Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ed Sias / Viking Results Summary

Viking Opener and Ed Sias Detailed Results via PD Running Blog Link

Viking Opener Team Place Summary: MCHS/Total # Teams: 

-Open Girls: 4/20
-Freshmen Boys 6/18
-Soph Boys 7/17
-Open Boys 8/13
-Jr Boys: 13/13
-Freshman/Sophomore Girls: 14/20
-Senior Junior Girls: 15/18

Ed Sias MCHS Team Place Summary: MCHS/Total # Teams: 

-Boys Limited Frosh-Soph 1/28
-Boys JV: 1/25
-Girls JV: 4/21
-Girls Limited Frosh-Soph 6/24
-Boys Large School Varsity 6/22
-Girls Large School Varsity 5/21

Link to Ed Sias Dance Party video highlights + Grace Frediani interview (Frosh-Soph Girls division)

Ed Sias '14 Frosh-Soph Champs!  (Jacob W, Jack H, Cooper M, Nicollo L, Scott K, Ben L, Blake C) 

Ed Sias '14 JV Boys Champs!  (Matt Q, Willy F, Jeffrey M, Evan D, Lucas A, Carson K, Rowen S)

...What's coming up for this week:

Monday, 9/15: Announcing rosters for Woodbridge Invite

Wednesday, 9/17: Night tempo (7PM) for Gold Training group
-Gold training group: don't show up for practice: everyone else practices at the same time (3:30)

Friday, 9/19: Leaving MCHS 8:30 for Woodbridge (everyone going to Woodbridge MUST check into school/first period on this day)

Saturday Night, 9/20: Woodbridge race Schedule/Roster will be detailed in next post.

Check out these new uniforms!

-Coach Greg
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