauptman, Jack MCHS Runner Boy 12
Hegart, Ben Monty Runner Boy 12
Cignetti, Enzo SRHS Runner Boy 12
Leavitt, Andrew MCHS Runner Boy 12
Moore, Cooper MCHS Runner Boy 12
Randles, Keegan MCHS Runner Boy 12
Schram, Aidan MCHS Runner Boy 12
Velazquez, Elias RUP Runner Boy 12
Buenrostro, Karen MCHS Runner Girl 12
Raymond, Lily MCHS Runner Girl 12
Robertshaw, Allegra Windsor Runner Girl 12

Alumni (20):
Tahoe Running Camp Roster 2016 by Name as of July 19, 2016 Current
School or College
2016 Fall
Williams, Sarah SRJC Alumni  Girl 14
Everest, Jacob SRJC Alumni Boy 13
Franceschi, Ean SRJC Alumni Boy 13
Marin, Jeffrey SRJC Alumni Boy 13
Padilla, Brian SRJC Alumni Boy 13
Schneider, Rowan SRJC Alumni Boy 13
Schrijver, Morgan TBD Alumni Boy 13
Shoenbach, Gabe MCHS Alumni Boy 13
Thibault, Antoine PSU Alumni Boy 13
Yates, Jackson TBD Alumni Boy 13
Ahern, Allie Cal Poly Alumni Girl 13
Avelar, Carolina Santa Clara U Alumni Girl 13
Avelar, Cecilia Santa Clara U Alumni Girl 13
Cerini, Annika SRJC Alumni Girl 13
Nicklas, Tessa Chico Alumni Girl 13
Page, Allison Purdue Alumni Girl 13
Wright, Emma UCSB Alumni Girl 13
Azcarraga, Lucas SRJC Alumni Boy 14
Eik, David Colo. College Alumni Boy 14
Frankl, Willy G. Washington Alumni Boy 14

Looking forward to an awesome camping adventure!!!    ...Oh yes, and some great runs and conditioning as well!

Cell: (707) 291-2967

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