Monday, August 11, 2014

Sign up for DRIVING RUNNERS to the Park, FORGOTTEN TAHOE GEAR, More Tahoe Running CAMP PICS and IMPORTANT DATES coming up!

Attention all parents!    We need your help to drive runners to Howarth Park/Annadel Park 2 or 3 days a week during the upcoming XC season!   ...Look for an e-mail from our Team Transportation Coordinator, Raylene Leavitt inviting you to sign-up at for the driving groups covering the month of August.     -September, October, November schedules TBD

 -If you do not get an e-mail invite like the one above, please contact Raylene at to get involved and support the team!

Still missing a few things from Camp?    ...This is what's left and sitting in my driveway with 4-5 green and blue tarps.   -After this weekend, everything will be either donated to our general camp supplies or taken to Goodwill, so come get it if ya see something that belongs to you!

Emerald Bay Run.   Great day, great group! -Photo by the Great Greg Arietta
Steve, Warren and Erik biking around Lake Tahoe on Monday, had a Pace Car letting them cut through traffic!
Selfie taking Selfies

 ...Yup, it was a bit wet during our Tempo Run at Camp.   Erik, take the shirt off like all the other "men" -Photo by Greg A

Countdown to the first day of practice = only 7 DAYS!


Monday, 8/18: First day of practice (Monday, practice starts 3:00, rest of the week practice starts 3:30)  
Wednesday, 8/20: First day of school
Friday, 8/22: Mandatory Parent Team Meeting, 5:30-6:45
Saturday, 823: 16 Hour Run-A-Thon & Yard Sale MCHS Track and Parking Lot
Friday, 8/29: Our first competition!   Rancho Invite (Rancho Cotate High School) starting 4:00-4:30   

Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967


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