Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rosters and Plans for this Saturday, 9/14 for Ed Sias, Martinez and Viking Opener, Spring Lake!

Link for both ED SIAS Roster and VIKING OPENER Rosters

LOGISTICS FOR ED SIAS (with Coach Greg, Sal and Pat):

7:00 AM: Leaving MCHS with 6 Frosh-Soph Boys, Driver: Coach Sal with Greg
8:00 AM: Leaving MCHS with everyone else (Drivers: Steve Palladino, Pat or Katya Anderson, Amy Orgish, and others...?)   -Should arrive in time for Frosh-Soph race at 9:50 AM)

Link to Ed Sias Event Website: 

Link to Ed Sias 2013 Alternate Course Map (Traditional Course is under construction)

2013 Ed Sias Course Change: Please note that due to the renovation of Hidden Valley Park, this year's event will be staged at Hidden Lakes Park, on Morello Avenue, Martinez.  The soccer field will be used for the start and finish and the open space trails will be used for the remainder of the 2.0 mile course.

...Check out these videos from the 2011 and 2012 Ed Sias Invite: 







LOGISTICS FOR VIKING OPENER (with Coach Sheryl and Matt):

-IMPORTANT FOR ALL MCHS XC ATHLETES:  -Be there 1 hour before your race!  ...Plan ~15 minutes to park/walk to Spring Lake Starting Line, plan to stay for awards ceremony at 1PM

7:45 AM: Coaches arrive and set-up home base canopy, tarps and MCHS XC Banner
8:00 AM: First 5 MCHS XC runners should be arriving for Boys Frosh race at 9:00
8:20 AM: Next 5 MCHS XC runners arrive for Girls Frosh-Soph race at 9:20
8:45 AM: Next 5 MCHS XC runners arrive for Boys Soph race at 9:45
9:00 AM: Everyone else arrives (even if your in the last race at 12:05!) get your race tags and relax :)

Link to Viking Opener Spring Lake 2 mile Course


Please make sure participants know that the park is not closed to other visitors.  When on the trails students shall be mindful of other users and abide by trail etiquette.  When congregating before and after runs, students shall be careful not to block vehicle or pedestrian traffic and choose an appropriate gathering place off the roadway and off of trails.

PARKING AND PARKING FEES:  Parking for all meets shall be at the Oak Knolls picnic area.  This includes parking for buses, spectators and all athletes.  Only race officials, coaches and those with valid handicap placards may park at the Boat Ramp.  Fees are waived for coaches, athletes and course officials only.  The above named individuals must display a 3x5 card with the school name written in large block letters clearly visible on the dashboard of their vehicle to enter without being charged.  These cards are not transferable to any other person; however, a parent driving participating athletes in the vehicle may display the pass.  Spectators and parents without an athlete in the vehicle and remaining more than 15 minutes are required to pay the day use parking fee of $7.00 per vehicle.  Parents without an athlete in the car who are just picking someone up must pay the day use parking fee.  This fee may be refunded if they leave the park within a 15-minute period.

REMINDER!   This Friday, 9/13 is Team Picture day (bring your uniform!) meeting Todd VanDenburg at Montecito Park

Link to 2013 Pasta Feed Schedule

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967
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